Thank You Hashem – Week 230

  • My friend is here from Israel, he has a great organization that feeds over 2,200 families for the holidays. He is a real baal chesed and does things lishaim shamayim. I was on the phone with him and he tells me how he went to do Bikur Cholim for someone yesterday in a Hospital in New York City. This alone was a big mesirut nefesh as he traveled from Lakewood to Deal to NYC for this. He said the brother of the man he was visiting was very touched by the visit and hands him five hundred dollars. He says what’s this? He says this is for your organization. You did such a great misvah by coming here for bikur Holim I would like to give you a donation. He said he put the money back in the man’s hand and said thank you so much I really appreciate it but I am here for the misvah of Bikur Holim, I did not come here so you can give me a donation. If you want to participate of course you can be part of it, you can call me and I will be happy to come over and pick up a check but I do not want to minimize this misvah of Bikur Holim. I do not want to put a price tag on it, I am here 100 percent to see your brother. The man could not believe his ears. To me this is a kidush Hashem. We should all learn to do things with the right intentions like this sadik.
  • My 18-month-old son was having bad stomach virus issues. This was going on for 3 days already and we were getting worried. We waited another day and then we went to the Radiologist. They did several sonograms and told us to wait in the waiting room and do not leave. They finally come out and tell us he has stomach Intussusception – which means that one of your intestines has folded over and he may need a certain air type of procedure right away. We send the info over to the pediatrician and head over there right away. We get there and he says this procedure will not work, I looked at the pictures and you need surgery right away. I called Columbia Hospital and have the number 1 surgeon in this field with his team ready for you. Go there right away. Rush to the hospital. On the way I call my Rabbi and tell him what is going on and he says his daughter had the same thing and mentions the air type procedure. I tell him they said it won’t work. He said to Tell them to try it. Now I am thinking I have the number one surgeon waiting for me to do this surgery, how can I tell him do me a favor let’s wait I want to try this procedure? I didn’t want to lose this surgeon. We get to the emergency room and register. The baby is crying in pain. I ask to please send us to the surgeon right away and they tell me he is not here that he is at a conference. The person from his team on his own says let’s try the air procedure and see what happens. They hook him up to the monitoring machines and Baruch Hashem it worked!! We did not have to do the surgery. Hashem planned out that the Surgeon that was supposedly waiting for us not be there, opening the window for us to do this procedure. The baby is doing great Baruch Hashem. We also experienced another siyata dishmaya. They had a very difficult time getting the IV into my son but finally got it. We were going up on the elevator and my wife notices my sons hand blowing up- she quickly ripped off the tape-the worker saw what was going on and pulled out the IV. It was not going into his vein, it was not in properly and it was causing his hand to blow up Baruch Hashem we caught this. Thank you, Hashem, for always watching over us.
  • For a few days I had several personal challenges that made it very hard to have Bitachon.  It was quite a struggle to remember that Hashem gives us troubles to make us stronger.  But, knowing that I am only human, Hashem gave me the space to work things out.  When I was ready to calm down and really look at the situation, Hashem was there waiting for me.  Thanks Hashem for not giving up on me even when I was not at my best.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the excitement of Rosh Chodesh Adar and the great Mazal that accompanies it.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for letting me go to work at a job that I enjoy.
  • thank you, Hashem, for protecting our home. The back door was open all night and day thank you!’
  • Last night, 10:30pm I went to purchase some food for my son and nephew in Yeshiva, who claim they’re starving! After the cashier rang up my balance, I was ready to pay but his computer froze. I needed to catch the Rebbi taking the package when it was still an earthly hour and it was getting late. After a few minutes of the cashier tapping keys with nothing happening in return, my teenage daughter who came along to make it go faster (but really wanted to finish studying and go to bed) let out a huff and said, “oh no! this is crazy!” I replied, “no, I thank Hashem for this tremendously! I’d much rather be in a lit, warm supermarket with ppl all around if I needed a late night, rather than be stuck out on the road with a flat tire in the dark and cold! (and no cell phone, since it fell down a drain by a parking spot a short while ago) As soon as I completed my thought the cashier’s tap on the key worked and he processed the payment! I was out of the store less than a minute later and made it to the Rebbi on time! my daughter left the store with her mouth hanging open
  • My 5-yr. old daughter said today thank you Hashem that my headband was sticking out of the ball pit so it didn’t get lost!
  • Thank you H-shem last week you gave me a great and wonderful gift to celebrate the Pidyon of my grandson that B”H has the same name as me.  May You always give my wife and me and my whole family more semachot. He should live healthy, happy, with Ahavat H-shem and Yirat Shamayim.
  • Thank You H-shem tonight is my birthday thank you for all the years you have given me together with my family.  May you let me live till 120 years healthy.
  • Thank you for these inspiring emails that help us remember Hashem and appreciate our blessings.

