Thank You Hashem – Week 250

  • My daughter-in-law had to go to the hospital because she was having what she thought were labor pains.  This would have been fine if she was near her due date, but she is not due until September.  After lots of praying and Tehillim, she was sent home to rest.  Everything seems to be fine, and the baby is moving and healthy.  Thanks Hashem for taking care of her and the baby.  She is very dear to us, and we love her very much.  I love You Hashem.  Also, thank You for showing me every day that You are guiding me and teaching me.
  • Was waiting a few days for a big order to come in, there was a chance that we were not able to get the price that the customer needed on this certain product but we were waiting for the vendor to get back to us to see if we were able to make the sale happen. Normally to get a price reduction coming directly from a big-name brand is very hard and especially for this particular sku that my customer needed……. so, in short it was a long shot something that I thought if it would work out would be too good to be true so. (4 days later) This morning I went to shul, right after we finished learning and was about to go pray I saw a certain rabbi from Israel that comes every summer (who I have gotten close to over the years and built a little connection with) I went over to the rabbi started talking to him was very happy to see him and I happily gave him a little tzedakah for his yeshiva in which he immediately gave me a beracha for parnasah etc… ok very nice. Finished praying got in to my car was in the shuls parking lot when I get an email from none other than the vendor I have been waiting to hear back from regarding making this big sale happen. I open the email and low and behold he could get me exactly what we needed to make the sale with our customer PLUS another item we didn’t even ask him for at an amazing price which basically made the sale double!!! Is it coincidence that just when I gave tzedakah got a beracha from the rabbi finished praying to Hashem to make the deal go through the second I left the shul that this would all happen? No I don’t think so it’s a message from Hashem when you give you get back 10x but besides for the giving seeing yad Hashem and how the beracha was answered immediately 🙂   THANK YOU HASHEM
  • Thank you, Hashem, for a son that teaches me to be a better person every day, so he can mirror my behavior.
  • Thank You Hashem for always helping me in the small things as well as the big things. You always find a way for me when things don’t go smoothly. Thank You Hashem.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for coming thru for me like you always do.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for my health. Thank u Hashem for always giving us the strength we never knew we had
  • I had an important meeting tomorrow and a few of my friends had arranged a Poland tour at the same time. thank you, Hashem, for changing the meeting to today so I could fly to Poland!!!!!
  • I called up a supplier to question an additional shipping charge on an order. During our conversation he mentions the 107-dollar credit that has been sitting in my account. I was like oh yeah, can you apply it to this order. He said no but would I like him to mail me a check. Thank you, Hashem, for this shipping charge question and Thank you for the 107-dollar gift…Update-they just added additional 45 dollars to my refund, they say they should not have charged me shipping at all for this order of over $1,000 dollars, I only called to adjust but Hashem refunded in full- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you, Hashem, for having me remember that I had an online Amazon gift card (for participating in a webinar a few months ago).  Even though I was notified about the card a few months ago, it was still “active”. I could apply it to a purchase.  The price was reduced from $55.99 to $30.99.

Thank You Hashem – Special Video!

Beracha Party Download

Just One Word – Esther Stern

Fred, who was studying in a Yeshiva in Israel, suddenly started experiencing headaches which slowly progressed into attacks of vomiting. His appetite diminished, and in a matter of 3 months, he lost 30-35 lbs. of muscle tissue.


When his mother came for her annual visit to Israel, she took one look at him & knew that something was terribly wrong. She immediately took him for a series of tests & to their dismay, he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

In a mere few weeks, Fred went from being a young and active boy, to being dependent on dialysis and fighting for his life.

His mother immediately flew him back to the States & put him on a waiting list along with another hundred thousand people who were also waiting for kidney transplants. The waiting time is about 8 years, & many people simply don’t survive 5 years on dialysis. Fred needed a miracle to survive.

Once home, Fred noticed a book on the shelf entitled “Just One Word” which expounds upon the power of answering omain & of the bracha party gatherings, where a group of women get together & each person answers omain to another’s bracha.

