Thank You Hashem – Week 241

  • Hashem, Today I woke up healthy and strong. I looked through a closet full of clothes to choose what to wear and opened my draw for clean fresh laundered clothing. There’s accessories, jewelry, makeup for me to use. A variety of shoes and a last look in the mirror at a beautiful face. Grab my working phone, use my two healthy legs down the stairs and wash netilah on two fully functioning arms. I feel lucky as I open a brand-new siddur and have the opportunity to talk to You. A quick breakfast, warm coat, hot tea, working car available for me to use each day and heated seats. A safe drive to work, good parking spot and a wonderful job to be in. computer issues quickly resolved, a speedy mind, skills and talent to get the job done. A quick dose of inspiration, peace between my co-worker and an appreciative boss. Two errands accomplished on my way back home and no parking ticket. Welcomed back into a warm, clean house. Challah rising, the smell of Shabbat. A fridge full of food for lunch. More errands done, a wonderful grandmother to visit and an aunt around the corner with dinner for me. My comfortable and a connection to you… Ilu finu maleh shira kayam ulshonenu rinah… Oh, I could go on forever for the gifts and the good you bless me with are endless and if only I could feel even the tiniest of gratitude in my heart. The joy I should feel for the shefa you bestow on me every single moment, every single day… Thank you, Abba, Thank You! Ain anachnu maspikim lehodot lecha…

  • A friend of mine works at Mekor Chayim (Rabbi Yosef Ozeri’s yeshiva) and called me to run over and see the most beautiful assembly. The elementary students had a Thank you Hashem fair set up. Each kid had a display and chose whatever he wanted to thank Hashem for. It was very emotional to see how these kids appreciate Hashem. There was everything to thanking Hashem for medicine, Shabbat, no bed time on Shabbat to Thanking Hashem for cars, lights, airplanes and candy. Thank you, Hashem, for our pure beautiful children and for Yeshivot that encourage recognizing Hashem.
  • Thank You, Hashem for all my senses.  To be able to go outside and enjoy a beautiful day with all my senses is truly a miracle.  Even rainy days have their own beauty.  Thank You for all the opportunities You bring us to connect to You.  I love You, Hashem!
  • thank you, Hashem, for a safe lag ba’omer, from the thousands of bonfires all over the country (Israel) to the millions who made pilgrimage to rashbi’s kever- nothing terrible happened.
  • Such wonderful simachot attended this week. Thank you, Hashem,
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the gorgeous weather! I could sit outside with my children as I waited for the bus with them! Thank you, Hashem, for the job that you gave me!
  • Thank you, Hashem, I have been going to speech therapy for a few months and I feel like my voice is more relaxed!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, I am going away for Shabbos. I am so happy I can relax!
  • Thank you I usually get some extra bagels from school once a week and this week it didn’t work out… But Hashem took care of me anyway!!! Someone else just dropped off bagels!!!
  • My son was sick this week. Thank you Hashem I had a random day off of work and I was able to stay home with my son.
  • Thank you, Hashem for another Birthday, and for a beautiful birthday celebration with my family.
  • I had a couple of days off from work and Hashem sent me a nice easy order while I was off. This is clear proof who is in control. This order came while I was not even at work hand delivered from Hashem.
  • I was saying Asher Yasar and as I am reading the beracha of the miracle of being able to go to the restroom I was reminded of something I heard from Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen. He said we should stop before we make the beracha and think that we just went thru a surgery. When someone has something not proper in his body and needs it removed he must have a surgery, he has to go under anesthesia, they cut him open, stitch him back up. Then he goes into recovery. When we use the restroom, we have a surgery to remove what is not needed in our body and Chasdei Hashem it is done WITHOUT anesthesia, no stitches and no recovery needed. Before we say asher Yasar think we just went thru surgery without the need for any of those things-Now make the beautiful beracha for this miracle from Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 240