Thank You Hashem – Week 229

  • Last night I was at my niece’s wedding having a great time Bh.  I went over to my boss who was a guest at the wedding to say hello when he told me that he just lost a large amount money. Thinking it fell out of his back pocket, I helped him look around for it but no luck. He said Caparah avonot.  Throughout the night I continued to look around for it but nothing.  Towards the end of the night I went back to the bar (I must have looked under the table 5 times throughout the night) and found a credit card wallet with No money. Sure, enough the wallet belonged to my boss’s son who was also at the wedding. When I returned it to him, he didn’t even know it was missing. Hashem made my boss lose his money just so I could fine his son’s wallet…….  The next morning, I received a txt from my boss saying he found the money by the door of the Shul.   Amazing!!
  • So, I’m thankful for Hashem that so many times I don’t know where I’m going for Shabbos meals and it always works out.
  • Wow, I just passed a major test. I had good reason to really blast someone and let them have it. They sent me a text that was a bit insulting. I planned it all out and got on the phone with them ready to let him have it. As I started speaking to them I said you know what, for the sake of shalom let it go and don’t mention how he texted you very disrespectfully. I shut my mouth and made like nothing happened. Thank you, Hashem, for letting me pass this test.
  • Baruch Hashem, we had an order to ship from our warehouse to a customer, the customer received it but the order shipped incorrectly, again, reship, incorrectly again, the 3rd time bh they accepted it but the labeling was wrong. The issue was a big part my mistake, we should have ordered it correctly in china… But it was too late. The order was messed up, the customer was fuming and they have gotten the bosses involved… realizing what had happened this was a big bump in the road. Pressure crashing down on me. BH recently my wife mentioned she read from Rav Arush, that if a person thanks Hashem and accepts Hashem’s will it can all turn around. BH I Thanked Hashem and accepted it. My superior calls me later in the day. He recommended me to confront the bosses myself and apologize before they mention anything to me… bh Hashem has given me the courage to face them. Later, I receive a phone call with a compliment from my superior BH! the bosses were happy that we faced the fire acknowledged and took responsibility. Baruch Hashem, what could have been a big bump turned into a compliment! THANK YOU, HASHEM,
  • I feel so grateful to Hashem every time I call my parents on the phone.  The fact that they are alive and well, Baruch Hashem, is such a blessing.  I never take it for granted.  Every time I get to hear their sweet voices over the phone, I feel that Hashem has given me such a gift.  Thank you, Hashem, for every moment I can speak to them or can spend time with them.
  • I was online trying to make a purchase for business. It would not go thru for some reason. Every time I pressed the buttons it would not complete. It was strange and I said I will not do it now. Baruch Hashem, if it would have worked I would have lost at least $500. Thank you, Hashem, for this protection, clearly you orchestrated the transaction not being able to go thru and I saved the loss of this money. I love you Hashem
  • A conversation with Hashem: Me:  can I ask you a question?

Hashem: Probably!

Me:  Promise you will not get mad? Hashem: Do not be afraid.

Me: Why did you let so many things happen to me today?

Hashem: What do you mean?

Me: Well, it started with the fact that I did not get up in time.

Hashem: Yes…

Me: The car did not drive because I ran out of battery and I needed someone to help with cables.


Me: At lunch, they brought me the wrong dish, and by the time they fixed my order, I had to go and I did not eat.

Hashem: carry on…

Me: When I left the office, I came to answer the cell phone and it fell and broke.

Hashem: What more?

Me: And when I came home all I wanted was to relax from the terrible day with the new device I bought for a foot massage and found out it had been sold without an electric cable!

Hashem: I understand.

Me: Nothing worked out for me today! Why did you do this Hashem?

Hashem: The Angel of Death came to visit you this morning and I had to send my angels to fight him. I let you sleep at that time.

I did not let your car move because just as you were leaving, a drunk driver came back from the route you were driving and he would hurt you.

The restaurant worker who prepared your dish was sick and if you were infected, you would suffer and lose work days that I know you need.

The person you were talking to on the phone would go to lie about everything you said to him and cause you great harm, so I preferred not to answer.

Oh, and for the massage device … The specific device you bought was with an internal malfunction. If you plugged it in, it would send a short in the whole house and you would be in danger of severe electric shock.

