Thank You Hashem – Week 10

–          43 year old woman in community has her first children! Yes children-Twins.


–          Thank you Hashem! When contemplating over what I would be taking upon myself this year on Rosh Hashanah, I told myself “I really should cut my wig a little…it’s very long, and I’ve really been trying to work on my tzeniut this year…that’s really the right thing to do”. I should also mention how much I really love my long wig, so for me it really is a very hard thing for me to do. Now, the only thing is that it’s around $200 to cut your wig; I really don’t have the money to do it. “Hashem, I really would like to do this so I can become a better person and serve you better, please help me and send me the money so I can cut my wig so I can be more Tzanua”. A few days went by and I was reading the Torah Times when I saw a full page ad that said “The following sheitelmachers are ready to share their time and expertise to SHORTEN YOUR SHEITEL FREE OF CHARGE! And it had a list of names of #s.

I said “WOW- Thank you Hashem, but…..I don’t know any of these women…I know they are all probably great!! But, this is so hard for me and I wish I could have someone I know do it….It wasn’t that much longer that a text came in “FREE TZENIUT WIG CUTS AT FORTUNE WIGS SALON! Take advantage of this special opportunity on these most awesome days of Aseret Yemeh Teshuvah“. I knew Hashem was talking to me and giving me exactly what I needed to go through with it, because of course that is my first choice of where I would want to have my wig cut. On Monday I walked to Fortune Wigs, and I will admit it was not easy walking there, but I knew I had to do it.

Esther saw me and said “You’re here for a Tzeniut cut?” I said “yes, but I’m not so brave yet…just a little please”. She smiled and said “Don’t worry, I know my customers, we’ll do 1/2 an inch”. I smiled and said okay, you know with each piece you cut, it’s like cutting a piece of me”….She understood exactly what I was feeling and said “Pray now for what you need while I’m cutting” While she was cutting, she said we should really cut a dot more -just to make it all even because of some layers in the back”. I was a little hesitant but I said “ok ok it’s for tzeniut, cut it”. When she was done, I looked in the mirror and it looked great. It really wasn’t SO much shorter, but for me it was a big thing, and a step in the right direction, and be’H maybe I can try to cut a little more at another time when I’m ready. Esther gave me a big hug and kiss when we were done, and made me feel GREAT! Thank you Hashem for guiding me every step of the way! And Thank you Hashem for having Esther be the shaliach who helped me do it!



–          Last Friday someone accidentally shut the bathroom light in my house I was a little worried how I was going to find my contact case that night in the pitch black sure enough when I went to find my contact case that night I walked into the bathroom put my hand onto the counter and my contact case was exactly where I placed my hand down Hashem spared me the trouble of searching in the dark for my contact case Hashem thinks of even the smallest things to make things a little easier


–          El Al plane lands in Athens due to someone smoking in the bathroom, everyone departs; one passenger had chest pains and was taken to the hospital. If the plane would have continued, the passenger may not have made it. A Seudat Hoda’a was made.


–          Stayed up late last night with my nephew and my son building our succah- I am not the handiest person to say the least and was big chesed for my nephew to come over after night Seder to help us out. Usually I am the type to just pay a guy to do it and not have to have a worry about it but decided this year to try and get our hands into the misvah more and take a stab at it. We did very nicely and was very hot muggy night, was after midnight and having the walls all up something just wasn’t right, was not even, was not sturdy, door was crooked (dealing with uneven floor not easy with this)-finally I said lets just throw the wood supports on and just worry about the rest during the daylight whenever we have a chance, it’s late, hot and have early selichot in morning-left the succah with doubts on the sturdiness and possibility of getting it completed or not?-should I just hire someone to take over??? Was on my mind what if we don’t get it “tight” my succah will be rackety and in shambles…I prayed to Hashem and said please take care of the succah situation, my nephew did a chesed and my son worked very hard trying to build it late into the evening-please Hashem let it get taken care of. Prayed again in morning then after shul walked straight into the succah and tapped the walls-wow! Was sturdy and together-checked it out and basically was 95% done and done great! I was shocked, just minor adjustments that should be no big deal needed and that should be it- how did this happen? I imagine that after my humble prayer in zechut of my nephew and son, a malach showed up of some sort and handled it for me- I LOVE MY SUCAH- Thank you Hashem


–          Due totheirr calendar I had a very good season bh. Thanks Hashem. A very anav Rabbi said that sometimes you can serve Hashem thru work.



–          Heard from Rabbi Frand. A lady takes her kids into a clothing store before Yom Tov. On the way in to the store they pass a young boy collecting tzedaka for himself. They spend a long time in the store setting up each kid from head to toe with Yom Tov clothing. On the way out they again pass the poor boy. The lady pauses for a moment, tells her kids to continue on and she will catch up with them. She takes the boy into the store and completely sets him up with new clothing same as she had done for her own children. When they are finished the boy looks up at the lady, his eyes showing astonishment at what just transpired and asks, “Lady, are you G-d?” The lady does not miss a beat, and replies, “No, I’m just one of his children.”


–          I went to atm today put my card in big machine and cash came out!!!!!!!

Thank you Hashem our only creditor!!!!!


–          Was driving down the block and beared slightly right before starting to turn left into the driveway when all of a sudden out of no-where a small sports car speeds up flying between my car and the driveway at full speed- was no way possible that this car would not crash into me only question was how bad the accident was going to be- Baruch Hashem-Hashem runs the world and with no words to explain, somehow we did not collide and was saved from a car accident! Hashem is in charge and in control of everything.


–          3 years ago a new manager was assigned to the auction site I work at in Pennsylvania, I went to him to talk to him about getting out early on Friday for Shabbat so I can get home at a decent hour, from then on it got harder and harder to work with this person, he kept pushing it even later and later! And made it very difficult for me. After much talking I finally just gave up completely trying to deal with him and turned all my attention to Hashem the only one that can help us, this Rosh Hashanah I prayed for him to get transferred away from me, Hashem please take him away from me-the first email I see after the holiday (sent on Friday) is from the auction letting me know that He HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED!!! Thank you Hashem


–          My son was doing an appendix surgery (can write a book on chesed that was done and the Hand of Hashem that was with us throughout leading up to the surgery) while the surgery was taking place my wife and I were in the surgery waiting room area praying and reading Tehillim looking anxiously at every nurse who entered the room to see if they were coming to us to give us an update…finally one nurse approaches us as we are sitting down praying and says- we are sorry there seems to have been some complications with the surgery , our hearts dropped and we were focused on her every word and detail- was amazing how Hashem can just change a situation in the blink of an eye with a few words from a nurse- she continued giving us the details, I didn’t even blink just focusing on every word coming out of her mouth and as she is speaking she says “ and while she was on the operating table…” I jumped and said, did you say she? She says yes-your daughter-I stop her immediately and say we don’t have a daughter inside we have a son inside- she asked if our name is _______ I say no and she says so sorry-this is my mistake I have the wrong parents! Look how Hashem can change a situation instantly, we went from panicking having a child with complications and who knows what in one second and the next second hearing it is not our son- Hashem is great and we should all experience only positive blessings in those quick instances! And know of only the best berachot possible!

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