  • Thank you Hashem I had so much Koach yesterday.
  • I went to the gym and I feel amazing!
  • Thank you Hashem for the Kiddush Hashem I could do and for sending me the partial reward for it so quickly. I recently heard on a shiur that a reward for Kiddush Hashem is shown to you in this world as well as the next so was wonderful to see this live in action. Thank you, Hashem.
  • Thank you, Hashem, that I learned a new insight about positive thinking! When a person thinks positive and is dan a friend lechaf zechus then that friend has the potential to live up to your positive thinking. Thank you, Hashem, for this revelation.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me another day
  • Last week, I had to take my mother to the airport.  She needed to be there early in the morning, so I left in what I thought was plenty of time.  Every way I went, I found a giant traffic jam.  Honestly, even the back roads were packed due to road construction, etc.  I kept taking secret glances at the clock while trying to maintain outward calmness.  Inwardly, I was quickly becoming a nervous wreck.  Just when I thought that I would lose it, I realized that my thought process was all wrong.  I told myself that if Hashem could make the traffic jam, He could just as easily make my way clear.  I had done my effort by leaving on time and by taking back roads, so I just had to trust Hashem.  I tell you that all the stress just melted away.  I told Hashem that if He was sending me this little inconvenience, then I would handle it like the dignified and blessed Jewish woman that I am.  Guess what happened next?  The traffic cleared away, and we made it to the airport with time to spare.  Thanks Hashem for the little test that helped me grow.  Also, I don’t know who wrote the creative version of Dayenu that was posted last week, but it was awesome.  It totally made my day.  Thanks Hashem for letting me belong to this community of people who try to find the goodness in every moment. I love You Hashem!!
  • I had a business issue that could have potentially caused me a very big loss. I prayed to Hashem to take care of the problem. The next morning the problem went away by itself not only that but I even ended up making money from the whole situation!
  • Thank You Hashem for my healthy family ka”h and my husband learning happily and my pleasant job.  I know You can -and will- provide all our needs. And Thank You Hashem for taking care of all our needs until now.
  • Thank you so much Hashem for helping me thank you every time something spills, for showing me that you are in charge and being upset at people is silly because we’re all powerless. Thank you for my ability to walk, feel, breathe, hear, see that I usually take for granted but I don’t because I’ve learnt to thank you!
  • I was so heartbroken that I may have misplaced some items of great sentimental value during a recent move. I thought maybe a worker may have taken it while I had left the house attended. A friend said maybe I just hid it very well. A few months passed. Anyway, after giving up hope and making peace with the loss, I told myself, “if Hashem wants me to have it, then I will have it, if Hashem doesn’t, then I won’t” “Zeh Who!!” Anyway, last week while looking for some other item in a box that was all the way on the bottom. Lo & behold, guess what I found??!! My valuables. I just want to thank Hashem for opening my eyes to find them and making me appreciate things a bit more.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for giving me the zchus to send my husband to Meron.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the simple creation of a toilet. Thank you, Hashem, for the plumber who was so honest and kind.
  • Thank You Hashem for all the kindness you always show us. Thank you for covering all my expenses. Thank you for the guidance you give me every second of my life.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for showing me your love this morning when I wanted to know the Hebrew date so that I can say the tehillim of the yoim…just then i received an email from someone that said-hey! Y’id zein iyar that’s x number of months to your wedding.
  • -Thank you, HASHEM, for so clearly showing me that it is you who sends the parnasah to our doorstep.
  • -Thank you, Hashem for the Torah teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, that we all benefit from.

