Thank You Hashem – Week 219

  • So much to be thankful for! My brother made a Bar Mitzvah this past Shabbos & all siblings came in for the event, as well as my parents. Meanwhile, my sister from Chicago, whose daughter recently got engaged, made an engagement party on the East Coast as well, as everyone was together anyway & the chossons family is from here. Thank You Hashem for a wonderful family & simchas to enjoy together. On a separate note, my daughter & her family moved into a house, which we are extremely grateful to Hashem for. & I was zoche to put up a mezuza & help infuse kedusha into it. We daven to Hashem that he keeps on showering us with bracha.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving me the zechus to attend a morning shiur that just made a siyum on meseches Shevous. This was a year & a half in the making & felt great to finish up & start a new mesechta. Hoping Hashem gives us the zechus to finish many more!
  • Thank You HaShem for being approachable… even though You’re the Greatest, you still listen to every person and care about everyone all I can think of is "איו כמוך באלקים ה’ ואין כמעשיך"! I needed to talk to a higher up person today and I was extremely nervous the entire day I couldnt help but think how grateful I am that this is not so when I talk to Hashem… I love You!
  • thank you Hashem for the challenges that help us come closer to you and pray harder.
  • Thank you Hashem, Bh! We planned to travel

My wife turns to me and said we need new luggage

Bh that evening my uncle calls

We decided to buy new luggage we have older ones that were never used Im sure you can use it. Come by and pick it up, Bh it was perfect timing!!!!

  • When I booked tickets to fly to the West coast with my wife (a long flight), there were only middle seats available. When I checked in to the flight, the seat map wasn’t showing much better choices. I went out of the seat map and went back in and an aisle seat showed up. I quickly took it and found a middle seat in the next row. Because I had an aisle seat, I could trade with the person next to the middle seat and we were able to sit together. Thank You Hashem for working that out for us.
  • The power steering of my car broke and I had to drive without power steering for a day and a half. Thank You Hashem for power steering!!
  • For the past 6 or 7 months, I was meaning to call on a customer that I didnt hear from in a very long time. Out of nowhere they contacted me. It was for something small. Baruch Hashem by the end of the call we quadrupled the order. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful family.
  • Thank you Hashem for the lessons learned from the Kiddush Hashem life of Rabbi Zev Tikotzky zsl.

Thank You Hashem – Week 218

  • Thank You Hashem my kids are happy in school.
  • I was walking through my Yeshiva looking to make some food. So, I went into the kitchen, full of knives and utensils. I was trying to make a non-kosher item for breakfast. I was with a couple of my friends and I asked one of them to pass me the knife. I was expecting him to pass the knife, when instead he threw it. As I took a step to my left I slipped on a broken egg, and felt the knife fly passed my ear. As I was on the ground cringing in pain I recognized that the knife had gotten stuck in fridge. Right where the “Thank You Hashem” sticker is. I realized then, that Hashem plays a major role in my everyday life, and he is constantly watching over me and all of us. From that moment on I have decided that it is Hashem’s will that I become religious and follow all the Jewish laws. All I can say is, Thank You Hashem!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem that after a year of trying to convince myself that the grapes I can’t reach may be sour and it’s all for the good – You proved it so.
  • Thank you Hashem. Got a nice surprise. I received an email telling me that the prices on the flights I booked went down $160 and I am getting a 160-dollar credit. I never heard of such a thing. Happens to be that the person who made my reservation had an account that allows for refunds if the fare changes. Thank you Hashem for this surprise bonus.
  • Thank you HASHEM for the rain!! it finally rained in Yerushalayim today!
  • Thank you Hashem for the tremendous sadik and Talmid chacham that I was zoche to learn with and from. Thank you for all I have learned and gained from Rabbi Zev Tikotzky zs’l, I will miss him dearly.
  • Thank you Hashem that I am wise enough to know to thank you every day for everything you do for me. I do not need a one day Holiday to be reminded. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for this amazing blog that helps bring light into our lives.
  • So enjoyable to thank borei olam every day. I was in the lunch room at work and there were a few goyim sitting there. I thought I would mention something to them regarding thanking g-d being Thanksgiving was upon us. I started mentioning how we should always be appreciative of our blessings and gifts from g-d. I mentioned it was very nice to have a day like thanksgiving to remember to be thankful. 2 of the people were like, what are you talking about? Thanksgiving is a time to get together with your family and have a feast, we don’t say thank you to g-d for anything. The 3rd one said, come to think of it I guess we are supposed to be thankful. They do not even know the meaning to their own holidays. It seems it all about being selfish, the opposite of thanking Hashem. It is all about eating and not so much about thanking. I was very upset but then was happy to see that our people are not like this. We know every day is a gift and everything we are given is from Hashem. More importantly for the most part we are appreciative to Hashem for all he does for us. Thank you Hashem for this arena where we can publicly thank you, it is a Kiddush Hashem much greater than any thanksgiving can ever be.
  • I was driving on 3rd ave by the underpass. There is a part where it swerves a bit. The car next to me was losing control and about to crash right into me. I do not know how, but somehow, I maneuvered in what seemed like 100 different moves and avoided the car from hitting me. My friend in the passenger seat said, wow that was great driving. I said wow that was not great driving, that was all Hashem, there is no explanation I can give for us not colliding, it was crystal clear. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful site I saw today. It is something I knew existed but seeing it sparked a Kiddush Hashem. Saw the senior’s men’s class at Bnei Binyamin in action. Saw the mesirut nefesh for torah that these men gladly do. Saw men in wheelchairs and other issues sitting with Rabbi Seruya and learning Torah. As I walked out leaving my class I was drawn back to go back and sit with them even for a short amount of time as to be able to say that I was sitting at the table of this Kiddush Hashem. Rabbi Seruya said many times that it was worth it to build the building and shul just for this class alone. After seeing it in action I now have a better understanding. May Hashem bless the Rabbi and all the men attending these classes and all their families. Thank you Hashem for Bnei Binyamin.