Me: Wow, I did not think about all those things. I’m sorry I doubted you and complained without thinking there might be a reason for everything … Thank you God for saving me today from all the bad things that could happen to me.

Hashem: It’s okay, you have nothing to apologize for or admit. What matters is that you have learned and now you know that I do not do anything for no reason and have My own way of making My plans …

Such conversations happen with God every day, only we cannot hear His side of the conversation. With a little patience and faith, we will understand that even when it seems to us that He is ignoring, He listens well and in the end, His ways will become clear to us down the road. Thank You Hashem for all that You do every single day.

Thank You Hashem – Week 228

  • Mitzvah Man – Had a call for an elder person who needed Shabbat food cooked and delivered to his home for a few weeks during the winter. A volunteer stepped up and did the cooking and delivered delicious Shabbat food to this person. The volunteer was asked only to do it for a few weeks. She did it for SEVEN YEARS! Seven years every week-cooked and delivered. This chesed is off the charts. Thank you Hashem for our wonderful people.

  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to serve you in aruba
  • Thank Hashem for the most amazing trip to Israel thank You for giving us land that we can call home and thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for giving me the money to be able to go I’m very lucky.
  • Thank you Hashem, I saw a girl was almost hit by a bus as he was turning in, she was almost under the wheel and the girl started running and the bus realized the last sec.
  • Thank you Hashem, he sent my workmate to tell me where I should go for my TMJ, as I was suffering a while and didn’t know what to do about it. she told me where she went and b”h was able to be helpeThank you Hashem for healing my father after 8 weeks in the hospital and rehab. Thank you for letting the doctors discover and take care of a second issue for which he was not admitted to the hospital for.
  • During the summer I did not get an order from a company I was working with. I accepted it and thanked Hashem. This morning Hashem just showed me how bad it would have been to deal with such people. Thank you Hashem for your protection.
  • Had an important test being done by the Doctor. They prepared me for a terrible outcome. I opened my tehilim and prayed very hard. I made a donation to sedaka. I went back in to the office and Baruch Hashem they told me they were mistaken and everything is fine. Thank you Hashem for every wonderful day that everything is fine.
  • Baby girl Shabbat , Bris Sunday, BAR MISVAH Monday, Wedding Tuesday, Engagement Wednesday and a Wedding Thursday all to be followed up with Shabbat Kodesh. Thank you Hashem for simachot.
  • I had great reason to get angry and upset with someone and really blow my top. I held it in and said ok to everything they were firing at me and I did not lose my cool. A few moments later I was rewarded with a great financial gain from this person based on the fact that I did not scream at him. He told me he could not believe how I controlled myself and ended up giving me a great financial deal after gaining his trust. Thank you Hashem for helping me pass this test.
  • I received a call from a potential customer. They sounded like a small operation. I went down to see them and was shocked at the large order they gave me. This was clearly Hashem showing me who runs the world. Thank you Hashem.
  • Bishvil li bara Hashem et haolam-for me the world was created- I suffered an injury to my foot and was forced to wear ugly crocs to work. Something I would never wear. I was able to do this and not be embarrassed because somehow the world thinks ridiculous Crocs are normal. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Ozeri and all he does for all of us.

