Thank You Hashem – Special

Few months have passed since my father a”h had passed away,  baruch Hashem my wife  and I were expecting a new baby,

2 days before she had given birth my father a”h had appeared to her in a dream, our family was sitting around the table

He was sitting by the head and all were crying, he asked why is everyone crying? Everything is ok! She explained that we missed him,

He looked at her stomach and started to smile and was very happy, waking up, my wife said over the dream, 2 days later the baby boy was born, all looked healthy and we had a bris,

8/31/10 The 6 week checkup had come along my wife had the other 2 kids as well and wanted to reschedule when the kids have school, but her mother convinced her to go anyways.

As the baby was being checked the doctor suddenly paused, noticing his heart was beating rapidly, she stepped out to call the other doctor, meanwhile the baby was nursing and as the doctor came in the baby had thrown up and his lips turned blue, we gave the baby a pacifier to calm down and again at a calm pace the baby’s heart rate was very high, the doctor called hatzalah and said better go straight to the hospital, I was at work and my wife called me said not sure but they are checking out the baby for his heart they are taking him to jersey shore hospital which was known for trauma

Meanwhile without us knowing the doctor was alerted of a baby coming in with heart failure, the ER was buzzing, nurses all around, happened to notice that this did not look like a normal small situation

The doctor walked in nervous and told the nurses all to stop and not knowing any details until all tests are done, he took an echocardiogram. 20 minutes later he closed the machine and said “mommy and daddy” this is not your fault, but the baby was born with a heart defect and needs open heart surgery, all his 4 pulmonary veins, which are the veins that carry the oxygenated blood from the lungs and then to the rest of the body, had over went the heart and connected to the wrong side, causing a circular route and mixing with non oxygenated blood, without having a way to enter in his body, the baby was at 70% oxygen level, they told us the condition was called TAPVR, this heart defect was 1 to 2 percent of all heart defects or 1 to 20,000 births, the miracle was he had another heart defect, a hole between the chambers which was called ASD hole that stayed open for 6 weeks when normally it closes the day of birth, to allow the blood to flow into the left  chamber and then into his body,  (the Cincinnati children’s hospital had said “Absence of an atrial septal defect (ASD hole) in Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return(TAPVR) is not compatible with survival.” there are 3 different TAPVR’S, the one he had was Supracardiac which was the best one to have and most of time the extra vein, has blockage which causes backup in the lungs and he didn’t have any blockage on his blood flow) mentioned from the beginning if anything needed we will be going to CHOP,

Upon the news rabbi Suki Berman told us, No go to Colombia presbertarion Dr Quaegebeur,(Dr Q.) which was a Messenger  from Hashem is the top of the world in pediatric cardiology,

We went home gathered clothing and items for the hospital, ran to the kollel made kaddish and got back to the baby, a team of trained paramedics and a doctor drove from Colombia and met us in jersey shore. That night an email blast was sent to over the entire Syrian community to pray for the baby, hundreds of tefillot were prayed throught the procedure, my boss had related after – his wife had prayed 45 min shemona esray, she spoke to me and said how much she cried for the baby, baruch Hashem how we see the power of tefillah, many emails have went out throughout the whole time and hundreds of teffilot and tears shed.

We arrived at night and tests have been done till 2 am and again waking up at 6 am for more, they told us we should not feed the baby from the night before just in case he can have surgery the next day, which they then advised no surgery today, Thursday morning sept. 2 went to go daven shachris in the hesed room

I thank Hahem that he opens our eyes to see his hand and realize it, He gives us the story and the feelings to realize it – During davening the words hit like a ton of bricks,  with tears realizing, everything is all from Hashem he created the world, the sun,

He created a little infant he created a tiny heart and veins, he created the veins slightly to the left or the right, making a world of a diffrence, mah rabo maasecha, everything is Hashem.

Surgery was planned for 1 pm they kept on reassuring us “don’t worry in Colombia these cases are not rare they all send to us…” 3 pm they were ready we met the anistigiologoist and we walked our baby up the operating room. And said our goodbyes, davening tehillim… Waiting in the waiting room, the anistigiligist was very happy and bubbly personality I can never forget, they had told us 50 years ago they would not have even touched the heart for surgery, B”h

At about 7:30 pm the doctor who was a straight European dr, doctor came out “where’s the parents?”