Special Edition

A Change of Mind

For those of you whove never experienced a migraine,(and בעה,I hope you never do!), you should just know that it’s not just a little headache. Aside from the intense pounding and throbbing pain, which feels like the head will actually explode from the pressure, migraines are totally debilitating and basically affect all of the senses. While usually preceded by a group of warning signals such as fatigue, flushed cheeks, stuffy nose, increase or loss of appetite, visual disturbances and then a gradual worsening of head pain , migraines can also come on suddenly in a frightening intensity which words cannot describe. Extreme nausea accompanies the head pain, and when you’re finally in the mood to eat something you have to hope that it stays down and doesn’t make a grand reappearance. Noises are magnified, sense of smell is heightened and adds to the general nausea, and the eyes can’t open fully to admit in the light which increases the pain. Talking is strained and difficult and takes much energy. Any movement at all, causes terrible pain. You barely sleep from the pain by night, and by day you lay down quietly waiting for the tumultuous storm to pass. When the pain finally does pass, its still not over yet. The pain dissipates, only to be replaced by this run-over-by-a-truck feeling where you are still totally immobilized. Plus, on top of that your head is so full of fog that you are left dazed, confused, and unable to think clearly. This phase of the migraine can last for a full day or more!

So now that we’ve established what exactly a migraine headache is, let me tell you that I’ve been suffering from migraines for over 30 years. It wasn’t so bad in the beginning. I would take over the counter painkillers, lay down a bit and the pain would pass rather quickly. As the years went by, the pain started getting more intense and the duration was longer. The headaches started to last for a full day, then three days, then a whole week, nine days, then for two weeks straight. I’d get a headache for two weeks, have one sort-of-recovery-week, then get another two week headache. I became so weak even when I didn’t have a migraine that I stopped driving, stopped doing the food shopping, stopped bathing the kids and putting them to bed, and l felt grateful and lucky if I got dinner on the table. Yom Kippur became a nightmare for me. Of course I was absolved from fasting all other fasts during the year including תשעה באב, because fasting triggered a migraine that could not be reversed even if I were to break my fast. I would be terrified for months before Yom Kippur and it wasnt because I was afraid of the impending דין! On most Yom Kippurim I would be in such horrible pain that I needed to go to the emergency room for IV and strong painkillers. On a good fast I would walk to a local hospital, and on a difficult fast it wouldnt be uncommon to see the Hatzolah men in their white kittels who would interrupt their davening to rush me to the hospital. In the best case scenario, I would stay in bed all day and my girls would take turns between running the house and seeing if I needed anything and going to Shul.

The hospital knew me by name and had my cocktail of drugs prepared for me: Toradol, Morphine, Benadryl, and Zofran through IV, and I would come home a little more able to bear the unbearable pain. Sometimes I would be admitted in the hospital until they found a steroid to bring down the pain. I was going through Percocets like water. 120 Percocets would last me about a month, which was aside from all the other drugs I was taking.

Throughout the years I missed many of my kids plays, important milestones, family Simachot and get togethers, graduations, my daughters Sheva Berachot, and most recently, I missed my own daughters engagement party because of a severe migraine!

Now let me share with you what I’ve tried to help the headaches. I went to the top neurologist. I took beta blockers, anti depressants, and anti seizure medications. I did nerve blocks. I got shots in my head. I drank water, did exercise, went to a chiropractor, did acupuncture. I traveled to Florida to see a special Japanese acupuncturist. I used a tens machine daily. I had a whole bag of vitamins that I carried around with me everywhere. I did kiniseology. I took Chinese medicines. I also tried avoiding foods. I stayed off of sugar completely. I went off wheat, dairy, MSG, chocolate, and night shades. This is just a partial listing of the things I have tried over the years, as I don’t think you have the time or patience to hear everything I’ve done!

I also went to Rabbis for Berachot. We went to the Greats in Eretz Yisrael, or anywhere for that matter. Many Rabbis graciously gave me a Berachah or Segula which infused me with hope each time anew.

I became the symbol for migraines. If people would meet me on the street, they would inevitably greet me with, Hi! How are the migraines? And I would answer with the latest thing I was doing or the latest Beracah I’d gotten, and say Hashem has a Zman for everything, and hopefully mine will be soon

I’m sure you’re wondering by now, So what did work in the end? I’ll answer you by saying Hashem Himself cured me, בכבודו ובעצמו!

Let me tell you how it came about. My brother, David, had become close to a Rabbi from Cleveland and he was totally inspired and enchanted by him. Whenever I was with my brother he would tell me stories of his Rebbes Bitachon and advise me to give him a call for the migraines. Each time I would tell him, He sounds like my type, but what do you want me to tell him, Hi, I have a headache?! What will he do for me already? But my brother persisted. A few days before Sukkot, David excitedly informed us that Rabbi Yisroel Brog שליטא would be giving a Shiur in his house that night. I was in bed with a migraine ( surprise, surprise) and I told my husband, Eliyahu, to speak with the Rabbi and get me a Berachah. When Eliyahu spoke to Rabbi Brog after the Shiur, the Rabbi said that he couldn’t really help me as it sounded like my situation was above his head and he never dealt with this before. When my husband came home, in answer to my hopeful inquiry, So, what did he say? Eliyahu very wisely told me about the beautiful and inspiring Shiur Rabbi Brog gave, and suggested that I call him myself. Had my husband told me that the Rabbi couldn’t help me, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I never would have called him at all.

Sukkot came and went, with my brother talking of course, about his beloved Rebbe and trying to convince me to call him. After Yom Tov was over, David called me up and said, Listen, how about if I call Rabbi Brog first and tell him about you, then you can call after and hear his advice? I was okay with that and I told him to go ahead. David called me back that night and told me that I could call Rabbi Brog at 9:30 . I called exactly on time , but the Rabbi didn’t answer. A little while later I was surprised to find Rabbi Brog’s number on the caller ID – he was calling me back, as he had missed my call! I introduced myself as David’s sister, and I started to tell him about my migraines. He asked what I had done for the pain, and I started rattling off a bunch of different things I’d tried. I ended off by saying that for the past year I was working very hard using the Doctor Sarno method. Then on the spot, he started telling me, OK. If a person has a headache and he takes medication and it goes away, then it’s just a כפרה and he can move on with his life.

But if you’re telling me how you have suffered, and it’s getting worse and worse, and nothing is alleviating the pain, then it’s Hashem that is giving you a message. Rabbi Brog continued, Hashem is knocking on your door with a message, and you’re not answering! So number one, what I want you to do is to say, I’m sorry Hashem. I’m sorry that You have been trying so hard to give me a message and I’ve been turning to all these different forms of healing but I haven’t been turning to the True Source, which is You! He said to say, I acknowledge that the pain is only from You, Hashem, and You alone can take it away and heal me.

I thought to myself, All right, that makes sense, I can do that. Then Rabbi Brog continued, Number two, what I want you to do is use your head. Use your head like you have never used your head before! Use your head to thank Hashem, to appreciate Hashems kindness. Don’t use your head for negativity or negative thoughts. If you use your head the way Hashem wants you to, then there’s no need for Him to give you a headache to wake you up.