Thank You Hashem – Week 227

  • Last week I had to take my son to the dermatologist.  While he was there, I had the doctor look at something on my foot.  It turned out to be nothing much, but he asked me if there was anything else I wanted him to look at.  I asked him to look at a bump I had on my face, and he told me that it was pre-cancerous and needed to come off.  He took it off then and there.  Thank You Hashem for getting me to the doctor in time.  Once again, Hashem you came through for me at the right time.
  • Thank you Hashem, we had a beautiful baby girl from my daughter Ilana and Manny Haber this past shabbat at 10am. This is the first Debbie (my wife’s namesake) and this weeks Haftarah for Beshalach just happens to be….”Deborah Eiysha Neviya!”
  • Thank you Hashem for bringing my yeshuah!!
  • I heard a beautiful story to say Thank You to H-shem.  “Somebody wrote to the Lubavitch Rebbe complaining that he can’t take anymore that he needs a bigger house, he has 2 boys and 2 girls and he lives in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Every time he comes home, his wife complains to him that their children don’t have room to play, to sleep, to do their homework and they are always fighting one on top of the other.  The Rebbe answers him:  1.  Mazal tov for getting married!!! Do you know how many people are looking to get married and they don’t find their zibbug?; 2.  Mazal Tov for having 2 boys and 2 girls!!!! Do you know how many people had been trying to have children for years and they don’t?; 3.  Mazal Tov for owning your own house!!!!  Do you know how many people have to pay rent and move every few years for not having a place of their own?  The Rebbe finishes the letter saying YOU AND YOUR WIFE SHOULD FIRST EXPRESS THANK YOU TO H-SHEM FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS THAT HE HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU. NOW PLEASE WRITE TO ME AGAIN WITH YOUR REQUEST.  The man was too shy to write to the Holy Rabbi again.”
  • Thank you H-shem for all the numerous blessings that you bestowed us every single moment of our lives, like Nishmat, even if we had all the ink in the world and unlimited amount of paper it’s not enough to say Thank you for one of the billions of Chesed that you do for us at every moment.
  • A year ago a person asked me to do a chesed for someone he knows that was sick. Of course I said ok and helped them out, it was nothing difficult a small simple chesed. A year later this person was talking to me and I tell him I am making my sons bar misvah in a couple of weeks. He asks if I have all the money. I answer and tell him the amount I am missing and am praying to have it by the time the bar misvah day arrives. The next day he hands me the exact amount of money to make the bar misvah. I asked where he got it from and all he said is that it was from someone who had hakarat hatov to me for something I helped them with. I figured it out that it was the sick person or someone in their family. Thank you so much Hashem for helping me out. I feel like you sent me that chesed opportunity a year in advance as a test to see if I would get this help to complete the bar misvah payment. Thank you to this person as well. This was such a nice thing for you to do. I did not help them looking for anything in return. Hashem is so perfect. Thank you Hashem for my sons bar misvah.

 From the archives..

  • I heard an amazing story this morning about this Talmid Chacham who got hurt badly in a terror attack, he was so badly hurt and the Dr said he will never be the same, Am Israel got together to daven for him and with his determination to get better he exceeded all expectations today he is getting married!!!! To a girl who organized endless Tehilim groups and chesed in his name without even knowing who he was!
    This is to show you that when we do selfless chesed for others we ourselves see yeshuot and more importantly don’t stop the tefilot, bora Olam hears them!!!!!!
  • Last Friday I was putting together a class on the subject of appreciating Hashem’s kindness throughout the year and truly being happy to serve Him with our Torah learning and performance of mitzvot. I was in a local shul and decided to write down some notes and points to focus on. The midrash was just cleaned up and the tables were ready for Shabbat without the regular random papers around that I would normally use for this. So after looking all over for just one piece of paper to write on, I finally found it- and turning it over, it was someone’s printout of this email. So I took this as a clear nod of approval from Hashem. For a class about “Thank you Hashem”, I was being told to use the back of this beautiful collection of people actually thanking Hashem!! May everyone who participates in this project be blessed with a year of siyata dishmaya, inspiration and closeness to our Creator!

Thank You Hashem – Week 226

  • Walking to my car this morning I see a garbage truck pulled up right beside my car. I just missed getting out in time. I did not get nervous and as I walked to my car I passed my neighbor and said looks like I am stuck for a while. As I approached my car the garbage man was walking right behind my car, I smiled and said How ya doing, he nodded and acknowledged my greeting which is a milestone, he is usually a very grumpy bitter person. He then gets in the truck and does something I never saw in my life. He puts the truck in reverse and backs up allowing me the space to pull out my car and be on my way. The power of a simple nice greeting to someone. Thank you Hashem.