He showed the book to his mother, and she decided to organize one of these parties for the zechus (merit) of a refuah sheleima (complete recovery) for her son.

She went to her local shul, and after the rabbi’s shiur, she announced that she was organizing a brachah party to merit her sick son, and asked for volunteers. One young girl, Judy, agreed to help, and in a short while 120 women signed up for the party.

At the party, each woman brought their own dish & made a bracha on it.  After each bracha, all the other women answered omain. The party was a tremendous success.

The party took place on a Wednesday night. Less than 3 days later Shabbos afternoon, while the family was enjoying their Shabbos meal, their phone rings. The answering machine goes on, and, at the other end, a nurse exclaimed “Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery! A man in Texas had just passes away and you are an exact match to his kidney.”

It came out that Fred was a 6-antigen match (highest level of a matching kidney), so they jumped him to the top of the list, & in a short time, Fred had a new kidney and a new lease on life. Within a few months, Kovi was back to himself, feeling once more, young and vibrant.

(Note: Such a match is a 1 in 10 million chances!!!)

Fred’s mother kept in touch with Judy, and suggested that perhaps she should date her son. She agreed, and 3 months later they were married.

During the beginning years of their marriage, Fred & Judy brought “omain” into their lives, & would constantly host brachah parties which were dedicated to helping others in distress.

However, the transplant didn’t last forever, & Fred’s new kidney started failing. Fred needed another miracle to survive. When Fred’s younger brother Moshe learned of Fred’s fate, he decided to do some testing on his own. The results were unbelievable – Moshe was also a 6-antigen match! In the meantime, the couple was beside themselves, not knowing where to turn to or what to do next when suddenly the phone rang. It was Moshe. “Fred, I can’t see you suffer like this anymore, & I’ve decided to donate one of my kidneys to you.”

Fred was beside himself, and a second successful transplant was performed. Moshe later explained, that he also “owed his life” to Fred. As a youngster, he had always tagged after him, and when Fred decided to become a Torah-observant Jew, he followed suit.

And now, he finally felt that he could repay him for saving his spiritual life by giving Fred another lease on his life.

Thank You Hashem – Week 249

  • Thank you, Hashem, for making me have such a great Shabbos with my friends.
  • I’m b”h so happy that everything worked out perfectly!!!
  • and thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity of being in the place where my chosson grew up and making me realize what a nice place it is!!!!!
  • Thank You Hashem for strengthening my faith in You. Thank You for giving me a strong will power, motivation and ability to work hard. Thank You for all the experiences I have lived through because You carried me unflinchingly. You never left me and continue to teach me. Hashem wherever you lead, I shall follow. Thank You Hashem for having chosen us, Your people Israel. May we merit to be at peace.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for a healthy new baby boy. thank you Hashem the baby gained weight nicely and will be able to have his bris on time.
  • I want to thank Hashem for watching over my mother-in-law.  She was having trouble breathing, and her daughter took her to the hospital.  After running some tests, they found out that something was wrong with her heart.  But, thanks to Hashem, it is not anything serious, and she should be fine.  She is going to have a procedure done today, so I am thanking Hashem in advance for her complete recovery and future good health.  Also, thank You Hashem for helping me with my Emunah and for helping me to have more concentration while making Brachot.  I love You Hashem!!!!!
  • Still so ecstatic with Hashem sending us a lifeguard last week to rescue my son and his friend.
  • My friend’s daughter has become a kallah-thank you Hashem
  • This morning I was in my kitchen I heard a noise. I went to the microwave and my son put a Keurig inside and it exploded. BH I turned it off and put it out. Thank you, Hashem,

