Thank You Hashem – Week 1

  • Our friend has become a grandfather- had a grandson thru his son who we saw grow up in our own shul- he is now a father! Thank you Hashem…
  • This thank you is above all the others. Today you hand delivered bags of goodies for our Seagate families. (Super Storm Sandy) What you did was more than just give a gift and I will explain why. You brought your children from the beginning they saw the loss they saw how we were living and how much we lost. They took pictures you explained it to them. They are sharing the joy as we rebuild I see it in their faces. I want you to know there is no school that could teach your children what you are teaching them. This is beyond what they learn from a rebbe or a teacher. To care, to help, to give, to personally deliver. May Hashem bless you that your children grow up to be as caring as their Imma and Abba. Thank you again and happy Purim!
  • Hashem found my wife a liver for a transplant
  • After seeing rubble in south NJ first hand, reality hit and my 8 year old daughter said Baruch Hashem now I see how Hashem saved and protected us in Flatbush…
  • Dear David, I am in Israel attempting to rebuild the business while YOU are working on rebuilding our home and my heart is full of gratitude at having met you. My son learns in a Syrian Yeshiva in Jerusalem called Lev Aharon.  What an interesting Hashgacha Pratis!  This past Thursday he made a Siyum (completion) of a Masechet (Talmud) and I surprised him and walked into the yeshiva just as he began to make the Siyum.  It was a memorable moment for both of us, one that he will never forget.  In any case, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Laniado, asked me to say a few words and I did.  I spoke about you, about Rabbis Mansour and Rabbi Ozeri!  There were tears in the eyes of everyone present!  It was a real beautiful Kiddush Hashem!  Sitting at the dais was none other than Rabbi Ozeri’s nephew!  He was deeply touched and moved as was I. Dear David, thank you again for spreading so much light for all of us!  You are indeed our treasure!
  • Sometimes people feel the need to see some big miracle to realize and thank Hashem but what’s even more special is the fact that bh we woke up this morning healthy do you know how many miracles that is alone if we really realized what Hashem is doing for us just by the fact that we go about our day normally and healthy without any problems then we really should just be thanking Hashem all day long … But either way just by thinking and recognizing the many miracles he does for us every day should give us the Simha we need and well show Hashem our gratitude towards him. If we look at it the right way there’s no bigger miracle then this and it will help us grow closer to Hashem!
  • Like I heard from Rabbi Malka the other night (repeated in the name of Rabbi Avigdor Miller A”H): I have 2 legs….I am a miiiiiiiilllllllllionaire!
  • We had a shipment of a certain large program ready to leave our warehouse to go to a customer. The customer did not see the final production samples yet but the goods were already received from factory and in our warehouse ready to go out. We were not able to ship until formal approval was given. B’h the customer approved all the samples as-is without any changes, etc… and the shipment went out the next day. Hashem is great to us!
  • Thank You Hashem I got to work today safely
  • Hundreds of thousands of children are safe and protected in camp
  • Did you thank Hashem that you could see today? That you could see clearly? In vivid color? Without a headache? Far & Close?
  • today I slipped on the steps, thank you Hashem for all the days I do not slip, I could not do it without you
  • Hashem let me be able to take my entire family to Israel for incredibly low price; otherwise I would never have been able to think about taking a trip like this.
  • I have to say that this is an excellent idea. Asher Cochaha – I think if we all took 1 minute out of our day to see the blessings we all have and to say thank you to Hashem, maybe it would lessen the tragedies that we have.
  • Today, Hashem has just blessed me with my 10th grandchild – a baby girl. Baruch Hashem – mother and baby are doing well.
  • Sssooooooo much to be thankful for. Don’t know where to start!
  • Thank you Hashem for protecting my friend in a car accident, car accidents don’t always have happy endings and we are much appreciative
  • Someone we all know (he is anav) reached out and started to mekarev-bring back to religion-  a person on an airplane to Israel ,the boy was from the Bronx and unaffiliated  (about 23 years old went to Israel with birthright)…, this was approx 1 year and half ago… Did not hear from the guy Got a call from the boy 2 weeks ago… He said he joined an orthodox shul and is putting on talet & teffilin everyday borrowing from someone!!… The Person went out and raised money to buy the boy a brand new talet and teffilin and a koracha! he no longer has to borrow and owns his very own teffilin, bh will grow into a ben torah. I met the boy yesterday, Wow….comes walking across the street in bright red shirt and shorts, tzizit hanging out… Wow… I spoke to the boy. He prays in English wants to learn how to read Hebrew…. He said that he feels embarrassed that he can speak fluent Spanish and doesn’t know Hebrew…G-d willing Hashem will help guide him back to our great religious torah life and make Hashem proud.

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