Thank You Hashem – Week 4

  • thank you Hashem, That I am able to Thank You Hashem & that I am taking advantage of this great privilege. Now, when I am Alive.
  • my friends daughter got engaged…mabruk
  • Healthy baby girl; born מוצאי שבת to Eli and Sarah Levy
  • Thank you Hashem I have the greatest wife children cousin and family and I am part of a wonderful caring community!
  • There was once an orphan boy who was studying in a Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael. All his friends were getting married, but as an orphan, he did not have the money he needed to start dating. His friend assured him that he and others would raise money on his behalf, and sure enough, he found a nice girl, who was also an orphan, and they decided they wanted to get married. Unfortunately, as they both were orphans, they did not have money for a wedding or an apartment. Once again, his friend reassured him, committing to raise money for them to get married. However, hard as he and his friends tried, they could not raise funds. Nothing worked. They did more than the ordinary amount of efforts, but to no avail. Finally, the orphan said to his friend, “Enough. Don’t try anymore. I am going straight to Hashem. I don’t want help from anyone else.” He went to the Kotel that Friday morning, and turned to Hashem and said, “Hashem, she and I are both orphans. You are our father. Please help us get married and start a family.” He took out a Tehillim and started reading from the beginning. He completed the entire sefer, and then he looked up to Hashem to wait for His salvation, but nothing happened. “Hashem,” he said, “I am not turning to any more human beings. I am turning only to you.” And he started reciting Tehillim again. Sometime later, he felt a tap on his shoulder, and he turned around. “You look distressed,” the stranger said. “Is there any way I can help you?” “No thank you,” the young man said. “I am talking to Hashem. He will help me.” For the third time, he looked up and spoke to Hashem. “Please help me,” he said. “We are orphans and we want to get married, and I do not want to leave here until I see your salvation.” Just then, he felt yet another tap on the shoulder. It was the same stranger. “Your salvation is here,” the man said. “I will take care of everything you need. I just arrived in Eretz Yisrael this morning. I had a major court case relating to taxes, and if I had lost, I would have been left in poverty. I told Hashem that if I win the case, I will find an orphan boy and orphan girl who need help to get married, and pay for their wedding and continue caring for them after their wedding. I won the case, and I came here looking for people I can help. I heard you talking to Hashem, and you’re the person I’m looking for.”  (Thx Saul)

  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see the beauty of Niagara Falls…
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful wedding. And for the best wife in the whole world and for really special and sweet in laws and the most wonderful parents a child can have. And thank you Hashem for siyata dishmaya in every area ,if u look at it the right way you really see how Hashem takes perfect care of you and everything that he does works out for the best !!!
  • went to customer to finalize an order, ended up expanding the order on their own without me having to mention any upgrades…thanks to the wonderful creator of all!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wonderful creation of a defibulater, thank you for improving it and making it possible to be placed inside a person’s body to automatically go into action in case of cardiac arrest- and THANK YOU for saving my fathers life this past Shabbat using this miracle device that is placed inside of him!!
  • Thank you Hashem I lived to see grey hair
  • was about to deliver and install equipment by a building site, got a frantic call from customer to please take that entire order and install it asap at different site, there is an inspector coming and it is emergency to have it at the other site TODAY!! So please double the order, one for the original job and one for this emergency…I love you Hashem
  • please keep anonymous – was at a Simha this week and ran into a friend I went to high school with – he looked at me noticing that I became more religious compared to what I was in high school and he- I hope temporarily- looks like he took a step in the opposite direction from school days-and he said to me – wait a minute-some things wrong with this picture- you were cutting class and running to ball games and playing around in school wasting time while I was in the bet midrash learning-lol, how did I end up like this, and you end up like that?-he said it jokingly but I took at as a big compliment and want to thank Hashem for guiding me on the right path, that is how, with Hashem’s help and I know I have much more to accomplish and pray that Hashem continues to guide me to live the happy torah life. Thank you Hashem

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