He told me, I don’t really know you from beans, only you can know yourself and you know exactly how you have to use your head properly. I thought that was logical.

"And number three, people look at you like you are a good person, and if people always see you with a headache, then you’re making Hashem look bad! People will say, Why is a good person suffering? (In fact, I did hear this exact sentiment quite often from people) He said, I don’t want anyone to ever hear from your mouth I have a headache. Your children should constantly hear you saying, Thank you Hashem that Mommy doesn’t have a headache! No more complaining! ( He would later come to add a number four and a number five. Number four was to try to bring Kavod to Hashem with my head and to think of ways to bring Kavod to Hashem. Number five was to take time each day to think about the עשר זכירות and focus on each one of them.)

Rabbi Brog told me about his grandfather, Rabbi Avigdor Miller ,זצל who worked very hard never to complain, even when he was in great pain so that he shouldn’t make Hashem look bad. I laughed and said, Rabbi Brog, I don’t think it’s possible for me not to complain that I have a headache! Not only that, but I don’t need to say anything at all, people can see it on my face! He told me, You can do it. He then went on to tell me about how he once fell down a whole flight of stairs in his house and his knee was broken so badly that he actually saw it protruding from his pants! Rabbi Brog relayed to me how he concentrated on the four letter Name of Hashem in a deep meditation to get himself to rise above the pain. By the time the ambulance got him to the hospital he wasn’t in pain at all! The doctors were shocked when he said his knee wasn’t hurting at all since that type of break is usually accompanied by excruciating pain. They asked the Rabbi if they could touch the knee and he said, Sure. They proceeded to push and prod the affected area fully expecting Rabbi Brog to cry out or just wince in pain but it really wasn’t hurting!

What Rabbi Brog was in essence conveying to me was that I was relating to my migraines from an emotional standpoint. When a person is in pain and he cries out, he is acting based on his emotions. What he wanted me to do was to use my head or my שכל to rise above the pain. By not complaining when I would have a headache I would be letting logic or שכל rule over the emotions and that’s exactly what he wanted me to do. He also told me, Imagine if you had terrible teeth and you needed tons of work done by a dentist to correct it. A good dentist offers to do all the work for free. After about an hour and a half of him working on you, he tells you he will be taking a short break, but will continue in a few minutes. Meanwhile, your husband walks in and asks how you’re doing. You tell him, This is terrible! This guy is killing me! It’s horrible! The dentist overhears you and says, Hey, that’s how you talk? I’m doing you a favor! This is what Hashem is doing for us, but even more! Rabbi Brog said, When you’re in the dentist chair it may be uncomfortable, and it might hurt, but you’re not afraid because you know you’re in good hands. That’s how we have to feel with Hashem. He made sure to stipulate that he wasnt guaranteeing that this would help for me, but at least, if I listened to his advice I would be getting a מצוה of exercising בטחון. He then reviewed with me everything he had told me so I shouldn’t forget anything, I thanked him for his time and we hung up the phone.

I was visibly moved and excited. When I had called him my head was hurting, and I was on steroids to bring the pain under control (which wasn’t even helping.) After I hung up with the Rabbi, my head was still hurting but I decided I wasn’t taking any more steroids and I would immediately put into practice everything the Rabbi told me. I felt as if Hashem was talking to me directly through Rabbi Brog.

The next morning I woke upFINE! No headache! I was exhilarated! I called up Rabbi Brog to thank him ( profusely!) and he told me to keep it up. As the days passed I was surprised to find that I was feeling better and better. I saw the סייתא דשמייא that Hashem was giving me from day to day and I started to feel like a new person. At the same time, I didnt tell anyone about my conversation with Rabbi Brog(except my brother, of course) because although I knew without a doubt that what he was telling me was the absolute אמת , I thought that I wouldnt be able to keep up the initial excitement to work on myself the way the Rabbi prescribed. What I didnt take into account was, Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was in such a desperate מצב ,with no one but Hashem to turn to, that I put all of my effort into working on myself in ways that I never in my wildest dreams thought were possible. Things like כעס ,negative thinking, or getting upset became not things that I have to work on(one day) ,but things to work on today-right now ! I saw that Hashem was with me and helping me, and I began to realize that even a regular, plain person like me could build a close relationship with Hashem.

It’s a year later now, and I’m not going to say that I lived happily ever after, and never got a headache ever again. But I will say that I lived happily ever after and I learned some unbelievable lessons on the way. I am so grateful to Hashem for allowing me to build this relationship with Him. I feel like Hashem is showing me exactly what He wants from me. When I am excited about life, about having a healthy body, about having a husband and children, parents, in laws, and friends, (who by the way, went beyond the call of duty to do everything to help me), about air to breathe, about Torah and Mitzvot, I won’t have a headache. But the second I complain, This house is so messy! Why do I have to keep cleaning and it never stays clean? Boom! The headache comes instantly. If I realize my error, apologize to Hashem, and improve myself, it will go away very quickly, even instantly. If I don’t use my head properly the way Hashem wants me to, He lets me know it. Sometimes I can’t figure out what I did wrong and Hashem is still so good and kind, that if I focus on trusting in Hashem and אין עוד מלבדו it will also go away considerably quicker than before.

I started to call Rabbi Brog more and more for general guidance or other עצות . When my son got engaged, I was overtired and exhausted since my daughter was also engaged at this time( a sure trigger for a migraine). As the time for his engagement party drew nearer, the pain in my head became more pronounced. Half an hour before I had to leave to the kallahs house, I called up Rabbi Brog with a splitting headache, and asked him what I should do. He told me, Take some time to yourself and try to focus. Tell Hashem, Hashem, You gave me this son, and now that I can give my son to his kallah to get married, it is also from You. I stayed in my room for twenty minutes concentrating on what the Rabbi told me, and then I was totally fine! The music, lights, and people at the engagement, which definitely should have aggravated a migraine in progress didnt bother me at all! The next day, which was Friday, found me really overtired now. The migraine was coming back with a vengeance, and I was a little embarrassed to call back Rabbi Brog for an עצה again. When it was almost Shabbat, I was in unbearable pain. I got over my embarrassment and made the call. He said, Shabbos is coming! Think about Shabbos! Think about honoring the Shabbos! Think about the beauty of Shabbos! Tell Hashem that you want to keep His Shabbos and enjoy His Shabbos! Try to focus your mind on this, and בעה ,youll be better. I asked him, Im in a lot of pain. Should I take a painkiller? He answered, If you need it, you could take it. But try first without it. I did what Rabbi Brog told me, and guess what? I didnt need painkillers, and I was GREAT over Shabbat! I called the Rabbi right after Shabbat to tell him the good news.(I think he was getting used to my nudging phone calls by now!) On another occasion , I woke up with a pounding headache. I became filled with dread and thought, Oh no, Hashem, please not now! I sat down at the table barely able to move. Then one of my younger daughters just decided on her own to wash the little ones נטילת ידים instead of me. I became confident that Hashem was with me and helping me. I used every ounce of strength to say out loud, Kids, let’s say thank you Hashem that Mommy doesn’t have a headache! After that the headache just magically disappeared!