Thank You Hashem – Week 248

  • My wife went to a small quiet summer beach that she usually goes to every summer that charges about 12-20 dollars for a badge for the entire summer. She went today for the first time this season and they raised the price to 75 dollars. Was surprised. She saw that they added some portable restrooms and now have lifeguards. She paid it and went. Sat next to the lifeguard. My son and his friend went in the ocean and my wife thought they looked to be out a little deep. She asked the lifeguard what they think. They said if she wants they will waive them in. They wave them in and see that they cannot get in and are starting to get caught in a tide with their arms waving in every direction. 2 lifeguards quickly run with their gear into the ocean at full speed and swim all the way out to them. They throw their life preserver floats out to them to grab on to and they could pull them in. Baruch Hashem, they were saved. My son later told me how tired he was getting, trying to stay afloat and how the waves were coming over him and he was going under and coming back up. Baruch Hashem, we had a great swim teacher named Shloimy, Hashem should bless him. New price at the beach to cover lifeguards, best 75 dollars we ever spent. Thank you, Hashem, for putting this idea in their head to make lifeguards on this beach. We have been going there for about 12 years and this was the first time they had lifeguards-The very first time! This was “coincidentally” the first time we needed a lifeguard. Accident? I think not- thank you Borei Olam
  • My son has a severe dairy allergy. On the bus to school, his friend gave him a few chocolate chip cookies, that he has had before, knowing that they are pareve. This time, as he was eating them he started to feel his airways closing, a dangerous allergic reaction to eating dairy. He didn’t know that this time the cookies were made with dairy chocolate chips. He did not know what to do. He didn’t go to the bus driver because this driver is usually unfriendly. He got to school and did not go to the office, where they have an Epi-Pen for him, if needed Chas V’shallom. Miraculously it went away on its own. My son had special protection and I later found out why. After this scary episode, my wife then revealed to me that the night before she had been terribly insulted and hurt by someone. She was extremely shaken up by it and did not say a word of it to me. She was afraid I may figure out who the person is and did not want to risk lashon hara. Instead she called a friend who would have no idea or way of figuring out who it was. She did not mention a word of it to me. Even though this person was totally wrong and hurt my wife, my wife was more concerned in the way she handled speaking about it afterwards and chose to hold it in. Hashem made a miracle for us and protected our son from harm the very next morning. Thank you, Hashem,
  • Thank You Hashem for sparing the life of my cousin’s son.  He was driving home when a lady coming in the opposite direction tried to pass four cars.  She hit him head-on and crushed his car like a tin can.  He made it out with hardly a scratch.  Thank You Hashem for watching over this young person.  He has only been married for two years and is just getting his life going.  I know that You have so many wonderful things planned for him.  I love You so much!!!!!
  • thank you, Hashem, for healthy children. thank you, Hashem, for a healthy pregnancy. thank you Hashem my husband found a job.
  • I am so grateful to Hashem that my family was invited up to the camp that I work for.  I am grateful to my family for helping me pack and make arrangements.  Thank You Hashem for supportive family!  Please Hashem give me the strength and siyata dishmaya to get my work done easily.
  • This past Shabbat my son fell off his scooter and knocked out 2 teeth and was bleeding very bad with a gash in his lip. I was trying to stay calm but it wasn’t easy I didn’t know who to turn to I was very nervous. My neighbor had a cousin staying by them for Shabbat who happened to be a dentist not only a dentist an oral surgeon. Thank you, Hashem, that his son was outside and he told me wait let me get my father he’s a dentist I was so calm and collected and didn’t have to call Hatzalah on Shabbat he helped us and guided us. I love you Hashem you’re always with me!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving us the chance to go away for a few days. And thank you for the amazing community that me found to spend Shabbat while we were away. It was an amazing Shabbat. Thank you for always giving us everything.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the brother you gave me. Please don’t let him have that terrible sickness as we suspect. Thank you, Hashem, for having spared him these 27 years. Thank you for always having been there for him no matter what.
  • Thank you, Hashem, that all my children will be in camp this summer.
  • Thank you, Hashem, that my husband has only an infection and nothing else. I love you Hashem. Ur chased for us is endless. Please Hashem continue to help us and be by our side always.

Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Eichler and his special way doing what he does bi-simcha.