Thank You Hashem – Week 239

  • Mazol tov!! My wife had a baby girl. Thank you, Hashem, for everything and for trusting us with another child.
  • I’m going through a financial situation which causes me stress. I’m asking Hashem every day to solve the situation for me. Last Wednesday I was asking Hashem to show me that he’s listening to my prayers and right after that, i opened the daily emunah from Harav Ashear which I receive every day and lo and behold, the subject is about Hashem listening to our Tefillas. Here’s the Audio    It was a tremendous Chizuk for me which showed me that Hashem always listens and answers to our Prayers.
  • Thank You Hashem for sending us the most wonderful Chatan for my daughter we all couldn’t be happier. And for making the wedding preparations smoothly for us. Booking the hall went smooth all the gowns we needed we found in one day. EIN OD MILVADO.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the positive outcome at my doctor’s appointment today!
  • I read the “Thank You Hashem” week 237 & was inspired by it & the Seder night to compose the following…       If Hashem only saved me from not having a water main break, dayeinu. If Hashem only prevented my son from having a disease in his knees, dayeinu. If Hashem only gave me ample parking where I live, dayeinu. If Hashem only made my oven not break before Pesach, dayeinu. If Hashem only saved me from misplacing money under papers, dayeinu. If Hashem spared me from spending the first 4 days of Pesach in the hospital, dayeinu. All achas kama vekama, amongst other things as well, that I did 1) not have a water main break, 2) no diseases in my son’s knees, 3) no need to find a parking spot in Brooklyn (B”H many spots available where I live!), 4) my oven didn’t break (as well as any other appliance), 5) I didn’t lose money under a lot of papers, 6) I didn’t need to spend the first 4 days of Pesach in the hospital (& eat Jell-O). Even more inspiring than all that is that I am part of a group that appreciates the good as well as what doesn’t look like good on the surface! & knows how to find the silver lining in what is dealt to them! Ashreinu!!
  • Thank You Hashem for a beautiful Kiddush this past Shabbos in honor of my new granddaughter. Was really special & blessed to receive so many Mazel wishes from friends & family. & weather was amazing as well.
  • Was driving to NY this week & my car odometer just crossed over the 200k mark! Thank You Hashem for giving me a reliable car with relatively low maintenance costs & looking forward to the next 100k!!
  • I forgot my bagel at home this morning. I decided to try different alternate options but it didn’t work. I decided to go home to get it. B”H I ate my salad in peace and made my bagel toasted with butter. It was the best lunch break I ever had!!!!! I even came back in time!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Hashem, for this special opportunity!!!
  • For months, I had been looking at a certain Pirkei Avos book on the Artscroll website, but it was always unavailable.  I didn’t want to buy a different one, so I just decided to be patient and wait.  A few weeks ago, I received an email from them with an offer for a free booklet with any purchase.  When I clicked on the link, there was the version of Pirkei Avos I wanted, and it was available. Thanks Hashem.  If I had purchased the book when I first wanted it, I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn from the free book on the laws of Birchat HaMazon.  You always know what’s best and reveal it to us when it’s the right time.  I love You Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem I found my missing passport!
  • I need to email someone and I had memorized the address. When I got to my computer it was saved in my email. B”H!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, that I have such an easy going boss!!!
  • Thank you Hashem I had to fax some information to a doctor and it didn’t work. In the end the doctor found my insurance information on the hospital server and I didn’t need to fax it again.
  • B”H I woke up this morning rested and even was able to exercise for 19 min!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the tutoring jobs that supplement our income.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the magic of Shabbat

Thank You Hashem – Week 238

My mother came for a visit that was only supposed to last one week.  I really wanted her to stay longer because it is such a blessing to have her around.  She told me today that she would be able to stay a week longer, and the airline didn’t charge her anything for changing her return ticket.  Thank you Hashem for making it all possible.  You are so good to me.  Thanks also for the blessing of having her here with us.  I love You Hashem.  Also, some books I ordered from Artscroll came a day early.  Thanks Hashem. Can’t wait to start some new Torah learning.

-Today is my birthday! Thank you Hashem that I reached this day!! I have a caring loving husband, 2 beautiful children!! Hashem is so good to me!! I have a beautiful life!!

-Thank you Hashem for saving us ALOT of money by helping us repair our broken dryer by watching a Youtube video, instead of hiring a repair man & paying a hefty fee to get the job done.

-Thank You Hashem, today I had a healthy baby girl. My first! Baruch Hashem!

-So today i went shopping at shoprite and got way more then i can carry. I started walking home. Thinking how amazing it would be if i get a lift or someone to help me carry my bags. When i got to the corner of ocean pkwy and ave j the stop lights was acting funny and i jad to wait for a few min till i can cross and i was getting unpatient. But after waiting a few min a friend of mine passed by and helped me with my bags. Ty hashem for sending a helping hand when i was in need .

-Thank You Hashem for all that I have. I know it’s all from you. Thank you for being so close to me. I love You Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for the simcha of completing learning a Bitachon sefer with my daughter. Thank you for the time spent with her learning it and the celebrating lunch together as well. B’ezrat Hashem she should make you very proud

  • It’s a boy- mabrook! Thank you Hashem

Archive-special request for our Lakewood readers.. -I have an Ophthalmology practice in Lakewood New Jersey. On that unfortunate day of 9/11 I was seeing patients in my office. My nurse walks in as I am seeing a patient and tells us of the plane crash that had occurred. My first reaction was, they’re here. I tell her to prepare the front office to leave for the day. She was a little surprised. She returns and says a second plane has crashed into the towers, I repeat they are here. She says who? I say the terrorists, seeing what is going on in Israel and all I was not surprised by such an attack. I tell her to clear the waiting room and we should all go home. As I was leaving and walking thru my waiting room to exit I see a couple still seated in the waiting area. The husband had a gemara in his hand and he was seated next to his pregnant wife. I comment on the blessing of seeing she is expecting. They say thank you and tell me that they have 4 girls at home.