Hashem in His mercy shows me that Lashon Harah is REAL, and you have to pay for it. Hashem shows me that Shabbat is real, and we have to treat Shabbat properly. He shows me that being negative is not something that He wants. Hashem shows me that jealousy is a Middah He’s not fond of. Hashem shows me that He really doesn’t like complaints. One time, I thought if I make a joke out of my complaint and laugh about it, then it wouldn’t really be complaining, but Hashem didn’t think it was funny. And He let me know it.

I am extremely fortunate to be getting these love messages from Hashem all the time. With Hashems help, I started doing my own food shopping again. I started driving again. I do homework with my kids, and say Shema at night and Modeh Ani in the morning with them. We thank Hashem together for His kindnesses to all of us. This past Yom Kippur was the first Yom Kippur that בה I was able to fast, take care of my kids AND daven! On the morning of the fast my girls had their usual discussion of who is staying with Mommy at what time and who would go to Shul. I cut into the conversation and said, Girls this year no one has to stay with me. You can ALL go to Shul if youd like. By the end of the fast I actually looked better than all of them!

I thank Hashem tremendously for sending me the Refuah through Him alone. Had I gotten better from medicine, vitamins, or even a Rabbis Berachah, I would have been mostly thankful and indebted to that thing, and I would say Hashem cured me through this. But here, although I have a great Hakarat Hatov to Rabbi Brog for showing me the right Derech, I know it is Hashem alone who put me in touch with him, and it is Hashem alone who holds the key to Refuah. I also know every second that I don’t have a migraine is only due to Hashems Chessed and absolutely nothing else! I am grateful to Hashem for showing me His hand so clearly, and I am especially grateful that He sent me a shining role model of Bitachon, Torah, Avodah, and Hashkafah whom I proudly call, Rebbe.

Thank You Hashem – Week 216

  • Thank you Hashem for the zechut to live in Yerushalayim.
  • I am sitting here trying to think of a thank you Hashem to send in. But in truth everything is a thank you Hashem. Each part of our day is another chance to say thank you. So, thank you for everything even the things I don’t understand. Shabbat Shalom
  • I had a customer not go thru with an order that I have been working on for a long time. Just before this occurred Hashem in his loving kindness sent me another order that required little to no work at all. When I lost the first order I realized how great Hashem is, that before taking that one away he already replaced it for an order that was way quicker and was going to be much less stressful over all. I then checked and saw that I made more money on the order that Hashem sent me than the order I was working on. We make our hishtadlut and Hashem just sends it from out of nowhere. Thank you Hashem for taking care of me.
  • I was driving down the street today and drove by a home that we were trying to get and thought we had. Strange things happened and we did not end up in that home. We felt very bad about it. Hashem then had us find an even better and more comfortable home to live in, we could not be happier. Driving down this street I am reminded of Hashem’s guiding hand and perfect decision making. Thank you so much Hashem.
  • We had a family emergency in a hospital we did not want to be in. We made calls to our great chesed organizations and they advised us to leave this hospital and get in touch with a certain surgeon that they said was the best one for this case. The problem was that this Dr. did not accept our insurance, the only way to use him is to somehow convince him to meet in the emergency room. The 2nd problem was we had to hope he was even available and on duty to begin with. I call the Dr’s office. I ask for the Dr. and they say he is not in. my heart dropped. I then say I have an emergency is there some way to be in touch with him? She asked what is going on, I tell her the details. She then puts me on hold. Comes back and says, you need to do this surgery right away! The Dr. said the only way he can do it is if you meet him asap in the emergency room. Min Hashamayim. We got there and everything went smooth as can be. Hashem took care of every detail, even Demanding that I meet in the emergency room which is exactly what we needed. Thank you Hashem that all is well now and everyone is fine.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful simahot you are sending to my family.
  • Friday morning, I needed to go shopping for some things I needed for Shabbat, I asked my husband if the credit card was okay and he said I’m so sorry I only managed to pay it yesterday. He checked and saw that it didn’t clear yet. We then spoke for about half an hour and tried to figure out a solution. After not figuring out what to do my husband said let me check one more time. As he was looking at his phone I said a quick prayer to Hashem to help me so I can buy the food I need for Shabbat. My husband looked at me and said during the time we spoke the card cleared- what a ness! Thank you Hashem I could buy what I needed for Shabbat. When I came home from the supermarket I stopped in front of my house and took out the groceries and then looked for a place to park the car as my block is a very busy one I noticed that I will need to park around the corner, as I was easing my way back into the street I asked Hashem to find me a spot that was close to home. before I even straightened out the car, a guy came and got into the car right.
  • thank You Hashem for letting me see!
  • I had a customer to call upon but it was very late in the day. I figured I would call him to just tell him we will speak in the morning. Somehow Hashem put words in my mouth and ended up discussing my product for a few minutes. He ended up giving me an order right there and then on the phone. He actually ordered about double of what I was expecting. So, clear sometimes how Hashem controls everything. Thank you so much Hashem
  • Someone showed me a video of a person witnessing a small aircraft going down into the water. This person was on a small boat and went right up to the aircraft in the water and was videoing the scene. He showed the small cabin of the plane and you hear him on the video saying, yeah, he has to be right in there. He did not attempt at all to help this person and did not even put something into the water to try and get him out. He watched as the guy died. It made me realize how special our holy Hatzalah volunteers are and I imagined chas vishalom-lo aleinu what a Hatzalah responder’s reaction would have been at this scene. I vision them diving right in and getting the person above water and saving them. Not behaving like this uncaring goy. Thank you Hashem for letting me part of the most compassionate people-AM YISRAEL! Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah.
  • I was sitting with one of my buyers and she was very excited to tell me that they are opening up a bunch of new stores next year, which is very exciting being a lot of stores have been closing. We order lunch, I order turkey on a roll, it was very crunchy and I was noticing the crunch and how I was able to eat it. I comment to her, wow this is amazing that! And she interrupts and says yeah, it’s amazing that we are opening stores. I laugh to myself and reply, no its amazing that we have teeth that we can bite and chew food, it’s a gift-she says yeah that too but it’s amazing that we are opening stores. Thank you Hashem that I am not so shallow like most people and recognize the gifts that you give us all day everyday all of the time.
  • My wife’s close cousin and friend’s son was getting married and my wife wanted to do something for them. She wanted to invite them for the holidays but had to cancel due to an emergency that came up. Everything got resolved from that. After the couple got married, all my wife wanted to do was make a sheva berachot but all the slots were full. Monday night we were to go to a sheva berachot at the uncle and aunts house. They had to cancel due to a loss in the family. We were called Sunday night at 8 o’clock and asked if we would like to make the sheva berachot in our house. She jumped at the opportunity and said of course! We did it with simcha and it was great. It shows like Avraham avinu, he was waiting at the door to do chesed, my wife was waiting to do chesed. When you want to do chesed Hashem sends malachim and sends you the chesed with ease. Not only did Hashem send us the sheva berachot but he sent all the food for it as well. Thank you Hashem for sending us the misvah of making a sheva berachot and may you send us many more opportunities to do misvot.