Thank You Hashem – Week 247

  • Thank You Hashem for being able to have my granddaughter visit with us for a few weeks.  Also, thank You for letting me discover that someone had been using our business debit card at a gas station that we never go to.  We could go to the bank, they made a report, and we should be getting the money credited in a few days.  It was quite a bit of money, but we are very thankful that we caught it in time.  Thanks Hashem.  You came through for us again!!!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for all that you do for me
  • Thank You Hashem for the money my husband brought home.  And that I could shop for things we need.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the best day
  • Went to the mall today and found everything I needed in one store for great prices! Thank you, Hashem,!!
  • Thank you Hashem I had a successful year!!
  • Thank you Hashem I am going away for Shabbos!!
  • Thank you Hashem for Mr. Maurice Harary a’h and all his heartfelt beautiful berachot he would constantly give to all of us. We will miss him.
  • Thank You Hashem for a wonderful year full of many simchas. This week my daughter graduated 8th grade & moving on to high school. A new milestone for us, as no more children in elementary. Wow!! Thank You Hashem!! Also, my son is making a Siyum on Shisha Sidra Mishna! For the 2nd time!! We are very proud of him & look forward to more in the future.
  • My son ran in The Special Children’s Center run this past Sunday. Was a great event for an amazing organization that does so much Chesed for families that need help. They are always there, 24/7. May they be blessed with only goods things. & after the run they had a beautiful dinner with a concert by Yaakov Shwekey. An enjoyable event. Mi Keamcha Yisrael
  • I was faced with a big test today. Someone who I had approached for help and basically ignored me has approached me for help. Baruch Hashem, I could overcome the test and help her out. It was not easy.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for a great school year.
  • I was alone in a dark street at night. There was a scary person approaching and I was petrified. Out of thin air a dog makes a loud bark and the person got startled and turned around and walked the other way. Thank you, Hashem, for saving me.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the Simcha of seeing such warm welcoming faces as I enter Lakewood for the summer.

Thank You Hashem – Week 246

  • Thank you, Hashem, for my mother who is always there for me.
  • I am so grateful to Hashem that my family and I could attend the Shabbos Sheva Brachos of my cousin.  My car’s not in good enough condition so my mother rented and borrowed 2 vans so my family would be able to get a ride.  (Besides convenient, it saved us money for gas, tolls, and renting a car ourselves.)  The ride was pleasant (even though I usually prefer not to get a ride.)  We left a little late and we had traffic.  Boruch Hashem we could take an alternative route and we made pretty good timing and arrived close to Shabbos but very grateful for the safe trip and happy that it was still before “early” Shabbos.  The sleeping accommodations worked out better than I expected.  We stayed by my daughter’s teacher’s grandmother; meeting her added to the excitement.  The seudos – and the whole Shabbos – was beautiful and I didn’t feel too much pressure to be on time to the meals, to fit in socially, not to upset anyone.  It was so enjoyable to spend time with family, cousins, and the mechutanim.  Boruch Hashem we all had a safe and pleasant trip back motzei Shabbos and my husband’s ride pulled up shortly after mine so he was even able to help me with the kids and packages.  Thank You so much, Hashem!  May we all have more happy simchos!
  • Thank You Hashem that we got to the store this morning and found what we were looking for.
  • Hashem gave me the insight to see the remarkable son I have.
  • A connection for Israel that is so strong- the light burns inside him- and shines when the world needs to see it.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the most wonderful son a person can ask for. May you shower him with your beautiful beracha as we celebrate his Birthday- we are so proud of him Thank you Hashem.
  • My daughter decided to walk home from school and not take the bus. On her way home she saw an accident, a bus hitting a car and the car flipping over mid-air. The bus was the bus she was supposed to be on. BH everyone on the bus was fine-Thank you Hashem for saving her from this traumatic experience.
  • I was driving my car and decided to do hitbodedut while I had a second to myself.  The sky was covered in stormy black clouds that matched my mood at that time.  Hashem was getting quite an earful, I can tell you.  Anyway, I looked into the sky, and a beautiful shaft of sunlight came out from behind the blackest cloud.  I knew right then that Hashem was listening intently to my hitbodedut and was telling me that He loves me.  Wow.  I felt such gratitude and awe.  Thanks Hashem!!  Also, thank you for the insight to begin studying Perek Shirah.  I have been looking at everything with new eyes. I love You Hashem!!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem I made an Upsherin yesterday and today we went to the Cheder to learn Alef Bais! It’s was so special!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem we got some extra cash without losing money from our account!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, someone brought over some dishes for my Shabbos meal! It was so helpful!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for my beautiful children. I don’t know where I would be without them
  • Thank You Hashem.  I just read today’s Emunah Daily email.  It was just what I needed to hear, like it was talking directly to me!  Thank You Hashem for the inspiration!
  • I was ice skating and there were some less fortunate children at the rink skating. I was skating with them and trying to help them have a nice time and smile a little bit. I went to take a break on the bench and as I was approaching, one of the kids lost his balance and fell back onto the bench. As he fell his skate blade slid across my thigh. I was terrified to look down and see what happened, I braced myself for a possible bloody scene. Baruch Hashem it was a miracle to me, to see that there was no cut at all and furthermore there was not even a cut to my pants, just a minor skate mark. I believe I may have been saved from this because I was trying to help some less fortunate children feel happy. Who knows? Hashem has his ways. Thank you, Hashem, for saving me. I am extremely grateful.
  • Saw an old friend today. He reminded me of something beautiful. If you see someone walking around without a smile on their face, give them one of yours. J
  • Wow. What a whirlwind of simchas this week! 7 weddings & an engagement party. Due to conflicts, couldn’t even attend all. Hashem is showing his Chesed to us with Simcha on top of Simcha! One of the 7 was a shidduch between 2 shul families, so it was really a total of 8 simchas!
  • Plus, one of them is for the Rabbi of the shul’s daughter!! Thank You Hashem & kain yirbu!!
  • Thank you, Hashem for always showing us you’re listening and always taking care of all our needs.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for coming thru for me. I love you Hashem!!!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 245

