2 wonderful things happened to me today!

February 16th, 2020

Thank you Hashem!
2 wonderful things happened to me today (besides for all the things that we take for granted)!

1: I received a letter from a utility supplier that I owe them money for an old account closed down a long time ago, from a venture that was not so successful.
I said I would thank Hashem publicly when all goes well.

I called them up and they told me the account is closed but there is still a bill outstanding of a very large amount, however they reduce it monthly as they are marking regular payments each month, so it was a follow up call to see if I could make any final payments!
I have never heard from them for a long time and also don’t pay them and no one else gets bills as it is a closed account still in my name!

So Hashem has sorted it for me!
Wow Thank you Hashem!
How often do you hear of utility suppliers just lowering what you owe!
Thank you Hashem!

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