Thank You Hashem – Week 215

  • Hashem, thank you for always giving me the opportunity to re-invent and make my family ‘s lives better.
  • thank You Hashem for the Tehilim and Siddur so we could talk to You any time
  • thank you Hashem, my husband found a job and could begin right away.
  • Thank you Hashem. My mom is in rehab getting stronger.
  • I Had a confirmed order from a customer, so I send a PO to my vendor for the order. An hour later the customer canceled the order on me and now I was not able to cancel the PO from my vendor because if I did it would have ruined the relationship with him and would have caused a big problem.
  • My coworker was flipping out and but I told him don’t worry it will somehow work out for the best.
  • I kept calm looked up to Hashem and said Hashem you only do things that are for the best you never do anything to hurt us. You know I rely on you for everything please help me out here.
  • 2 minutes later an idea popped in my head I made 1 phone call to a new customer who I never did business with and he told me oh that product, yes, I want it to send me the sales order and I will pay you today!!
  • I ended up selling it for even higher then I had them sold on the 1st sale!!!!! THANK YOU HASHEM
  • Thank you Hashem for the people in my life to lean on and support me when I’m feeling down. Thank you for giving me health and the fact that I can live on my own without machines or medicine.
  • A new office supply company approached me to purchase from them. I needed a new table in our office. I looked and found one that I liked and ordered it. Afterwards I realized it needed to be assembled and did not have anyone available to do it. The table would probably sit there until I paid someone a nice amount of money to come and do it. The delivery arrived and the driver starts opening the box, I ask what are you doing? He says we have a promotion that all new customers get free assembly and set up. Thank you Hashem
  • I had plans to go and eat by someone’s house for Shabbos. Last minute they tell me that they are going away for Shabbos. I said ok fine don’t worry about it. 10 minutes later a person that has invited me a few times, but I was unable to attend those times, contacts me and invites me for the meal. Within 10 minutes I had another Shabbos meal. Thank you Hashem

Thank You Hashem – Week 214

  • I parked my car this morning completely forgetting that it was alternate sides on my 1:30 I looked at the clock and remembered that I had parked on the wrong side of the street. This was going to be my third ticket in a short amount of time and I was so upset at myself that I had forgotten again. I ran to my car and NO TICKET!! Thank you Hashem!!!!
  • thank you Hashem everyone went back to school after yom tov happy and healthy.
  • My son returned from his learning on chol hamoed. He was about to leave on a trip and realized his wallet fell out of his suit jacket. He remembered seeing his jacket hanging over slanted in the shul and now figured his wallet fell out. He went with my wife to go and search the shul and check the cameras. They could not see the area they needed. They could not find the wallet. We made a few calls to people who may be able to assist in the building. What made this more upsetting was that he had his summer payment of 1200 dollars in his wallet. He returned home after his trip and was sitting on the couch. I asked him to say the tefilla of Rav Meir Baal haness-segula to find lost objects. He said nah, I am not going to the shul until tomorrow morning, I will say it tomorrow. I say to him, maybe Hashem will make you find it at home, Hashem can make anything happen. He says the tefilla and a few short moments later he found the Wallet AT HOME. Where? In the exact suit jacket pocket that he checked several times and I also checked. Hashem opens your eyes and lets you see what you could not see before. The tefilla gave him the zechut to find it right away in a place we never dreamed it could have been. Thank you Hashem for letting us experience this clear kidush Hashem.
  • I heard 2 divre torahs how the sukka offers protection and refuah for all maladies that can affect a person. First story was about a single mother who had a son that wasn’t feeling well and went to a doctor. The doctor found a tumor and told her to bring the child back in 2 weeks to have it removed and tested. She went to speak to a rabbi and ask for for a beracha. He asked if she has a sukkah. She answered no, he then told her to get one built and live in it for the holiday. That she should eat all her meals inside the sukkah and spend all the time with her child in the sukkah. She had it done, got a sukkah and lived in it as the Rabbi advised. She took her child back to the doctor for the procedure. The doctor said he needs to take another X-ray to if anything changed since they first were there. He came back out of the waiting room and told the mother the tumor was gone, totally gone and her son had a clean bill of health. The Next night the speaker in shul told a story in which a family noticed their child about 7 years old stopped growing. They took him to a specialist in the gene field. The doctor concluded that the child had a rare gene mutation gene and will not grow at all the rest of his life. The parents decided to seek out rabbinical counseling. They went to The Chafetz Chaim. The rabbi inquired if they use a sukkah in which they replied "no". He gave them the advice to get themselves a sukkah and to dwell in it from now on during the holiday. Fast forward about 7 years. They family went back to the gene specialist’s office. The doctor asked how he can help them. They asked him if he recognized them. He said no. They told him they were there 7 years ago and he diagnosed their son with a gene defect and the child will never grow. They pointed to their child who was at a normal height and said, "this is the child". The doctor did not believe them. They showed him documentation to prove it was the sick child. The doctor was perplexed. I went home after hearing that second story and went into my sukkah with my 2 boys. My sukkah seats 3 comfortably and 4-5 is tight. My daughter came into the sukkah. I handed her sandwich and asked her to go into the house to eat because it would be tight if she joined us. She insisted on eating in the sukkah with the rest of us. I was like but it will be more comfortable for you in the dining room. She insisted, no I want to eat in the sukkah. I said ok, how can I argue with my daughter for wanting to eat in the sukkah-everyone shifted over so she can squeeze in and sit. She started eating her sandwich and right away grabbed her throat in a panicky way. She tried coughing out whatever was stuck. I asked if she can breathe, she shook her head no. I ran behind her and told her to stand I performed the Heimlich maneuver, it wasn’t going so smooth and I asked if she can breathe, she couldn’t answer- I tried again in a different area and the food dislodged from her throat BH. I am happy she did not listen to me because if she did, she would have been inside by herself. THANK YOU HASHEM for the protection of the sukkah that clearly saved my daughter.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping us every minute of every day even with the little trivial things. I ordered an outfit for my daughter online from England for the holiday. The outfit was a size too small even though I’m familiar with the company and their fit. Exchanges are usually very expensive as the customer must pay the return shipping and its overseas. As I was talking to the customer service I said a Perek of tehillim and asked Hashem to help them do the exchange for free and to make sure that I get it in time for simchat torah. B’h the customer service rep was extra sweet and gave me a one-time free exchange shipping label. Thank you Hashem for helping save the extra expense and for making sure my daughter had something beautiful to wear on the holiday.
  • My tooth was hurting and I made an appt… I was really nervous that I would need to get a root canal C"V or something… the next day when I went to the dentist it wasn’t hurting anymore but I still went to see what it was. I was praying the entire day and gave tzedakah then BH!! It was a wisdom tooth thank You Hashem so much that it stopped hurting and that it’s not a cavity! I love You!

