Thank You Hashem – Week 13

–          Thank you for a. Gadol hador chacham Ovadia ZTL


–          Thank you Hashem for letting me have the zechut to go and pray and be with Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef zs’l- Thank you that my eyes were able to look at such a sadik!


–          I want to thank & mabrook Rico Touson on baby boy & all the thousands of torah cds I’ve enjoyed because of his efforts. He is truly an unsung hero.


–          A friend of mine just told me this story. a few yrs ago he was  learning in a yeshiva in Israel and he needed something from the yeshivas office when he entered the office he noticed a bag of cookies that had a little note on it that said for siyum hashas. One of the rabbis in the yeshiva was going to be making his 1st siyum hashas the next day in the yeshiva. He was very upset that for a siyum hashas all they were serving was a bag of cookies. He called up the Rosh hayeshiva and told him how he felt. Sure enough the next day the yeshiva threw a big party for the siyum and the entire yeshiva attended and it was a beautiful moving event. Little did they know that as the siyum was taking place there was a bombing in a central bus station in yerushalayim. Had there not been a big siyum many boys may have been out. The Rosh hayeshiva was able to assure all the parents as they called that there child was in Yeshiva and safe


–          (from my 8 year old daughter) – Thank you Hashem for my fractured arm, the way me and my brother crashed into each other-it could have been much much worse…


–          Thank you Hashem for blessing me with such a GREAT grandfather and family- he passed away this past week, but I have to thank Hashem for the 25 years I got to spend with him and learnt the true meaning of life which is family and Torah…


–          Thank you Hashem for my special relationships I have with so many Rabbi’s that guide me in the way of Torah.


–          Thank you Hashem for the inspiring words you provided me with and allowed me to speak out at my niece’s sheva berachot.


–          Went to visit an elderly man via MITZVAH MAN- (The gentleman escaped Nazi Germany 3 weeks before kristalnahcht, had fascinating stories of Hashem’s hashgacha)…I was feeling him out to see if at his age he is able to get out and come to me for Shabbat and while I was questioning was amazed and touched at what he had to answer- he told me that every single Shabbat his neighbor across the street picks him up to eat by his house, he repeats-every SINGLE SHABBAT! For years!- He then mentions how his next door neighbor has been sending him meals every single day for the last 7 or 8 years! He repeats-7 or 8 years!! never missed a meal! He continues, she went away 10 days to Israel, I had meals prepared for me those 10 days- she just went away for 10 days for succot, I had meals prepared by her for those 10 days!- mi kiamcha yisrael! Who is like your Jewish nation!-Thank you Hashem for the mitzvah man and for letting me meet this special elderly man


and hear about the kindness of his neighbors who go beyond the call of duty, would have been very easy for the neighbor to say I am going to be away for 10 days and now have a well deserved break from preparing these meals all the time, and is great to see that the elder man notices it and appreciates it. They should all be blessed!


–          attended wonderful bris milah this week


–          Thank you Hashem for sending us a great shaliach nurse in the hospital whose great care, concern and warmth helped bring a refuah shelama-and by the way her name was not Maria or Katrina it was Rebecca! – a religious frum Jew!


–          I saw my cousin last night. As a non religious Jew growing up in a non religious house  he asked me to help him with 2 things:
*He would like to read the parashas  of the Torah

*and he wants me to put teffilin on him
Out of the blue he requested this! Hashem is amazing!


–          Thank you Hashem for the holy treasure of Shabbat kodesh


–          Lost my wallet in the old city and had to leave to fly back home-got a call next day from el al that my wallet was found and is at the kotel police station, with all my money and all my credit cards in it! Thank you Hashem and Thank you for the Kiddush Hashem of showing the honesty of frumme yidden.


–          Got into this big giant tube and it flew into the air for few hours and I got off of it and was in eres yisrael! Thank you Hashem for the airplane- Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen said if we would have told our grandmothers about this invention 100 years ago they would have thought we were mashuganah….


–          Got to sit and go over my sons gemara with him, was olam haba in this world to be able to sit with my son and hear his sweet voice reciting words of torah and how nicely he knew it was an added bonus!-Thank you Hashem


–          I was boarding a plane this week at JFK… While waiting to board I saw a nun dressed all in white with 2 or 3 crosses hanging from her neck… I thought to myself “knowing my luck she will be sitting right next to me.” 


Got to my seat and, SHE WAS NOT IN MY ROW!!   Thank you Hashem….


–          Thank you Hashem for all the fabulous Rabbis in our community that are giving such great hespedim for Harav Ovadia Yosef zecher sadik libracha- and letting us learn even more of his greatness



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