  • I have been reading and studying Tehillim in depth, and I thank Hashem for all of the help He has sent my way.  Since asking Hashem for help with my learning, I have found many wonderful websites and online shiurim that go into depth on Tehillim.  I also ordered an interlinear book of Tehillim that is amazing.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Thank You Hashem for always putting what I need in my path.  Thank You also for eyes to see the words, ears to hear the shiurim, and a mind and spirit to learn and feel the messages of Tehllim.  I love You Hashem.
  • Hodu la H-shem ki leolam Hasdo.  B”H my son had his first baby, my grandson and everybody is healthy. B’H the brit is going to be this week,(Rosh Chodesh-Wednesday) and I”H I’m going to be the Sandak.  H-shem showers us with kindnesses constantly and we should always be able to see them blatanty and tell Him thank you.
  • I was reminded of this old story this past week and thought it would nice to thank Hashem for his Hashgachat Pratit. Several years back our area had a major snow storm and everything was basically snowed in. There was about 3 feet of snow on the ground. My cousin was getting married that night and it was a great simcha for our family even though we had no idea if and how any of us would get there. (The wedding itself is a whole other story that has been written up in jewish magazines). I believe 2 or 3 other weddings that night were forced to be done in their houses. Anyway, approximately 2 or 3 pm this snowy stormy day of the wedding my cousin very matter of factly calls me and calmly asks if I have a shirt for him that he can wear to his wedding. I was like what did you say? and he calmly repeats his request. Now it was my turn to be the older mature cousin and give him a lecture. I tell him you wait until the afternoon of your wedding day to try and find a shirt for your wedding?!?!? Are you for real? never mind the craziness of this storm-as I am lecturing him I am staring out the window at the snow storm, in the middle of my speech I see a car service trudging some how thru the snow. I quickly say I gotta go!! and hang up- I see the phone number on the door of the car and I quickly call the car service and rushingly tell him please stop the car on Avenue…right away- I tell him please I have a shirt can he just drive it around the corner? He puts me on hold, comes back and says run down to the car right now he is waiting. Hashem has a plan and takes care of everything and my cousin showed me there is never a reason to panic. Just relax and don’t worry and everything falls into place. His attitude that he lives with is a Kidush Hashem.-Happy Anniversary
  • thank you Hashem, I bought a salad and I usually get big pieces of broccoli and this time they gave me small pieces and my jaws-tmj were hurting badly today and I wouldn’t have been able to bite the big pieces.
  • This may not seem like a big deal but to me it felt like a hug from Hashem. I’ve been trying to find a very warm winter coat for a while now but anything I liked was out of my budget. Today my mother in law came in from Brooklyn for my daughter’s play and says “honey I brought you a coat” I said oh Moshe told you I was looking for one? And she said no! It is so so warm and elegant! And best of all it was free! Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for always helping me out and for bringing my yeshuah!! I was going through a rough time and Hashem showed me how it’s all okay and how I’ll be fine!
  • I have another simcha to add.  My husband and I started a new business last year, and I do the accounting.  Well, I don’t really know what I am doing and am learning as I go.  I received an email from the Department of Revenue to contact them right away.  My first instinct was to ignore the email out of pure fright.  Instead, I closed my eyes, asked Hashem for help, and had complete Bitachon that He would find a solution.  I called them back, and it was just a general question and nothing, thank G-d, serious. Thank you Hashem for showing me yet again that good things come when I put complete trust in You.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing trip to Cleveland for a family wedding. We had some crazy weather on the way there and b”h made it after a really long driving. Thank you for getting us there and back safely.
  • I have a new appreciation for my microwave. The spring that latches the door closed broke & my family got a gentle reminder from Hashem how useful this appliance is & how often we use it. Thank You Hashem for the microwave & all the other appliances in the house!

Thank You Hashem – Week 225

  • I was walking home from Shul Saturday night with my kids.  My daughter & son were having fun running through the snow & they ran ahead of me.  My son ending up running past my daughter & all of a sudden my daughter screams out to my son to STOP.  There was a car pulling out of the driveway & my daughter saw the car, but my son did not see the car.  My son was an inch away from the car when he stopped.  I asked my daughter what happened and she said she saw the car’s blinker on so she scream out to my son to STOP! Thank you Hashem for giving my daughter the ability to see the car’s blinker and the daat to scream out to my to STOP!!! And Thank you Hashem for saving from son from not getting hit by the car!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me so much good in my life in all areas and continuing to provide for all of my needs. I love you. Everyone should always say that to Hashem many times daily.
  • Thank you Hashem we had a little scare with my daughter who wasn’t breathing after she fell while playing on the rug and started crying ……… Chasdai Hashem he somehow gave me the ability to do mouth to mouth even though I have no idea how to do it but it worked and she started breathing again. Went to the hospital for additional testing to make sure it wasn’t a seizure and Baruch HaShem all tests came back perfect. The doctor thinks it was just a breathing spell (couldn’t catch her breath from crying)  she’s back to her normal self as if nothing ever happened. Thank you Hashem !!!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting the unbelievable happen to me!! It was calming, amazing, drugging almost 🙂
  • Thank You HaShem that every single thing that happens in my life is for the best and nothing is unfair!
  • Thank you Hashem for the birth of our beautiful and healthy daughter!
  • Had a Bar Mitzvah in Baltimore last Thursday night. With the storm predicted for Thursday, we went Wednesday night instead of Thursday afternoon. Hashem was so kind to us, as we got there right when the first flakes started falling & in the end, Baltimore got just a dusting. Lakewood got hit with 12+ inches! Trip took us less than 3 hours & others that went on Thursday ended up travelling around 6 hours!! & in addition, my neighbor asked if he could park his car in my driveway so the snow plows could clean the street properly. As such, after the snow, he shoveled himself out, which left me with a cleared out driveway when I came home Saturday night! Thank You Hashem for taking care of everything for me!! Thank You Hashem for the Bar Mitzvah celebration & getting to spend some time with the extended family.
  • Really icy this morning & heard of someone that broke his ankles when he slipped. Thank You Hashem for directing my steps without falling, not only now with the ice, but ALWAYS!
  • Sound