  • As I was walking home from work today, I told myself that Hashem has all the money for me and He will send it when He decides that I need it…  When I came home, I brought in the mail, as usual, and I found a check for my husband.  Thank You Hashem for showing me that it’s true!  Hashem gives parnassah.  Thank You Hashem for the chizuk in emunah.
  • Thank You Hashem for my house that was so nice and big when we moved in 7 ½ years ago.  Boruch Hashem it doesn’t feel as big anymore.  Thank you, Hashem, for the healthy family!  I’m grateful for the neighbors, locations, nearby shuls.
  • As I was driving home from Shul in the pouring rain this past Friday I was thinking thank you Hashem for my private parking spot that I have right outside my new apartment (for those of you who are not from Flatbush this is priceless). Then it hit me. For 4 years in my previous apartment I was living without a parking spot I would come home and have to circle sometimes for over 40 minutes looking for a spot only to end up parking 2 blocks away. I would get so frustrated especially when I would come home late at night from learning and I just wanted to get home so I can get to sleep at a normal hour because I get up at 6 am every morning. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until 1130pm! As I was looking for parking I would plead and beg Hashem to please help me find a spot I only want this for You Hashem so I can get to sleep and wake up early and serve you better. The truth is that sometimes Hashem would answer my tfillot and I would shortly after find a spot. But many times, I would pray so hard but to no avail. I couldn’t understand why Hashem wouldn’t answer my tfillot I was only doing this to serve him better. But right then as I was driving home that Friday morning everything made sense it was so clear. Hashem heard every single word of tfillah that came out of my mouth and Hashem used those tfillot and gave me something much much better, my own private parking spot 3 steps away from my front door and a beautiful new apartment an exceptionally nice landlord all for the same price that I would have been paying in my old apartment!! Sometimes we cannot fathom why Hashem is seemingly not answering our tfillot but the truth is Hashem is saying “I cherish every word your saying please pray a little more and you’ll see it’ll all be ok”.
  • Thank You Hashem for the bike, pogo stick, etc. we found in the yard sale and the other things we bought today.  Just what we wanted and the kids feel like a million dollars B”H!
  • Thank You Hashem for helping me last week.  I was balanced on the edge of depression again, but You didn’t let me falter.  I am very grateful.  Maybe it was a test that You sent, so I could overcome it and see how far I have come in my emunah.  Thanks.  Also, I am so grateful for these Thank You Hashem posts every week.  I look forward to reading them, and they help me to see that Hashem is hard at work helping people find joy in their lives.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for having made me a Jewess and made me free. Thank You Hashem for always being there for me even when I turned my back on You. Thank You Hashem for teaching me Your ways and allowing me to walk before You. Thank You Hashem for being my king, my parent, my master and my Creator. I trust You Hashem and will follow where You lead me. Thank You Hashem.
  • Thank you, Hashem, that when I went to my dentist, my teeth are okay & I don’t need any dental work.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving me the strength I never knew I had I love u Hashem