I politely tell them that we are finished for the day and they should head home etc…They tell me they have an emergency. I ask what is the emergency? The woman explains that when she closes her eyes she sees a dot. I didn’t think much of it but said ok step inside quickly being my technician is about to leave but still inside. We go in and do a quick test. She tells myself and my technician of a second spot in the top corner that she is seeing.

I immediately charge out of the screen room and approach the patient. I tell her we have an emergency, you need to have 2 surgeries simultaneously. You are hemorrhaging! You need an operation by your eyes and a second one at the same time to remove the baby! I explain that the mother might not survive and the baby might not survive either. I call Monmouth medical and see which surgeons are there. I tell them quick get there now I am arranging things on that side. They say they want to ask a Rabbi What to do. I explain there is no time for that, they need to move NOW! They quickly exit the office. I then do the same and now deal with the events of September 11. I did not hear back from them.

Six months ago,over 15 years later, I see a man in my waiting room and he approaches me. He says do you remember me? I look and say yes but not sure why. He says I was in your office September 11th. I perk up and utter out, is your wife alive? He says yes. I say is the baby alive? He says yes. Now relieved I ask, did you get your boy? He says yes.

I ask what happened that day,how did it go? He says we had an extreme emergency on our hands as you advised. I asked did you make it to Monmouth Medical? He says no, they went to NYC to Columbia. I do a double take and say, on 9-11 you got into the city as it was all going down? While we were under attack? While the city had no access what so ever? He answers yes. He says he called up a Rabbi of his with the details of the situation. The Rabbi somehow instantly arranged a Helicopter to take them into NYC and they were saved.

Three weeks ago I am sitting outdoors with some family having lunch. We were close to the sidewalk and had something on the floor close to the walking path of the sidewalk. Walking down the street is a gentleman with his neck in a brace and his head pointed upwards. He did not see the obstruction and was about to trip on it. We quickly shouted and alerted him. I apologize and ask him about his injury. He starts to tell me how he is a Marine who has survived many dangerous life threatening missions. What happened to him now forced him to retire from the Marines. He explains how a teenager was texting while he was driving and drove into the back of his car. He had several discs damaged in his neck and needed delicate surgery. The Marine goes on and says that he never in his wildest dreams imagined that this would be how his position would end. By a teenager texting! I immediately thank him for his service to our country and ask him to sit down and have lunch with us as a gesture of our appreciation. He joined us. He starts telling about his scary missions. How he would fly these f5 type of jets in Afghanistan.  He is telling us a bunch of stories and then says that of all his days the saddest thing he ever experienced was September 11th. I asked where he was. He says he was in Virginia when he got the call. He was ordered to air patrol NYC. He said this flight normally would take over an hour but he went full throttle and got there in 15 minutes. He was ordered to shoot any unauthorized aircraft in the vicinity of the downtown area. He was describing the sad things he was witnessing as he was hovering in the air at the world trade center. What he saw in the buildings. The people he saw in the building which I will not describe here but you can imagine. As he is saying this, I realize who is in front of me, I stop and ask him a question. I ask, did you see a Helicopter in the sky that day? He shockingly looks at me and says, how can you possibly know that? I tell him I am a Dr. and one of my patients had a medical emergency. I ask him what happened? He says he had orders to take down any and all unauthorized aircraft, he describes how he approached the oncoming helicopter and radioed to them his stern warning- He told them make a 180 right now and get out of this airspace immediately or I am taking you out right now!!! Ready to fire at them he said they told him they have a medical emergency and they show him the pregnant woman. He then says for some reason he made an exception and he flew side by side with them speedily escorting them to the Hospital. He explained to me how close they came to being taken out. Hashem’s hand is so wonderful.