Thank You Hashem – Week 213

  • A Sukkot Story -Last year on the first day of Sukkot, my friend came to me in shul after musaf and was apprehensive to say something to me. He had accidentally knocked my etrog to the floor, breaking the pitom and rendering it invalid. I could see he was very upset and embarrassed. I was minimally disappointed about the etrog, however I was distressed about how upset he was. I told him since I already used the etrog (that I owned) for the first day of Sukkot as per halacha, I was fine with borrowing a kosher etrog from one of my sons for the balance of the Chag. I continued to try to calm him and he continued to apologize. In the end, I knew he still felt bad. Later the same afternoon as I was walking back to my house, who do I see on my corner? The same friend with his wife, pushing his son in a baby stroller. This was unusual as he lives in the other direction and in the years, we both live in the area, I had never run into him on my side of the neighborhood. He seems delighted to see me, a big change from the morning. He runs to the baby stroller and tells me to come and see. The stroller is full of more than a dozen etrogim boxes! He tells me to pick any that I like. I ask him "What’s going on"? He and his family went for lunch by a Rabbi who lives near me. My friend told the Rabbi what happened earlier and the Rabbi said that just before Yom Tov someone came to his house and gave him a whole bunch of etrogim for free! I would like to highlight two aspects of this incident. Often Hashem sends us the yeshua to any difficulty, small or large, from a direction that we may not expect. Secondly, perhaps since we both demonstrated concern for each other’s feelings and attempted to sooth the other, H’K’B arranged things to work out in such an unexpected, pleasant way. B’ezrat Hashem, through His chen, may we all experience unexpected pleasantness through the entire Chag.
  • Thank you Hashem, for good family and friends
  • Thank You Hashem for letting me be part of such an amazing congregation that really helped me feel Yom Kippur. Thank you for giving us an amazing Rabbi to lead us and give us much needed chizuk on the holiest day of the year. I also want to share a quick story. Before Chag I was working on something at work for about twenty minutes and I was just not having any luck. I finally said out loud Please Hashem help with this, and the second I finished saying that, it just worked out. I didn’t realize that my coworker was watching me. He ran to me and said in a shocked voice I just saw that happening with my own two eyes. He said that’s so amazing and that he has to go home and tell his kids about this story at the seuda. We see how Hashem is here and listening waiting for us to ask of him and thank him. Thank You Hashem for always being there for all of us whenever we need you.
  • thank you Hashem I found my baby’s pacifier that she can’t sleep without. thank you Hashem I found my credit card that I misplaced. thank you Hashem, the medical test results all came out good.
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES- – My husband and I have marveled at the tremendous honor (Zechut) it was to be involved, even in our own small way, in what we both call “The Howie’s Story”. This actually happened a dozen years ago, in one of our very first Succah’s. We hope you will enjoy it in your Succah! Twelve years ago, I was an undergraduate student at NYU and it was precisely the Fall semester. As many Orthodox students in post-secondary institutions can attest, the Fall semester necessarily means a discussion with professors and group work partners about missed classes and due-date extensions. Upon informing the group that I would have to be out for the holiday of Succot, a fellow student asked me to tell her a little about Succot. She was interested in Judaism because her boyfriend was Jewish, although, she added, he was completely anti-Judaism. After giving my classmate a ‘readers-digest’ version of the holiday, I found myself inviting her and her boyfriend to join us for a meal so she could see for herself what it was all about. She seemed elated and accepted, although she was skeptical that her boyfriend would be joining us. And indeed, the next day after class, I ran into my friend and her boyfriend. He was, as described, anti-all-things-Judaism and a bit outrageous and combative. He stood there with his long dreadlocks and proudly showed me his tattoos. He pontificated about his beliefs and the melding of this philosophy and that theory until I was looking for ways to make a quick exit. Oh boy, I thought, what have I gotten into and what am I subjecting my family to by inviting this person into our Succah. I slowly came to learn that Howie had actually come from a charadi family in Israel. His family life was not filled with the greatest of experiences. His upbringing involved both physical and mental abuse at the hands of a demanding father. He told us of the heavy -handed religion of an intolerant and derisive father. Howie had barely made it out alive and I was sad for the young boy who was now the young man before me. Well, eventually Succot rolled around and our special guests arrived with a bit of curiosity (on my classmates’ part), and cynicism on her boyfriend’s part. At first, it was a little tense as Howie tried once more to wax poetic the joys of Buddhism, or individualism or some such ism. At this point I must acknowledge my husband’s wonderful demeanor and warmth. He did not engage, argue and antagonize our guests. He simply was himself; kind, honest and steadfast in his beliefs. We managed, however, to truly enjoy the meal and did our best to be hospitable and demonstrate ‘Hachnasat Orchim’. As Howie and his girlfriend left our Succah that day, we were sure that that was probably the last Succah he would ever enter. We were wrong. Approximately four years later, My Husband and I were in for the surprise of our lives. It was a cold winter day and we had all gathered at my brother’s house for a Torah-dedication. The house was filled to the brim with all kinds of Yiddim, from Sephardic to Ashkenaz, from the ‘some-what’ observant to a large group of Chabad Chassid’s who danced and sang at the wonderful occasion. As I watched the young men dance, I noticed one Chassidic young man, with long peyot and black hat, was headed for me and seemed to have something to say. I was taken aback. What could this ‘bachor’ have to say to me? His first words…, “Do you know who I am? I probably do not have to tell you who that Chassid was after all. As it turned out, Howie told my husband what had transpired after his visit to our Succah. He shared with us that our meal, in the Succah that day, was his very first positive experience with Judaism. Howie said he had never seen truly observant families talk with respect, love and warmth as he had seen that day. He understood the religion of his youth was a corruption of something he had been denied. And so, his long journey back began, slowly but surely. He thanked us as we stood dumb-founded at what we had been privileged to witness. As we sit in our Succah today, you and I, let us be thankful for those that have returned and be hopeful for those that have not. It is during this Yom-Tov that I often think of Howie and wonder why Hashem let my husband and I be a part of his story. Whatever the reason(s), it is as if we are still standing in that living room with a young Chassidic man, his dreads transformed to peyot, waiting before us to recognize him. We are still dumb-founded.