Physics teaches us that

  ‘black’ is actually

the absorption of


other colors

 of the visible spectrum

besides for black:


The lesson:

In what appears to us

as darkness and difficulty

 is actually an abundance

of Hashem’s good

 hidden within


  • Thank you, Hashem, that I was matzliach on all my errands, especially the bike for my little girl.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the funds to fix the mirror of my car that was hit and unclaimed.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for LOVING ME- I LOVE YOU TOO J
  • Thank you, Hashem, !! I had a whole plan for my summer teaching job and I found out that I will not be able to do it!! I know Hashem has a master plan and He knows what’s best. No work ever goes to waste.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving m such great friends!!!
  • I am so grateful because it means so much to me that I have such amazing friends that I can really relate to!
  • Thank you Hashem I had a hard time falling asleep last night and woke up exhausted. One of the staff in my class brought everyone an ice coffee!! There could not have been a better morning!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 244

  •  I went to Eretz Yisroel for Shavuos. I arrived and was looking forward to a great trip! On Thursday, we went to Kever Rochel. On the way back, we made some stops in Geula and trekked home. When we arrived my sister turned to me and said, “Can I have the $300 I put in your purse? I want to put it away.” I looked on my shoulder and my mouth dropped open. No pocketbook. It was gone. At first, I was in such shock that I simply did nothing about it. My sister, the more practical one, began calling Egged Bus Company and sent people to go down to the stores we had visited and find out if they saw my bag.
    Egged Bus Company wrote up a claim and said they would contact us if anything came in. The stores had not seen my bag anywhere. It was slowly sinking in. My bag was GONE! I sat down in a quiet room and tried to accept this as the will of Hashem, that He does only good, and is taking care of me.
    The next day was Shavuos. I made a conscious effort not to let it disturb my simchas yom tov. I truly enjoyed yom tov.        A day after yom tov came around and now things got serious. I had no passport to go home since it was in my pocketbook. I was going home that night.
    After some research I realized there was no way I was going home as scheduled. I needed to visit the embassy for a new passport and couldn’t even get through to them. In addition, preliminary efforts involved writing up a police report which would also take time.   With nothing else to do, I resolved to visit the embassy and leave the rest to Hashem.   After waiting on an endless line, the man at the desk heard my situation and asked, “do you have a passport picture so we can try to help you?” That question took me by surprise! It boiled down to a passport picture?!   “Where is the closest place to get a picture taken,” I asked.     “Hadar Mall,” he replied.
    I hailed a taxi and took off, trying to beat against the clock. My flight was in a few hours.
    I stepped into the mall and realized instantly that something was off. I was the only Jewish person there. All other shoppers were Arabs. My heart beat wildly. This was crazy.   Unbeknownst to me, when I called my sister in the car to give her the update that I was heading to the mall she turned to her husband to let him know.  “Don’t tell your sister but she’s in a mall located in an Arab village. Let’s not scare her,” was my brother-in-law’s reply.   I arrived to the store “Memsi” to take the picture. There were about 20 people on the line ahead of me. I tried to appear confident as I stepped onto line. Suddenly, twenty black beady eyes turned in my direction. My heart stopped. This was it. Someone could do something and no one would even protect me. It was probably a strange sight for them to see a Jew on line. It took all the Emuna I had in my “Emuna bank” from all the Daily Emuna emails to stay calm and believe that Hashem was protecting me. As I was waiting on line I got a call from my sister. “Egged just called me, they think they found your bag,” she screamed.   “Don’t move. I’m going down to their lost and found and I’ll let you know if they have it. Until then, just wait there. Just in case they don’t have it, you will still need to take a picture.”