“S” as in “Sam”



“N” as in “Nancy”

“D” as in David

How often do we find ourselves speaking on the phone and spelling out letters that do not come clear through a headset or speaker. Thank You Hashem for giving me the best audio and speaker system- one that can hear even from far away the subtle differences between letters and sounds. What a Beracha it is to hear words of Torah, our children laughing, the horn of an approaching car, music- all clearly and beautifully. We can hear from all directions (surround sound) in full HD! When we are sleeping our ears automatically lower the volume so that small noises don’t disturb our rest. Our ears don’t need batteries and are always “on” and working so that we can enjoy the sounds of life at all times.

Chazal say that a deaf person is considered as if he is not living. Thank You Hashem for giving us the sense of hearing and the gift of life!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 224

  • Thank you Hashem for giving me an awesome/caring friend to support me during the tough times when things get hard.
  • Went upstairs last week & felt cold. Checked the vent & it was blowing only cold air. As it was close to 8pm, didn’t think I would be able to get a technician to check it out until the next day. With very cold temperature outside, I was concerned that we would not be able to sleep in the house that night. Went up to the attic to see if I could find the issue (not that I know what I’m doing!) & opened the cover & moved some wires around. Closed the lid & all of a sudden it starts working!! Thank You Hashem for fixing that for me on the spot!! I also just bought a wifi thermostat that was on sale & switched it with the old one. Really love it, as I can control the temperature from my phone or any web browser. Very convenient. Thank You Hashem!

Amazing Wonders

of the Human Body

To Help Us

Think About Hashem

Our vocal folds –

known as vocal cords –

produce sound

when an air stream passes

between them.

They can vibrate from

100 to as much as

1000 time per second !

  • Thank you Hashem for healing me when I was sick last week! Thank you for heat and clothing and a warm comforter for the winter months!
  • my car didn’t start and I realized I would need a boost so I opened the hood of the car. as I was opening it someone stopped to ask if I needed help, someone else offered cables and a third person went to get his car to do the boost. The first guy offered for my kids to wait inside the bakery while we got it sorted out as it was raining outside. Thank you Hashem that everything happened so quick and smooth. And mi keamcha yisrael- how so soon everyone came over to offer help!
  • Can you imagine if gasoline froze at the same temperature as water??? We would have a huge headache using our cars in these cold temps… Thank You Hashem for making the freezing point of gasoline so much lower than water!!
  • Thank you HASHEM for the shelter of a warm home.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me hear and see the kidush Hashem of Sholom Rubashkin
  • (from Rabbi Brezaks peh tahor eml) A teacher in a high school recently shared with me what her student, let’s call her Leah, told her. Just about 2 weeks ago, on the 8th day of Chanukah 5778, this student was near a girl that someone embarrassed terribly. There were about 100 girls present which made the embarrassment beyond description. Leah immediately ran over to the girl that was embarrassed and asked her for a brocho. The girl said, May Hashem answer your tefillos. Soon after that, Leah davened for two things. The first one was that Shalom Rubashkin would be freed. He was freed that very day. Perhaps this girls tefillos helped make it happen. The second thing was that Hashem should protect her family. Why she davened for this particular thing is not clear. That night, in the middle of the night, there was a loud explosion downstairs. Family members ran to the kitchen and found the pot of eggs that had mistakenly been left on the fire to cook. The water had cooked out and the eggs exploded. A small fire had already begun but they were able to put it out fairly quickly. Baruch Hashem no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. The brocho of the girl that was embarrassed came true!
  • Thank you Hashem for the achdut of klal yisrael, seeing how people are so eager to help one another in the snow is very inspiring. Klal yisrael is always there for each other regardless how large or small the situation is. Mi Kiamecha Yisrael. Thank you Hashem for letting me be part of it.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi David Ozeri and all he does for us both in the open and also behind the scenes. We are so lucky to have him in our community.