We came running he said in a serious nervous voice “the baby is much sicker than everyone thought” the baby had went like this for 6 weeks with all the stress on his heart

His heart was very dilated and we can’t close his chest up, we don’t know if there is any damage or not, but the baby is much sicker than everybody thought” you should have done the surgery when the baby was 2 days old” we asked the dr, was there damage to the heart? “ I don’t know he answered, I did what we had to do, we had to disconnect and reconnect the veins” the news was a shock we didn’t know what to say, the entire waiting room was in tears, what’s going to be with the baby , right then my sister approached my wife and said “this is the dream that daddy was telling us “why is everyone crying everything is ok” the nurse spoke to us after and explained the complications of the surgery

While they were operating, he was on heart bypass machine as they have done the repair and ready to restart the heart and finish the surgery the heart failed to respond, slightly later they have gotten the heart back in action but the extent of the complication and stress we don’t know if the heart was damaged,

the nurse also explained that the baby might go in and out of stability through the night tonight is very critical night,

After waiting some time we saw the whole team bringing the baby back in to the room, that sight I can never forget they all had a sad serious face on and all were looking down wheeling the baby into the ICU, the anistigioloigsts was pumping air for him to breathe, the baby was on every machine in the room, defibulater, on medication to pump his heart – melrinone, lasix, he had a small gauz pad covering his chest,

Feeding tubes, wires were attached to his heart for pace maker incase in need, was sedaded and temporariliy paralyzed in order not to move, almost right away another email was sent to daven as the procedure wasn’t as hoped.

The entire night the baby stayed stable what a miracle after such complications, the next day the nurse told us that she was waiting for the baby at 3am to crash but b”h stayed stable the whole night.

Throughout the time in the hospital many organizations got involved, helping on all ends “let me know what we can get you?” what do you want to eat? They ordered deli special for us

Chai lifeline was amazing they did not stop on all ways comforting us food, help, medical assistance, legal assistance, the bikur holim satmer and new square “mi kamcha Yisrael”

One goy related to me I can’t believe there would be a hospital better than Colombia, the only thing I can think of if maybe if they fed the parents – mi kamcha Yisrael, shabbos came around my wife was run down and then ended up in the ER the whole shabbos. Every little heart beat, every little number, every breath was watched, if the temperature slightly went lower than normal they threw on him a heating blanket to bring his temperture back, the sight of the baby motionless with all the machines hooked up, at that moment realize that only Hashem runs the world, in a moment of the doctors not knowing what will be. Baruch hashem the fact alone that Hashem open our eyes is alone special, a person to Realize its all in hashem hands the feeling is beyond a small hashgach story that our lives might have been touched on, it’s a feeling of life is in the hand of Hashem and no one else, the tehilim says kol haneshama tehall kah – for every breath I thank Hashem.

Sunday morning the doctors came around felt his chest and said “great we can close him up” baruch Hashem, Monday evening the next day they noticed that he might be able to breathe on his own somewhat and they  were able to take out the defibulator , the next day our rabbi – rabbi diamond came to visit and told us that we were run down and we must go home to sleep, the baby was getting better, we went home in the morning ran back to the hospital the baby is not eating, if not we have to re insert his feeding tubes which caused pain to the baby on our way we needed to fill up the low tire meanwhile I read accidently the wrong sticker, b”h hasgacha a worker was outside smoking and said wait you’ll pop your tire and helped us, so many little things throughout the time we realized Hashem had handpicked everything for us, Wednesday morning we got back to the hospital it was erev Rosh Hashanah -3 day Yom Tov

The amount of food we had from all the organizations was amazing; sadly they were 10 families in the hospital as well,

Chai lifeline called up “ are you in the ICU for rosh hashana, I said yes “ there is a rebbetzin from eretz Yisrael that needs help I can’t get any one to stay in hospital for 3 day Yom Tov, and asked if can help

Right before yom tov we met a grandmother and daughter were bringing her 3 yr child for surgery, happened to be rav Michal yehuda lefkowits z”l great great granddaughter, which was also related to rav haim kanievsky and rav shteinman, tried to help but due to all the HIPA laws we couldn’t  talk to the doctors but b”h Rosh Hashanah at least we had company In the ICU, when she went back to eretz Yisrael she was so amazed by the hesed organizations in new York it was her first time in America she was scared what is in new York? She was amazed by chai lifeline and all other organizations that helped,

baruch hashem  the davening rosh hashana morning hit like a ton of bricks  who will live, who will be healthy, life is in the hands of Hashem”

the first day rosh hashana (which was also my grandmother’s yharzeit) we left icu and the second day we were released, asking a rav before what to do, he advised us the halachos because of the danger to stay for infection etc.

The nurses in the icu were amazed that the baby b”h recovered so quickly

We came to Brooklyn and the whole family was shocked…. We surprised, Missed shofar ran to shul looking for someone but to no avail finally ten minutes before minha found a shofar and ball tokeih blew the shofar…

B”h after they baby went for checkups and the heart was less dilated, and the ASD hole closed on its own,

The miracle was the hole had stayed open for 6 weeks when normally it closes the day of birth,

B”h that was his opening to the heart for blood to flow to the entire body

Thank you Hashem for showing us your Hand, your love as our Father and king,

Hundreds if not thousands of people had received emails to pray, how many tefillot we prayed and how many tears were shed, we love you Hashem

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