    I was in this mall with hundreds of people who hate me just because I am a Jew. And now I had to be here for longer than expected.    As I waited with bated breath, watching all movement around me I just surrendered to the fact that Hashem was here with me. I was not alone.   An hour later, my sister called, “THEY FOUND YOUR BAG!!” she screamed. I was dancing for joy!!    I hailed a taxi (an Arab of course) and made it home safely. I was so glad to be alive!! I want to spread story as a way of giving my thanks to Hashem and spreading chizuk that Hashem is always with us, in the most frightening of times.
  • I nearly died while being overseas. I was going to be homeless and jobless coming back to my motherland. I got a roof over my head thanks to my granny. Yesterday I found out that my previous company had paid in my salary and today I received some hopeful news that I might work as a substitute teacher. Hashem, how can I ever thank You for your compassion, kindness and love. Hashem, I am nothing, yet you give me strength, motivation, blessings and peace. Hashem, You are my Gd. You are Gd. I need You and love You and want to walk in Your ways always. Thank You, thank You, thank You.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the energy to clean up my house. Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the ability to clean my house!   thank you, Hashem, for making it be a busy week at work!!!
  • I want to thank Hashem that my grandson is going to be fine after an emergency rush to the hospital.  I also want to thank Hashem for showing me that tefillah should be said with joy as well as kavanah.  The other morning, just as I was saying the words about how Hashem gave the rooster the ability to distinguish between day and night, a neighbor’s escaped rooster began to crow in my backyard.  What perfect timing.  It not only brought the prayer to life, but the whole thing made me smile, laugh, and feel joy for the rest of my davening.  Hashem sends us such amazing insights each day.  Thank You Hashem for showing me that a sense of humor can sure get us through the day.
  • I was at a relative for Shabbos and around 10 minutes before I was going to light, we were serving supper. I asked my husband to get my son and he couldn’t find him. They have a big house so I checked it like 2 or 3 times and he wasn’t there. At that point I took my cell phone and went outside. My husband came from one block and said he wasn’t there. I started going to the other all the while thinking should I call Hatzalah but it’s so close to Shabbos…. Suddenly, my aunt said there was a text from her neighborhood 2 yr. old crying…I ran to get him BH!!! Thank you Hashem I have all my children safe!!!!
  • Thank You, Hashem for blessing me with a cheshek, a drive and motivation for wanting to become the best I can be. Thank You, Hashem for guiding me on the correct derech that leads me to refining my midot each day, and for the continuous growth I see each day. Thank You, Hashem for opening my eyes to see that all my growth is all from You, for it would be impossible for a basar vedam, a man of flesh and blood to fix his animalistic midot if it wasn’t for Your help.
  • Thank u Hashem for making my husband feel better. Thank u Hashem for sending us the best doctor as a shaliach. I love u Hashem  Thank you Hashem I started exercising more frequently and I feel so good. Thank you for making it work.
  • Thank You Hashem that my mother works in the same field as I do and could help me out (since I don’t have anyone else in my department to schmooze it over with.)
  • Thank You Hashem that I could finish the payroll and submit it before the end of the day even though I was running late (and my children were occupied so I was able to finish working at home.