Thank You Hashem – Week 223

  • Thank you Hashem for leading me, through the darkness which is good for me – you’re always there.
  • Thank You HaShem for my eyesight and letting me breathe 🙂
  • Tonight I made a delicious jiben and as I was pulling it out of the oven I notice in the back of the oven on the same shelf a tin of Shepard pie from Friday night. So I called the rabbi and he asked allot of questions trying to save dinner but no good. Thank you Hashem that we have rabbis and their wife’s who take time to help us find the correct answer and thanks for the courage to help me throw it out Pyrex and all.
  • I’ve been taking my 7 year old to father – son learning for last few months. Every week they raffle off about 10 prizes. My child never won and got frustrated . On way home I tell him Hashem has different ways of rewarding Torah learning and you never know what it would be and it could be also be an outside source of reward. This past motzei Shabbat he won the grand prize of a drone. He was super excited showing it to many people. I put him in the back seat of our car with the drone. As I started the engine he blurts out “thank you Hashem” 😁
  • Thank you Hashem that my wife and children are all healthy and well and we see so much simcha from them.
  • Thank you H-shem for doing such a miracle for my whole family.  My wife was doing the car pool on Monday and then she became distracted for one second, as she was looking for me I was supposed to do the car pool, when she turned back to look to the front she slammed on the brakes there was an older jewish man one of our neighbors who was holding on to our car not to fall down as he was about to fall down. Thank you for having my wife stopping as the exact second not to hurt anybody.
  • Thank you Hashem for making our move go very smoothly and quickly. Thank you for our new home. And thank you for always making sure we have whatever we need.
  • I had an unexpected business expense hit me for about $1000. I worked very hard to take care of it however the place that I needed to handle this was not getting back to me. This was very strange. Time was of the essence and I really needed this handled but they didn’t reply to me. Hashem put in my head to call a friend that I had once helped in a pinch and see if I can buy it from him. He texts me back that he has taken care of it and best part of all it was done for FREE. By them not getting back to me I saved 1000 dollars- Thank you Hashem.

Story of My Return


Baruch Farbstein

I grew up in Syosset and Woodbury, Long Island, New York and attended public school, but also Hebrew School at the conservative Midway Jewish Center for two hours three times a week. I enjoyed reading stories about the Hebrews starting from when Yehoshua ben Nun led the conquest of Canaan. When I got up to the part when Shlomo HaMelech built the Temple in Yerushalayim, I got a sense that this represented a high point in history, and I so much wanted to find out if that Temple existed today and I could go and see it.

I started reading ahead of my class and found out that the Temple was eventually destroyed by the Babylonians, then rebuilt and eventually destroyed again by the Romans. I learned that as of today it has not been rebuilt, and that troubled me very much, even though I was not frum and never went to yeshiva.

In fifth grade, an extra-curricular class in Torah reading was offered at my Hebrew school. I was able to read Hebrew with the vowels in the words, but knew that the Torah scroll contained only Hebrew letters without any vowels, and I wanted to learn how to read Hebrew without vowels.  So, I signed up for this class.  However, the Rabbi trained us in the troupe for laining, not in how to read without vowels.  Although this was not what I had expected, I enjoyed the class and decided to start preparing to read an entire parsha for my Bar Mitzvah which would be two and three quarter years later.

While I prepared to read my entire parsha, Ki Seitzei, I found out that only students who attended yeshiva or a day school full-time were able to read an entire Torah parsha at their Bar Mitzvah.  It was virtually unheard of for someone with only a part-time Hebrew school background to be able to do such a thing.  With that in mind, and also that I so much wanted to see the Temple rebuilt in Yerushalayim, I prayed to Hashem that if I would read my entire Torah parsha at my Bar Mitzvah, which was apparently a unique accomplishment, I could be allowed to have a piece of the action in the actual Redemption and perhaps see the Third Temple with my own eyes.

When I was in college, I saw a bumper sticker on a car which said, “Moshiach is Coming!” I started thinking about the prayer I had made years ago.  A couple of months later, in 1991, I saw an advertisement in the The Jewish Week put out by Chabad-Lubavitch for Moshiach.  It said that Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson has stated in the form of a prophecy that Moshiach is already here and that all we have to do is greet him.  It also said that by performing mitzvos it would help to hasten the process.  There was a checklist of specific mitzvos that people could choose to take on.  One was the mitzvah of learning more about Moshiach.  I decided to take on this particular mitzvah although I never sent back the ad.

A week or perhaps two weeks later, in the same paper, there was a very peculiar article entitled, “UFO Spotted Over Beit She’an, Israel.”  In all my years of reading The Jewish Week, I had never seen either an advertisement for Moshiach, or an article on UFOs. Suddenly, both appeared at almost the same time.  I decided to join a UFO organization with the idea that I would actually be learning more about Moshiach.