Thank You Hashem – Week 237

  • We want to thank Hashem for granting us an outstanding Pesach in hotels that had excellent Ruchnius and Gashmius put us on the delivery list last minute! Hashem your kindness is so apparent -thank you!
  • We had a break in one of our main water pipes at our house.  Even though the repair is going to be expensive, the plumber told us that it could have been a lot worse.  Thanks Hashem.  Also, my son had a tumor disease in his knee, and it seems to have come back.  We are thankful that it is not something worse like cancer.  In other words, we have a lot on our plate now.  I am grateful to have emunah and bitachon to help me through, and I thank Hashem for sending me these little tests that strengthen my relationship with Him.
  • Last week I needed to go to Brooklyn. I never drove before so I was a little nervous. Once I made it to my destination, I had to circle around for parking and by the time I circled a few times I was lost. I don’t feel so comfortable with parallel parking so it made the parking more challenging. At some point a car was beeping me so I moved over so he could pass me. And then I realized I was in a parking spot!!! (it was near a pump but there was enough parking for me and the pump) Thank you Hashem!! I would have totally passed it if not for the honking. You are amazing!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem!!! I had a beautiful Yom Tov with my in-laws!! It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I feel recharged to continue working!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for washing machines so that we can easily deal with the post Yom tov laundry.! Also, we want to thank Hashem for granting us excellent Chol HaMoed attractions!  Moreover, thank you Hashem for superb travel arrangements!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for such a wonderful Pesach! BH we could host a Seder for the first time, it was so nice to have family over, to have cousins around for our kids. Thank you, Hashem, that even though our oven broke while the food was in there the day before Pesach, you could provide us with a new oven a mere 2 hour before the chag started! BH my husband knew of someone who’s in appliances and they had just the right oven in stock and
  • Thank you Hashem I lost a lot of money and a cc number on my table… Thank you Hashem it was very under lots of papers!
  • Thank You, H-shem for the wonderful holiday of Pesach.  It was so wonderful to spend the Sedarim with my family, B”H with children and grandchildren. B’H we also spent time with the family during Chol HaMoed.   In one of the chats it said that if it snows on Pesach it’s a sign that H-shem accepted our Sedarim and He forgave us for our sins, the same way that in the Bet Hamikdash on Yom Kippur the wool turned from red to white, the white snow it’s the same…  Thank You H-shem.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the beautiful Passover Yom tov my family & I experienced.
  • Wonderful week of Pesach. Was nice to have my parents & kids interacting at the Seder table & sharing ideas & thoughts. And spending some quality time with the family during Chol HaMoed as well. Truly blessed with all the Bracha Hashem showers on us. Thank You, Hashem!!
  • After spending Pesach’s first 4 days in the hospital and missing both Seders I thank you Hashem for past Seders that I could partake in. Also after not being allowed to eat or drink for 2 and a half days I thank you Hashem for the diet peach jello that the nurse found for me to eat. It was like a steak to me. I said bore nefashot like I never did before.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for steering me in the right direction.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for joining in my Seder – I truly felt your presence there.
  • I was driving and looking for parking. I asked Hashem for a spot right on the corner. As I drove, A spot 3 or 4 car lengths down, was open so I start to pull in. My passenger says but you asked for a spot on the corner. I was about to say but this is great, but then said where is my bitachon, keep driving. As I get to the corner the car parked on the corner pulls out and I pull in. My passenger was in awe. Thank you, Hashem.
  • Got a nice call from a new customer and he put in an order practically on the spot. This came from no-where-no-where but straight from the hand of Borei Olam. Chasdei HASHEM.

Thank You Hashem – Week 236

  • Baruch Hashem, I became a kallah this week!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the joy of seeing my kid’s excitement build up as Pesach approaches
  • My friend’s father was niftar, and she is her younger 20’s. Thank you Hashem, I have both my parents. Thank you Hashem I have both my in-laws. I have all my sisters, brothers, brother- in-laws, brothers. I even have a grandfather and a grandmother. Thank you, Hashem!!!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for this beautiful holiday that’s coming up. Thank you for making sure that my family and I have all that we need to enjoy the holiday and our freedom. Thank you for giving us our special guest that are coming all the way from California to spend the holiday with us and enhance our joy. I love you Hashem. May this year be the year we get to bring the true Korban Pesach in Jerusalem. Amen.
  • I was trying to put together outfits for my daughters to wear for my son’s bar mitzvah.  My sister helped me with the dresses, and I really wanted to make necklaces to add some color and flair.  I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to spend the time and money.  My sister “bumped into” the perfect necklace and got them for me and even brought them over.  I couldn’t believe how all the details just “fell into place!”  Thank You Hashem!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the big sale that you 100% sent to my fingertips, We can try all we want but in truth it’s only coming from Hashem so sit back (obviously must work hard) but it’s all coming from Hashem… like I recently heard from someone your office is a place to work on your bitachon!!
  • Thank You Hashem for the wonderful holiday of Pesach. And putting us in a situation where we are free to practice religion without persecution. Looking forward to spending Yom Tov with my parents as well as all my children, including the married ones. We are truly blessed!
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the greatest Pesach vacation possible. An awesome exciting adventurous trip to my dining room table (moved into living room) with my family by my side. Nowhere else I’d rather be except Yerushalayim enjoying Korban Pesach Bh.