Thank You Hashem – week 243

  • Thank You Hashem for the grocery ordered that was delivered today and we received most of the things we ordered.  Thank You Hashem for the funds to pay for it.
  • Thank You Hashem that my children all helped me prepare for Shavous and it all “worked out” and we could cook quite a few foods this afternoon.
  • Thank You Hashem that my son is progressing and reaching developmental milestones. (Imitating sounds, new words, 3-word phrases) He may not be eligible for Early Intervention therapy anymore!  Thank You Hashem that my baby is also developing; she seems to try making sounds/imitating, starting to eat solid foods.  Thank You Hashem for our health.  Thank You Hashem that my leg is feeling better.
  • Thank You Hashem for the mounds of never-ending laundry.  That means we have a family B”H and lots of clothing.  Thank You for the washing machine which makes the job so much easier!
  • A friend of mine has been struggling financially. I gave a lot of extra tefilot for him this week. Was not my intention but Hashem has sent me some extra business this week. I hope Hashem sent him even more. Pray for others and Hashem sends to you as well.
  • Thank You Hashem for helping my husband to find a new warehouse.  The roof of the warehouse he rents has been leaking for over a year, but he wanted to believe the landlord when he said he would get it fixed.  By now, it has been raining more inside than outside.  But he could find a warehouse that he really likes, so Hashem has sent the right warehouse at exactly the right time.  Thanks Hashem for looking out for us and for helping us to have the patience to wait for You and what is right in Your time.
  • Thank you, Hashem for your sweet Torah every mitzvah is a gift, Thank You for the Simchat Yom Tov we really enjoyed the chag.
  • I just walked home from work and it looked like it was starting to rain any minute but it didn’t really start till I got home about 20 minutes later.  Thank You Hashem!  And thank You Hashem for the Bracha of rain!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for such a beautiful Chag. Thank you, Hashem, that all challenges that the next day can bring as getting the kids back on schedule and the house under control. As I recently heard, the clean house is not the accomplishment of the day, it’s how you overcame the challenges to get to that point that are your accomplishments.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for all the shiduchim that are being redt to my daughter,
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the strength to go on in life,
  • Thank you, Hashem, for showing me that the boy I was so eager to go out with my daughter wasn’t her bashert
  • I needed a little extra parnasah for this week. I prayed very hard to Hashem and was sent 2 orders at work. Thank you, Hashem, for the perfect timing.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for teaching me that honesty is the always the way to go. I made an online order for diapers today on & saw a deal on Luvs with buy 2 & get a 10.00 gift card. Being that I wanted to get the best price & every penny counts, I chatted with a rep & asked if they can make a one-time exception & apply the gift card to my order instead of sending it to me. The rep was kind & did it for me, bringing down the price. A few hours later I received an email with my gift card. I was a little confused & out of curiosity I decided to check the balance. I wish I was holding at a point that I could just delete the email but my curiosity (& hope I should say) the balance was full. I automatically tried to chat again to see if it was a mistake or if I could keep the gift card but the chat was down & so I called the customer service line. I spoke with a rep & I explained to her & after she went through the details she said no problem and I can use it. I explained to her again very clearly because the last thing I need is to think I’m stealing. So, she said she will check with her superior. After about 6 minutes of waiting on the line of course the best happened & the line went down. And so, before no yetzer hara can get to me I quickly called back & spoke to another rep who heard the details and went & voided out the gift card. Yes of course I would have loved the keep the gift card but thank you Hashem for helping me overcome the nisayon & letting go of a measly 10.00 that can cost me much more after 120. Disclaimer: not an ad for target or to do what was done
  • Thank You Hashem for the new printer and for opening my eyes to see the link to install it.  I couldn’t find where to click “Install software.”  After I said a perek of tehillim, Hashem made me see what was in front of my eyes all along!
  • What a wonderful 3 days Holiday with time to reconnect with Hashem & bound with family. We are truly a blessed nation!
  • My AC unit for the upstairs of the house was not cooling. Put in a service call & B”H it was a small issue & unit up & running for the Holiday. It is hard to imagine how people got along without AC, not so long ago! & how lucky we are to have it on all the time throughout the house. I remember growing up with room units. & not every room had a unit… Thank You Hashem for central AC!!
  • My daughter graduated yesterday & weather was amazing. Thank You Hashem for this milestone & for everything You do for us~~~

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