Thank You Hashem – Week 15

–          Wow last week decided that I wanted to anonymously find a person in need of Shabbat food and place it by their door and was contemplating what would be better, to actually send or place actual food that can be used for Shabbat (roast, chicken maza …) or would it be better to just place money under their door and let them be able to purchase what they like.. then I received your parasha email and read the Rabbi Lerner and he spoke of a story of the husband and wife secretly putting provisions by a needy persons door (story of when they ran into hot oven not to cause embarrassment to the person, who was trying to see who it is that has been helping them) and mentions that the wife had greater reward being she actually put ready to eat food that they could use right away and the husbands reward was less because he put money and then they would actually have to go out and buy the food. I guess I got my answer!!!!- Thank you Hashem for sending it to me. (of course only if can be done w/o embarrassment


–          Thank you Hashem for my family, my home and my wonderful friends who span various levels of observance.  Thank you Hashem for providing me with the opportunity to connect with many Jews and to learn so much from each and every one.


–          I have been having a hard pregnancy and one night I couldn’t stop vomiting. I knew if I didn’t stop soon I would have to go to the hospital for dehydration. After hours of unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep I said out loud Around 2 am please Hashem let me fall asleep so I can recuperate and not have to go to the hospital. I slept till 6 am and then was able to drink and eat. I was so thankful.


–          I feel very lucky to be B’H healthy and a part of a great community. I’m so thankful for all my blessings and realize they are undeserved.


–          One of my toughest students said today “I’m having a great day in school today”  thank you Hashem


–          Flying home from South America, my wife and I were booked in 2 middle seats of a row of 4. We asked at the counter for better seats and they said it was a full flight. When we got to the gate I asked Hashem if he can move us to the side rows which has 2 seats, a window and an aisle. I approached the lady at the gate and requested a seat change. She said the flight was full. I asked her to try anyway. She rolled her eyes and then to her surprise she found 2 seats on the side. I said out loud, thank you Hashem. She must have thought I was talking to her because she said your welcome.


–          I have recently been to Niagara Falls and witnessed one of Hashem’s most beautiful creations


–          I thank Hashem for all the things we normally take for granted — a body in good working order, friends and family, being able to get along with difficult people, and many, many more.  If I thanked Hashem every second for the rest of my life, it would not be enough.



–          I am grateful for the beautiful world Hashem gives us from which to serve Him.


–          Thank you Hashem for the moon- was doing birkat halevana and was thinking how awesome Hashem is- was imagining that this is the same exact Moon that Avraham avinu looked at, it is 1000’s of years old and does not need a new battery!



–          Thank you Hashem for my Ahavas Yisroel Chaburah. I desperately needed inspiration direction and closeness to Hashem.  It was by “accident” that I heard about the group of women who get together every week and learn how to love ALL the Jewish people and how to transform themselves into whole “klees” for your beautiful beautiful light. Whoa!  I am so blessed to be part of these amazing, holy, inspirational women! Thank you for hearing my inner cries and answering!


–          Had a simcha to attend 5 nights in a row! Hashem is so kind and wonderful, sending klal yisrael constant simchas


–          Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful people that care about me


–          On day of the Holiday-erev yom tov, Was talking to a neighbor of mine about bitachon and trust in Hashem and how all of our Shabbat and Yom Tov needs are on Hashem’s bill and go and spend freely and buy the best! And we were saying how a person has to believe it! I told them that Hashem can just make the money come out of thin air and land on your lap. Less than 1 hour later I was driving and was on a red light of a 2 way street and the other side of the street (cars going other direction) were also backed up, from a car on the other side that was lined up with my car I hear someone call out my name, I roll down my window and he shouts “ Happy Holiday, this is for you!” and throws a bunch of cash into my window! Upon returning home I saw my neighbor and repeated the Kiddush Hashem that had just happened! Thank you Hashem (and of course the shaliach)


–          Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to have a part in a great misvah this week


–          Got an email and saw in the subject line “Credit Card Declining-action required” was from the spring water delivery company from 2 summers ago-I figured I had an old bill for the water and they never charged the card. I said to myself oyy! Just what I need, a surprise bill from 2 years ago! Ok let me take care of this bill, I open the email and I open the attachment and I see the bill is not a charge but a CREDIT! It is for the refund of the $10 bottle deposits for each bottle we used the entire summer. My credit card they had was expired-called them-gave them the new number and Bingo! Hashem gave me a surprise gift! Thank you Hashem!


–          Thank you Hashem for the stories about MARAN CHACHAM OVADIA YOSEF ZS’L that keep pouring in- they are so inspiring and may we be zoche to follow in his ways and bring glory to your torah


–          Got to work and back home safely all week


–          was looking for an old inspiring video clip that I couldn’t relocate for a couple of years and a close friend happened to email me today with a link saying he thinks I would enjoy this video, I replied before even opening it, I hope it is what I think it is- and it was!


–          Thank you Hashem for clothing to keep us warm in the winter and to always have everything we need.
Thank you Hashem for every single day watching over us and giving us exactly what we need and keeping away what we don’t need !! Everything that you do is for the best weather we realize it or not everything you do 4 us is from ur huge kindness and is for our best


–          Thank you Hashem for giving us these perashiot that we can learn and grow so much from them ( the actions of avraham avinu ) !!! I LOVE YOU HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The king and best father in the world!!!


–          Thank you Hashem for Artscroll, Feildheim, Sephardic Press, and all other publishers that make it easy and accessible for people without a strong Hebrew background to learn your Torah, Mitzvot, Mussar, and all of your ways Hashem so we can serve you properly…


–          Thank you Hashem for Rico and all his hard work to spread Torah to the World!!  Wow that’s pretty big, THE WORLD!!   Thank you Hashem


–          Statistics show that for every car accident there are 300 misses…. We should all Thank Hashem every time we go somewhere in a car safely.


–          Hashem  Thank you for all your gifts especially the gift of SHABBAT!!

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