Thank You Hashem – Week 235

  • Thank you, Hashem, for having our son nearby to pick up an order for us.  We didn’t have to leave our home and we didn’t have to shlep the boxes.  Our son did it for us. Thank you, Hashem, for having the keilim mikvah available when I wanted to tovel a number of items.  There was no one else there at the time so I didn’t get in anyone’s way and could tovel undisturbed. Thank you, Hashem, for the gift card that was included with my pay check to help defray grocery expenses for Pesach.
  • Today is my preemie son’s second birthday.  I’m filled with gratitude to Hashem for all the chesed that He bestows.  I just looked at a picture of him in the NICU.  Thank You Hashem!  I’m amazed how far he’s come (bli ayin hora) in these 2 years.  He is basically up to his age level.  Hashem should continue bentching us all with health and bracha and hatzlocha.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping me be completely calm when a student had a meltdown which lasted around a half hour.
  • Friday was my preemie son’s second birthday.  (See below.)I am so filled with gratitude to Hashem when I see my next baby reach milestones (sitting, crawling, eating solids) ka”h, “by herself” without therapists or instructors.  Thank You Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me finish learning a book on shaar Habitachon with my daughter. We both learned and grew a lot from it. Thank you for the wonderful time spent with my daughter.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the awareness how beautiful I look with a smile on my face. I hope to have this awareness during my regular day-to-day interactions and by difficult moments.
  • Thank you Hashem I have a wedding this week!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the Koach on Sunday to clean my house and do lots of laundry. My home fresh!
  • Thank you Hashem for this newsletter! It helps me see positive in every situation.
  • Thank you Hashem  for being able to get my house cleaned with minimal stress! Thank you Hashem for the money to be able to pay for my floor cleaning! Thank you for the beautiful weather today! Thank you for my healthy children!
  • I am thankful that my aunt reached 100 years old last week.  She is still so feisty and full of life.  She has been a great example of how to handle troubles with a sense of humor and bitachon.  Thanks Hashem for giving our family this very special gift.  May all of you reach 120 with joy and health and every blessing.
  • Thank You Hashem I  went shopping today and found what I needed.  That was an accomplishment and now I can take care of other things on my list with Your help.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for sending someone to shovel a path around my home and to dig out my car after a heavy snowfall.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for all the foods we have been able to purchase l’kovod chag  – Matzos, wine, meat, groceries.  We are so blessed.
  • I was about to deal with a detailed situation. I prayed to Hashem and said Hashem I am in your hands and everything suddenly took care of itself on it’s own. Hashem did his magic when I relied on him.
  • Thank you Hashem that I decided not to shovel outside earlier today. I went back out a couple of hours later and your beautiful sunshine did a much better job that I ever could have done. Thank you Hashem.
  • From the archives–To start the story of what happened to me, I want to explain my weekly schedule. I am young guy starting off with 1 boy, every day I work very hard In a business, But I need more resources to bring in money for my family, So I decided months ago I would buy some closeouts and every Sunday morning, I would go to the flea market in New Jersey and bring in some extra cash. One Wednesday I was listening to the weather the forecast was stormy throughout the weekend including Sunday, I thought to myself, the flea market is not an option this week. Suddenly I get a call “hello, I have tons of closeouts want to get rid of now it’s taking up space You could have it for pennies but you must pick up today or I’m just going to throw it out” What should I do I said to myself I didn’t want to lose such deal I decided to take a shot and rent a trailer to pick up the goods. I didn’t really have a place to store it so I left the rented truck in my driveway till Sunday morning. Waking up Sunday morning, I ran to the window, the rain was coming down in buckets.  “I am paying rent on the van anyways It doesn’t hurt to go I have nothing else to do” I said to myself. on the way I stopped for a bagel to bring with me for breakfast. By the time I get to the flea market the rain stopped, But the ground was all muddy and not a person in site, I said might as well eat my bagel,   So I went to were my table was and sat to eat, Couple minutes later someone walked over to me “is this your truck, your towels?” I said yes, he responded “you know I’m on the other side of the market, you are my competition and taking my entire business I’ll buy the entire truck from you how much?” I just thought of a number $4,000 for the truck ,he says “no problem – come please drop to my house” After getting small deposit I dropped the goods to his house and got 4,000 cash Which I wouldn’t have made as much selling one by one. Thank You Hashem


Thank You Hashem – Week 234

-Almost every night my husband and I would sit with my 3 year old son and think of things to thank Hashem for. After almost 3 months we finally finished the entire chart! Thank you Hashem for this special moment. May my son continue to see all the blessings Hashem gives to him every day.