Thank You Hashem – Week 212

  • Would like to ask/remind that especially during the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (including Yom Kippur) we all pray for others, family, friends, and even those who we don’t know…all of Am Yisrael especially…and maybe even the whole world for good things. May we all merit a sweet, happy year filled with life and all good! Thank You HaShem, who is like Your nation Yisrael!
  • Thank You HaShem for all Your love and help You give me and us! Sometimes when a person feels that there may be no way to turn…he/she can turn You HaShem! Our Father, Our King. Who loves, cares and does for us more than I know…Thank You HaShem for being there for me and for us…please help me always know that You are there. Thank You HaShem for everything this past year and please make this coming year and future years the sweetest of all for all of us in only ways that You know are good, straight and filled with Torah and kindness. Love You HaShem…Thank You HaShem!
  • I ordered a free-standing hammock . After a few uses the clamp that keeps the ropes bonded tightly fell off. I contacted the online seller who denied an exchange . They referred me to manufacturer, who did not respond to emails. I than tried the seller again ,visa and Paypal who all denied my claim. I wrote a negative review on seller’s site and within hours the manufacturer called me and said they were going to ship me a whole new unit right away. thank you Hashem.
  • Although everything in life we are grateful to Hashem I wanted to mention just a few. Thank you for good test results I got recently. Thanks for magnificent bar mitzvah trip to Israel. thanks for healthy family and who are growing in their Torah observance..
  • Last night when I took my son to the Dr. for a culture, I was by a red light and when it turned green was going to turn left but there was a couple with a carriage standing there so I waited for them to cross first. About 5 seconds later a car went right through the light without even thinking (or caring) it was a red.If the couple wasnt there, I would have made the turn and that car would have smashed right in to me.Thank you Hashem for putting the people there and saving me!!
  • I was in search of a certain item I usually use. I thought it was going to be simple, go to the usual store and get it. I get there and they are sold out of my size but they have 1 size larger. I go to the next store and they also do not have my size but have 1 size larger. I start calling other stores and they are all out of it. I find 1 store and they say they will call me back and let me know. They call me back and say the item I usually buy,  is no longer made and that’s why I can’t find it, however they have only 3 left, BUT 1 size bigger. I say let me go home and look at mine and see how bad it will be getting 1 size up and in the mean time hold all 3 for me. I get home and check and lo and behold, the 1 size up was actually not 1 size up, it was really the size I needed. Thank you Hashem
  • One of the very first thoughts as Yom Tov came in on Wednesday night was the overwhelming chesed of Hashem for another year! Thank you Hashem for everything that happened this year – and of course for everything that didn’t happen this year….it’s all for the absolute very best! May this new year of 5778 be saturated with clear and open chassadim from Hashem. He is always with us and doing chesed with us – many times we don’t’ understand – but may the coming year bring with it mind-blowing and undiluted chesed that is so revealing.
  • Thank you Hashem for a gorgeous Yom Tov and the special chesed You did with me regarding the minyan. Yesterday, Tzom Gedalia I was visiting a relative in a rehab facility. There were other visitors at the time and being that I hadn’t davened yet – I stepped outside into the gardens to daven for a bit. I returned to the room and was shocked to discover that the relative was not there and had just been rushed to the ER due to trouble breathing. I went outside to the parking lot to see a Hatzalah truck pulling away. There were a couple of other Hatzala members around as well. I went over to one and just confirmed that it was my relative that had just been rushed away and also inquired as to why. He told me that the relative had trouble breathing and B”H he was now in stable condition. Thank you Hashem for giving me the urge to daven at the time that I did. I was outside the facility davening without any clue as to what was taking place inside… doubt – the tefillos most definitely stabled the situation. May he continue to have a complete Refuah Shelaima together with all of those that a Refuah Shelaima in Klal Yisroel – Amen!
  • I was standing by the corner of a street after crossing the avenue and I was talking on the phone and did not realize that a bus almost knocked me over by the ledge of the street corner. Thank you Hashem for making the bus realize and beep a second before it would have hit me!
  • I was walking home from shul on Shabbat and for some reason I decided to walk an extra block along Ocean Parkway. I didn’t want to walk on the path so I went to the middle of the service road. As I was walking I hear a thump. I look towards the sidewalk and see an old man in his Shabbat suit on the floor. His hat went flying, his glasses broken and his face and hand was all bloodied up. I ran to help him, he quickly asked that I call Hatzalah-I ran into the shul next to his fall and called Hatzalah. Thank you Hashem for putting in my mind to take this rare route so I can be of assistance to this man. Thank you Hashem for the hard work of this very special group of Hatzalah volunteers.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving me such an amazing shul to pray in and Rabbi to guide me in the right direction. Rosh Hashanah was so spiritual for me. It was so elevating. Just want to get closer to you Hashem. May we all merit in the zechut of our learning and praying and be signed off with a sweet year filled only with happy, healthy, and wealthy days for all of us. Amen.
  • Thank you for the many classes and speakers and Rabbis in my community that try their best to lead us on the path of Hashem and inspire us so much.Thank you for the power of teshuva! ….Recently I’ve been struggling with paying for things on my own and when I got home my mom told me there was a letter from a while ago with a check inside that wasnt opened yet with 800$ to cash! It was from last February the paycheck and Hashem gave it to me in the perfect timing! Baruch Hashem for this chesed that I definitely do not deserve!
  • Thank you Hashem For making me healthy .
  • I must share this awesome HaShem story. My cousin & I were leaving the center & were in her convertible car & we were trying to figure out how to stuff my wheelchair in the back seat. A lady ‘happened’ to be walking by & asked if we need help. My cousin said I’m just trying to throw the chair in the back. She’s like why don’t you just pull it apart & fold it. Here, I’ll do it for you. My daughter has the same wheelchair.
    She took it apart for us in 5 seconds.
    Right place & right time or HaShem?
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me live the whole last year and letting me be healthy and for taking care of me every second!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me just the person I needed to see today. She had asked me for a donation last week before Rosh HaShanah and this morning I said Please Hashem let me see her today so I can give it to her.BH, She was walking in to the place where I was walking out of and I was able to give her the check. Thank you also for sending me my Sister-in-law today to drive me home. I had walked to a class and then a little further out and now had to walk back home.It was very hot, and I wasnt wearing the most comfortable shoes. I said Please Hashem let me see someone I know who can drive me back home, and BH I spotted my sister-in-law and she was able to take me home as well as do a quick errand that saved me a lot of time.
  • Wow this great! Thanks to Hashem I have had a very special moment and want to share the joy of divine providence with others to inspire people to share such stories. I was just singing and dancing and happily expressing my love and my deep prayers to Hashem about my life and doing hitbodedut. Then I open the torah and Hashem miraculously shows me the word to sing in the chumash. It is so nice to have little bible code messages that encourage us and give us joy. If you read the pasuk the verse you will find the word LASHIR which means to sing .thank you Hashem. רי שלTECH
  • I have been on anti depressant for about 6 years but still have some ups and downs and I always felt a bit on the low side, you can imagine how unhappy you feel when you are not being as productive as you can be, my life was just not right. Any way the Doctor that I was seeing retired and was taken over by another Doctor, and he felt very strongly that I suffered from ADHD and if that was sorted I wouldn’t have depression, so he put me on that medication and lo and behold I feel 100% normal a new lease of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Hashem for making me change Doctors and putting this into his head Thank you Love Avrohom.

