Thank You Hashem – Week 14

Baruch Hashem this week we have input from DEAL, LAKEWOOD, FLORIDA, MARYLAND,  BROOKLYN AND ISRAEL!! Hazak U baruch!


–          (FROM MY 8 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER) Thank you HASHEM for my new loom toy

–           Thank you Hashem for letting me see miracles everyday here in Israel along with the great miracle to live in Israel.

–          Thank you Hashem for. ……..This week I was in jfk w/A friend who I drive for My parnassa A strange looking man comes Near my vehicle & asked me If I know my passenger & where He lives. He was a cop. Licenses & reg. I told him he was my friend He sent another cop to ask my friend The same. Bh. He answered correctly Its a big fine ticket. 0MG

–          was out with my wife and ran into the photographer from our wedding about 20 years ago-was able to extend hakarat hatov for the work he did for us 20 years ago. Was talking with him and he asked my wife what school our children attend, upon hearing which yeshiva they go to (considered one of the more “religious” ones), he was taken aback (I guess after remembering us from 20 yrs ago) and said- “kol hakavod” and said, that is great that you are bringing up your children to be bnei my wife’s zechut this was a Kiddush Hashem and was a reminder that our job is to take steps and continue to grow- Thank you Hashem for letting me and my wife hear these encouraging words about our family!

My wife added to me after we left the photographer, that was the 2nd time today that she heard that reaction from someone that she had not seen for many years- she ran into an old neighbor of hers from when she was growing up and he asked the same question, he was also very excited to hear the path my wife has chosen for our family- Chazak ubaruch keep up the great work! And Thank you Hashem for the messages…

–          Thank you Hashem for these inspirational emails. Writing down my gratitude to Hashem is something that I actually have written as a goal in my thirteen areas of balance. I would love to be part of this email.

–          I would like to comment on what happened to us this weekend at Monmouth hospital.

My daughter needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix on Friday, an hour before Shabbat.

B’H the surgery was a success and the appendix was removed.

The surgeon explained to us that if we would have waited another few hours it would have burst….

B’H with the surgery a success we now had to figure out how we would spend Shabbat at the hospital with our daughter.

Bikur Holim found us and began showering us with Chesed!

They offered us one of many beautiful rooms at Bais Leah that they have down the block from hospital. The house had every kind of Shabbat necessity we could desire from a full library to comfortable beds in private rooms to a kitchen full of Shabbat food. They also showed us the room they had in the hospital full of Sefarim,Siddurim of every minhag,electric shabbat candles, and delicious hot & cold food for those staying in the hospital.

I was truly impressed by the amount of Chesed and thoughtfulness the Jewish people have for other Jews that they may never meet.

–           Was boarding a plane and as I walked to the back an old man started speaking to me in Hebrew….. I told him I was not so fluent in Hebrew

and did not understand what he was saying.. He said to me” You don’t understand Hebrew and you wear that on your head( pointing to my Kepah)?”      …. I told him “ You speak Hebrew and you don’t wear this on your head?”   Thank You Hashem for putting the right words in my mouth..

–          Oct 16 ’13, Thank you Hashem that a friend got through an operation today & is doing ok.

Thank you Hashem that someone in the community took some old stuff from me & will make sure someone who needs them will get them.

Thank you Hashem that after months of being sick, my brother-in-law finally went to the dr, was diagnosed with pneumonia, is taking antibiotics & is feeling better.

–          Last Friday night I went out to a couple of Sholom Zochors and ended up coming home extremely late-past 12:30. As I near my house, I see a son and daughter-in-law of my son who just recently got married knocking on a neighbor’s door, trying to get into the apartment they were supposed to have been staying. THANK YOU Hashem for making me be there so late  at night, and make it possible to host this young couple for Shabbos

Avrohom M. Kugelman

–          Thank you Hashem for these fantastic eulogies and stories that do not seem to stop about Chacham Ovadia Yosef zs’l

–          Happened again, driving Sunday with my wife in Borough Park, circling around for 10 minutes looking for a spot, I said let’s ask Hashem for a parking spot, right after I asked got a spot…

–          I am so thankful to Hashem for my beautiful healthy baby girl 🙂 🙂

–          got 3 or 4 invitations to simachot that Hashem has sent to these wonderful families,mabruk

–          Thank you Hashem for my eyesight that was in danger, and for good friends who invite me for a Shabbat meal when I am alone.

–          was reminded of a post from here about Thanking Hashem for our knees that bend-I was holding my siddur during teffila and Thanked Hashem for my elbows that also bend-imagine if we did not have elbows in the middle of our arms that bend! Thank you HASHEM.

–          Thank you Hashem that I woke up healthy this morning and nothing is wrong with me

–          Thank you Hashem for the best chavrutot and the ability to come closer to you and be able 2 just learn your torah and not worry about anything else

-Thank you Hashem for all the previous gedolim and all the books we have on them so we can learn from there ways and michazek ourselves 2 become better Jews !

–          My niece got engaged to a wonderful boy from a wonderful family Baruch Hashem

–          Thank you for these great inspiring emails, it is great to see Hashem being noticed!

–          Thank you Hashem for the brisses I was Zocheh to make for my sons, may they and my daughters all grow up being loyal soldiers in Hashem’s army serving with great Simcha!

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