-Thank you Hashem – my missing tests were located.

-Thank you Hashem, we had 2 storms in the last week and we did not lose power.

-20 years ago, I had a struggling business and fell behind on paying my taxes and the government placed liens on my property and wage garnishment of 10% of my salary. Over the course of 20 years the debt ballooned to over $450k. Every day for the past 20 years I prayed to Hashem to remove the burden off of me.

Yesterday, in Hashems great mercy, I received a notice in the mail from the State saying the wages garnishment is over. Thank you Hashem!!   Looking back over the last 20 years, This test brought me much closer to Hashem. The Rabbis teach us that no Tefilah goes unanswered. We might not see it right away. It can take a day, a year , 20 years or a lifetime. But Hashem in his great mercy does answer us. For those of us that are struggling with a situation. My message to you is don’t give up.  Connect to our father in Heaven. And your prayers WILL be answered.

-Thank You, Hashem that I have a wife who loves me, who constantly goes out of her way to show how much she cares for me. Thank You, Hashem for giving me the wisdom of how to treat my wife that she should naturally do so much for me in return.

-Thank you Hashem for this great newsletter!! Thank you Hashem I attended the vort of my brother-in-law whom I made the shidduch! Thank you Hashem I made it to work on time with a calm morning. Thank you Hashem I needed a few babysitters and it was so easy to find someone. Thank you Hashem that I always have time to daven!! Thank you Hashem for looking out for me everyday!!!

-I want to thank Hashem for reminding me that it’s ok to make mistakes.  Sometimes I am way too hard on myself and find it hard to let go of past mistakes.  Once again He helped me find an online shiur that spoke about the fact that Hashem knows that we are not perfect and that we are going to make mistakes.  He loves us despite our faults.  How great is that?  I want to send all of you a bracha that you will feel Hashem’s forgiveness and His love.  Thanks Hashem!!

-Thank you Hashem for being part of such an amazing nation am yisrael. I was at a friends brit last week. After I left and got home I realized something was missing out of my pocket. I right away figured that it probably fell out when I was sitting down at the brit. I made some phone calls to some friends that were there to see if they didn’t leave. B”h my friend was able to go right to where I was sitting since he was sitting right in front of me. He found it and hand delivered it to me. Thank you Hashem for amazing friends and for letting the same friend that was still at the brit be the same friend that knew exactly where to look since he was right next to me. And thank you for making me get back my item that I lost with in a few hours.

-Thank you Hashem!! My daughter got invited and went to a friend so I went on a walk with my son to go to two houses on the block to get something quick. The first house I went to, my son made himself at home and I did too. All of a sudden I thought, maybe I should really call that friend my daughter was at and tell them I’m not home. I called and she told me, “Oh you wanted me to walk her to the house? I sent her home herself.” I panicked and went outside… and she was walking down the block that minute!!! Thank you Hashem!!!!!! I don’t know how long she was walking but Hashem was watching over her!! I love you Hashem!!!

-Thank you Hashem!!! We have been lacking staff for around two weeks and we have been managing amazing!!! Also one staff that was missing was in charge of getting a specific student who doesn’t always come, but she has to wait 15 minutes. Thank you Hashem, I have the opportunity to say Tehillim while I am waiting!!! I love connecting to you!! Thank you for this opportunity because I am so busy that it would never have worked otherwise!! Thank you Hashem!!!

-Thank you Hashem for always watching over us and protecting us. Thank you that my husband only got a flat tire on his way home from work and it wasn’t c’v a car accident or something serious.

-I just parked my car and I was like it’s so cold and I have to go pay the meter… a second later someone knocks on my window and says do you need a parking meter ticket?,  I just bought one but then I found a different spot that doesn’t need a meter ticket. I said ok thank you…Thank you Hashem you gave me a free parking meter ticket! And I didn’t have to go out in the cold!  It was like a sweet hug from Hashem telling me he’s with me every minute.

-Mazel Tov!! My daughter had a healthy baby girl this morning! Mom & daughter are both doing well. Thank You Hashem for all the good you shower on us, all the time!

-Thank you Hashem for the HEALTHY exam results today!

-I turned around for 30 seconds to wash my sons hands and when I turned back around my 2 year old was holding a sharp knife in his hands and putting it in his mouth. Thank you Hashem for protecting him from not getting hurt!