Thank You Hashem – Week 211

  • Thank You HaShem for guiding us and protecting us! Thank You HaShem for all I do not understand but please help me understand more and go in Your ways!
  • Thank You HaShem for a chance to be close to You and for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to come closer to You! And for second/more chances that You give!
  • I was sitting around the Shabbat table on Friday night with my family & letting my family know what Rabbi Sutton said in shul.  The Rabbi said “it’s the 2nd to last Shabbat of the end of the year & we have to look back & be thankful to Hashem for all he gives us and does for us.  He said we are in NY and we don’t have to worry about Irma!  BH we are all going home to our houses and not to a shelter or not to someone else’s house.  As I was saying this, I said to my family that the list to thank Hashem is really ENDLESS!!! We need to thank him for everything, our eyes that can see, our nose that helps us breath and smell, our mouth that lets us taste mommy delicious Shabbat food and lets us talk, ears so we can hear, arms so we can hold a book, pick up things, move things, legs to help us walk, stand, fingers so we can tie our shoes, type on the computer,  a table to sit around, chairs, plates, forks, spoons, knifes, cups, a roof over our head, floors, ceiling, lights, oven, sink, couch, carpet, etc………as you can see the list is endless & keep going on & on & on……., so these are just a few examples of what we can thank Hashem for.  I want to THANK Raymond for steer heading this project and making it a reality!!!  It’s WONDERUL, TERRIFIC, FANTASTIC, etc… newsletter.  It’s really an inspiration to me and my family & we look forward to reading the stories every week!  So on this last Shabbat of the year, let’s all THANK HASHEM FOR EVERYTHING!!!!   May we all merit a Shana Tova Umtukah and May we all be inscribed in the Book of True Life and May we merit to see the Mashiach this year B”H.   Tizku L’Shanim Rabot!!
  • I was on the phone changing flight dates for my parents trip. There was a 150 dollar penalty. I asked the rep if they can waive it being it was for something out of their control. She said she is sorry but she can not. After choosing the new flights I asked her to please ask a supervisor if we can split it and we will pay $75. She was reluctant and said I don’t really have a good reason to give the supervisor and she said she will not ask. I said just say the truth, what do we have to lose, please ask. She made a sigh and said we are wasting time but I will ask. I opened tehilim and prayed to Hashem. I asked Hashem to waive the entire 150 dollar charge. She comes back and says that the supervisor said to do it as an even exchange and we will be charged zero! Keep in mind I never asked her to tell the supervisor to charge us zero, I asked for $75. I asked Hashem to charge us zero and Hashem came thru. Thank you Hashem.
  • my neighborhood in Yerushalayim has a weekly sale of fruits and vegetables and a few other stables that they sell for very cheap- you need to order and pay in advance and come pick it from the place they distribute it – they do it once a week and if you don’t pick up your stuff you don’t get your money back. this week I made a big order because the holidays are coming up but on the day I was meant to pick it up I had to go to a levaya and got home very late- I completely forgot about it. all of a sudden Hashem put it in my head and I managed to run there just in time to get my stuff before it would be too late and I would have to lose out on all the stuff I paid for. thank you Hashem!!
  • Mabruk on the engagement and wonderful shiduch, Hashem is great
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me your immense love for me every step of the way.
  • Bris and a sebit this Shabbat- simachot for everyone bh…
  • Thank you Hashem for always being at my side. Always. Always. Watching, arranging, giving. I cannot thank You enough or love You enough. Please continue to watch over us all and protect us.
  • I sat at a table to learn in the bet midrash by myself. For some reason it was uncomfortable so I moved to another table. There were 2 people learning on the same table a couple of seats over. Turns out they were not only learning the same masechet but were on the same exact daf/page. After finishing I asked when they started the masechet thinking probably before the summer judging what daf/page they were on. He tells me they just started it today and happened to decide to start with that daf/page.Thank you Hashem.
  • I was about to spend a nice amount of money on a hotel. A relative heard about it and offered me their apartment for free. Thank you to this thoughtful person and of course-Thank you Hashem for saving me over $1000 for this trip.
  • Thank you Hashem for my friend who gives of himself tirelessly to go into the Public Schools and try to open up the eyes of the jewish children to the beauty and happiness of living a torah life.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting us know that we are being judged on Rosh Hashanah. This is a great chesed that allows us to properly prepare ahead of time. Bh we should be zoche to use the time properly.
  • 2 weddings an engagement and a bar misvah to celebrate this week. Thank you Hashem

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