The local director of the UFO organization introduced me to various topics within the UFO field. One concerned a photograph taken by the Viking spacecraft in 1976 that appeared to show an image of a human face on the planet Mars.  I was fascinated and decided to attend a presentation on it.  After I heard the lecture on the “Face on Mars,” the researcher offered videos for sale.  When I finally got a chance to ask to purchase the videotape, he told me that he had no more left, but gave me the phone number of a company that produced videos and said I could buy it from them instead.

The videotape on Mars had a fifteen second segment about research being done on the origins of the Hebrew alphabet. It showed a man holding models related to this work.  I was very intrigued by this and wanted very much to obtain more information.  However, except for the name of the researcher, Stan Tenen, mentioned in the tape, there were no clues as to how one could contact him.  I ended up calling back the video company and asked if was possible to purchase any videotapes by Stan Tenen.  They said no but gave me Mr. Tenen’s California telephone number.

When I spoke with Mr. Tenen for the first time in the fall of 1993 about his research into the Hebrew alphabet, I started to get a sense that Hashem had led me to this man as a result of the prayer I had made as a child. I purchased a videotape of his and he sent me additional information about his work.  I developed a friendship with him and wife, and maintained regular contact over the next several months.

Then, the Tenens informed me that they had been invited by the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists to speak at their annual summer convention in 1994. They asked me to work with a woman friend in Brooklyn on doing something for publicity. The friend suggested that I try to write an article and get it published in the Brooklyn paper, The Jewish Press.  I said that it would be impossible because both the researcher and I had no credentials to stand on and my article would not be accepted.  She asked me if the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists was going to place an advertisement about the convention in The Jewish Press. If yes, then I could submit the article in reference to a paid advertisement.  After I spoke with the man at AOJS who placed the ad, I faxed my unsolicited article to the paper.  When I called them and asked if it would be possible to publish it in reference to the AOJS ad, they replied that the person who would make this decision was on vacation.

I went upstate to the Homowak Hotel in the Catskills for the convention to meet Stan Tenen and see his presentation live. Not only that, but this was going to be my first ever experience of Shabbos.  I ate most of the meals at the same table as the Tenens.  A couple of people came over to the researcher and said that they came to the convention specifically to see him and asked who Bruce Farbstein was.  I noted this but could not figure out why my name was brought up in their conversations.

I went to the hotel shul and when I heard the laining during shachris, I noted that the Torah parsha was Ki Seitzei, the same parsha I myself lained at my Bar Mitzvah.  On Sunday morning, I went to shachris again, and asked someone to lend me a pair of tefillin and help me to put it on.  Someone came forward and put tefillin on me while everyone else was davening.  Afterwards, in the dining room, the woman friend who I had spoken with before the convention approached me and said that my article actually got in to The Jewish Press.  When she showed it to me in the paper, I was overwhelmed.  I sensed that Hashem had answered my prayer and that the answer was yes.  I therefore made the decision, on the spot, to start growing in Torah observance and become a baal teshuva.

Thank You Hashem – Special, Azan Family

The little Shul on Homecrest Ave was overly crowded, packed with more people than usual on this particular Friday afternoon. It is Erev Shabbat Parshat Meketz and Shabbat Chanuka, and Rabbi Rachamim Churba is happy to see his small Shul is standing room only. With the inclement weather and a snow storm brewing, the warm neighborhood Shul has attracted many of the locals who opted to pray close on this cold Friday night.


At the conclusion of the prayers, Rabbi Churba stood in front of the Kahal for his usual short Friday night D’var Torah. The Rabbi spoke about Emunah and how we must learn from Yosef Hatzadik the importance of bringing Hashem into our lives and making Him part of everything we do. The Rabbi quoted Rabbi Miller Z’L who emphasized that they are so many people- religious people- that learn Torah and serve Hashem and yet somehow they go their entire lives without once saying “I Love You Hashem.” Hashem does so much for us and we have so much to be grateful for, we need to learn to turn to Hashem and actually verbalize out loud that we love Him.


Interrupting the speech, a man sitting in the front of the Shul spoke up and suggested, “Rabbi, why don’t we say it now?”


With a smile on his face Rabbi Churba readily agreed.

“OK, let’s all say it right now,” the man said as he turned to the rest of the room.

And right then and there on this beautiful Shabbat Chanukah the entire Kahal took the opportunity to publicly express their love for their Creator and proclaimed in unison “I LOVE YOU HASHEM!”


The man sitting in front of the Shul who had this beautiful idea and made it happen was none other than Mr. Yossi Azan.


May Hashem send a Refuah Shelemah to:

Yosef ben Ahuva Masuda

Shilat Ahuva bat Louza Aliza

Daniel ben Louza Alize

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