-Thank you Hashem for my tax return that came in perfect timing. For some reason, I had issues with my 2015 tax return and couldn’t reach my accountant way too many times. After much back and forth and calls to the IRS we finally figured out the issue and all was resolved that is 3 years later. The check came perfect timing, when my bank account was at a low and rent was due 9 days before. Hashem is clearly the master planner, holding on to the check and sending it when it was time for me to have it. Thank you Hashem for making it so clear!

Thank You Hashem – Week 233

Thank you Hashem that I have a son-in-law who stayed up all night learning the day of my grandsons bris and he is part of a family that his brother came just to stay with him and learn all night to make it easier for him.. he has his own very large family at home and came here to stay with his brother

-Thank you Hashem for the chesed of letting me enjoy the simcha of the Brit Milah of my first grandchild.

Why do I THANK HASHEM Every day?                                                                                                                     I am not an Orthodox Jew, but do consider myself religious and a proud practicing Jew. I have a wonderful wife of almost 48 years, 3 grown children 8 grandchildren and an angel.  As we know, life is not always the way we would like it to be.  We all have ups and downs.

Today, I have stage 4 cancer, (for about 18 months)  and yet I am grateful for my life.   The cancer, due to medical science and advances in technology is being treated with new drugs, that appears to be working.

No one in their right mind would ever say that they would like to have cancer, however what is the point in staying depressed, angry, and in adding additional stress to my life. Of course I went through these stages and also realized that I had

to change my attitude and accept what I have.   If I stayed depressed and angry, the cancer would surely win, sooner, rather than later.

I know that I do not get to choose the cards that I get to play out of the deck of life, but I do get to choose how I can play them. To think otherwise meant that my life would soon be over.

This choice of how to live our life is the one choice we personally have. It is, as stated by Victor Frankel in “Man’s Search For Meaning” is what we, as Jews have, to choose how to live the life we have.

I am not saying that I want to be in this situation. However, I know that Hashem has a greater plan for me, and I am trying to live my life to the fullest as much as I can.  When I realized this, life did become easier, and joyful again.

Because of the cancer, I have heard really wonderful things both about me, my family, and life in general from people that might have said these things at my funeral or shiva. I have a new perspective on life.  Things that were important

18 months ago, are not all that important.  The toxic people in my life are in my life to get me to appreciate the great people in my life, and the more I focus on the later, the easier it is to get rid of the toxicity.

This means to me that the way I have tried to live my life, and what I have tried to do to help others (doing mitzvot)  has had an impact upon them, and for this I am most grateful.

Have I become more spiritual?  Yes, of course.  I cannot think of going through this chapter of my life without the Rosh of my Support Team, Hashem.

I am truly blessed to have my wife with me every step of the way, she is my rock and the Rosh of my   daily spiritual and physical support team—my women of valor!

Additionally I have the support and love of my children, grandchildren, family and friends to help me on this path.

I have every intention of being called to the Torah at all of my grandchildren’s Bar/Bat Miztvahs, the youngest is 4!

Baruch Hashem

-Thank you Hashem I found so much of what I was looking for when I went shopping today. Thank you for the small inconvenience if going to the wrong address, but still reaching the person I needed by phone and not having to go further.

-Wow thank you Hashem for this email! On Purim night, my daughter woke up not feeling well and I had to clean up after her.I went downstairs to throw out the garbage and noticed the door was unlocked. I locked it and was about to go back to sleep when I thought I heard faint knocking. It was my husband had left the door open for him and I had relocked it! If he had knocked one minute later, I would not have heard him!! Hashem, your hand is in every single minute detail. Thank you for showing me your love!

-Thank you for safe driving all Purim, for being able to maintain a good attitude and for time and willingness to daven on Purim and of course for listening!

-My best friend became a grandpa BH

-Thank you Hashem for making this Purim Safe for me & my family!

-Thank You, Hashem that I’m slowly getting used to reviewing mishnayot on the train without getting so distracted!-Thank You, Hashem that I always get a seat on the train on the way to work to make it easier for me to learn!

-Thank you Hashem for giving me the strength I never knew I had. I love you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem we ended early today from work! I had some time for myself before my kids came home!!

-I have been dealing with anxiety issues for many years and have been asking Hashem for help with this anxiety.  I want to thank Hashem for helping me through each day and for always guiding me to helpful shiurim, sources, etc.  Every day He helps me to see that there is so much in this world to be thankful for, and He helps me to feel loved and supported by Him.  Thanks Hashem  I love you!!

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