Thank You Hashem – Week 16

–          Thank you Hashem my husband was able to have a successful emergency surgery this week and now is able to go to the bathroom. We don’t always see it but there is good in the bad 🙂 shabbat shalom


–          These emails are really very special B’H…thank you Hashem for showing me and making me a part of them ;).

Tizke le’mitzvot for having these!


–          Thank you Hashem for letting me learn together with someone who has such a beautiful desire for growth and advancement in his learning Torah and in being a great Jew!


–          I don’t know if this counts, but I just finished writing my book, Diary of a Mad Hatter, 302 pages and will be submitting it for a writing competition tomorrow, iyshem


–          A year later must be so grateful for protecting me and my family from Hurricane Sandy


–          was walking to get my car from the valet with a dollar in my hand for a tip and as I was walking there was a needy person collecting sedaka, I quickly gave him the dollar from my hand and as I got to the lot found my car there with the keys ready to go- no tip necessary ! Hashem pays back even for minor sedaka


–          Baruch Hashem my cousin had a baby girl- Baruch Hashem her 2nd baby girl!


–          Remember those tremendous lines to get gas last year at this time? Thank you Hashem for gasoline and for the reminder to appreciate it!!


–          had an unexplained leg injury suddenly appear and was in tons of pain, went to the dr. and really couldn’t figure out what was going on, I received this emailing perfect timing and stopped and made a note to Thank Hashem every day in my teffilot for both of my legs- Baruch Hashem it has suddenly gone away!!


–          Made a great trade today, Missed my bus to work this morning by 45 seconds to hear kadish in shul.


–          addition to my message last week (of getting the email that my credit card is declining for a bill from spring water co. and it was really to put a refund in) – I checked my account online and saw that they didn’t refund to the card but they actually put a charge in for that amount, I figured it must have been that I owed other money and that it came out that I wasn’t due a refund but a charge after all. I made a quick call to inquire and the person on the phone checked it and said it is a mistake, it should not be a charge it should be a refund, and as he is looking he says in fact my refund will be much bigger than I thought that he found additional credits that are due to me on my account!!!!- Thanks for the additional gift Hashem! and all this was right after I just helped a family with sedaka!!!


–          Ive been driving back and forth from deal to Brooklyn for more then 2 years and I never once got into a accident chas vishalom or get a ticket bli ayin harah … Thank you so much Hashem for watching over me and protecting me


–          Thank you Hashem! Both last week and the week before, I was so busy I never had a chance to get to the bank.

When Sunday morning came, I realized I didn’t have any money on me to give my daughter for her Sunday program. I checked my pocketbook all over, jacket pockets, etc. nothing. I prayed “Please Hashem, please let me find the money somewhere”. I looked again and even though I knew there was only $3 in my pocketbook, somehow I found another $12!

This past Sunday, the same thing happened. I said I can’t believe I forgot again that I needed to get money for her. The same routine, I knew there wasn’t anything in there, but I checked my pocketbook a million times, couldn’t find anything. I stopped and prayed and said “Please Hashem, please send me the $15 for her”. Suddenly, a thought came into my head to go and check my old pocketbook that I haven’t used in over a year. I looked and there was a $10 bill! I looked more and found another $2!

Now I needed another $3…Hashem sent me to my baby’s diaper bag and there it was $3!



–          My friend’s daughter got engaged to a wonderful boy from a wonderful family-mabruk!


–          went to Rabbi Wallersteins class Tuesday night and was thinking about it on Wednesday and was trying to remember a certain question he brought up and the answer, and it wasn’t coming to me- at that moment in my office I switched on the radio and walked to my desk and what was on the Radio? Rabbi Wallersteins class from Tuesday night at the exact part I needed to hear! Perfect Hashem-Thank you.


–          my son had to go for a hearing test as per his teacher’s advice that his hearing wasn’t great and BH it was fine, just some wax which can be removed with oil, Hodu l’Hashem ki tov   – PS- thanks to you. I promised I would share the good news with your list if it was good, so maybe you gave me the zechus


–          I am very grateful to Hashem for the insights he has given me and the ability to handle a difficult situation he has given me.

I was having a difficult time with my employer and I lost many nights of sleep.  I didn’t know how I was going to manage with this difficult person.  Hashem helped me to get rid of my anger and, even though I realize this is a toxic situation, I am able to work with this person without anger and even feel compassion for her.  She really has some personality problems.  I am seriously thinking of looking for a different position, but I don’t have to be angry at her about it.

Thank you Hashem.


–          Thank you Hashem for our great Tzadik, R’ meir Shapiro from Lublin,

With his Ruach hakodesh, put in place the Daf Yomi, every day no matter what, day in day out,

Another Blatt of Gemera, Hasdei Hashem, how many millions of blatt Gemera are being learnt.





–          was at a wedding and a friend of mine comes over to me and shares with me a beautiful divrei torah that he heard, he was all excited and charged up about it. What was so great about this was that he didn’t remember that I was the one who told him this divrei torah a while back. Thank you Hashem for letting me see that I was able to inspire someone (with Rabbi Millers words)


–          I thank Hashem that most mistakes in life are not final and can be corrected.  We wake with another day to do teshuva.  I thank Hashem that I have a working mind that can evaluate my deeds and see where I have fallen short.  I thank Hashem that he often shows me through ‘a turn for a turn’ what I have to concentrate on.


–          My husband & I had a wedding we both needed to be at, the problem was we couldn’t find a babysitter. We kept trying and trying but no one seemed to be available. I decided the best thing would be if I went first, then when I came back my husband could go and then we wouldn’t need a babysitter. I just needed to find someone who was going to give me a lift, AND who would be leaving soon so we could get back early. I tried texting a few people, then my husband said “why don’t you try so&so, her husband told me he is going to be away so she’s probably going early & coming back early”. I texted her, and sure enough she texted me back “Yes, leaving soon and need to be back early, how quickly can you be ready?” I answered “10 minutes”.

When I got in the car she said I didn’t want to go by myself and I called someone and she said she couldn’t go, and I said “I don’t want to go alone” and then I got your text and said “Thank you Hashem”. I told her my story and she smiled and said “That’s how you see Hashem runs the world!” Thank you Hashem 🙂

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