Thank You Hashem – Week 17

• I have been thinking of writing this Thank you Hashem for some time
now, but I am not sure how to put it into words, so here goes.
OCT.13, 2012 – I was attending a celebration party at my shul, when all at
once I was stunned with a cardiac arrest. I stopped breathing for about
7 minutes.
The Hatzolah Arrived and started to work their magic on me. They took me
to the hospital, where I remained until OCT.28.I did not know where I
was until
about a couple of days before being sent home. I woke up and saw these
huge gloves on my hands, and felt something in my throat. I realized that
something had happened to me. I was not in any pain, as I was on heavy
When I first arrived, my family was told that they did not think I
would come out of this alive.
My wife was the hand of G-D.She was very aggressive with all of the
doctors that were there to help me. She took steps and made sure that I
was going to have the maximum care .She was relentless. I would not
have survived without her .She was there for me day and night.
There are not enough words for me to say THANK YOU HASHEM.
I thank you every time I see the scar on my chest. It is a good reminder
to me.
I thank all of the people that prayed for me, I can not ever thank you
I thank my family for being there for me every step of the way.
Thank you HASHEM for giving me this gift of life.
• We have to realize how lucky we are,
Hashem, our father running the entire world,
It’s not just a matter of speech or or a nice way to help us gain emunah, he is really our father
He loves us, he constantly gives us, can’t we see what he has given us, the shirts on our backs are from him, a car, it’s from Him, we come home there’s dinner, it’s from him,
Children it’s from him. We can’t even begin to see how much Hashem is there for us, sometimes a father reprimands his child, but we know that when we are tough with our children it hurts us after, so too Hashem, Hazal say that when someone suffers hashem suffers with him. He knows and feels our pain.
He is our father in heaven. The emet is the reality.
Avinu malkenu.

• Thank you HaShem that I have had many invitations from people in the community so that I am not alone at Shabbas meals.
Thank you HaShem for providing me with friends who are sympathetic listeners & share good suggestions as to how to deal with more than one extremely difficult family situation. May HaShem give me the strength & wisdom to help others in the same way?
Thank you HaShem that all my children have empathetic partners who are helping them face difficult challenges.
Thank you HaShem that I am pretty healthy & don’t have to be a burden to my children or others.

• Started a new Gamara class that I love and really feel bad when I miss it… Last night I really wanted to go and my wife told me that my daughter went to her teachers wedding… One mother drove a bunch of girls there but I may have to pick up my daughter from the mothers house… At 9:00PM just when the class starts…
I prayed to Hashem to have the mother drop my daughter to my house so I don’t have to miss my class…..8:50PM, the doorbell rings, it’s my daughter!!Made it to the class on time and not only that had the best class ever…Thank You Hashem!!!

• Thank you Hashem for everything, the fact that we can move, walk, talk, think, it’s all Hashem, it’s not the fact that we feel that I made a sale, I accomplished and then we say thank you Hashem for your help,
we have to realize the fact that we accomplished, it was Hashem helping us all along, He let us talk, he let us think, and He let us do everything, That is why we thank him, He has given us everything.. We see an amazing Hazal, that a person can’t bend his finger unless there is a decree from shamayim, isn’t that amazing, every movement ‎is decreed.
The question arises, if so where is our free will? Rabbi diamond answers that free will is in our hearts, we have to want to do, the rest is from Hashem, we see this with our own 2 eyes, It’s all from Hashem, and all the more so if ‎we want to do a good deed..
Never underestimate what we can accomplish, the sky is the limit, you know why? Because it’s Hashem taking us there‎.
Thank you Hashem

• Thank you H-shem for all your kindnesses that you do constantly.
When my son was born, my wife didn’t even spend 20 minutes with him when they took him to the NICU because he was so yellow. After my wife came home from the Hospital we still couldn’t bring my son home. We were concerned for his health but the doctor assured us there was nothing to worry about. We made all the preparations to have the Milah for the 8th day in the morning but we had to cancel because he wasn’t released. The 8th day in the morning I went to shul thinking they will release him later on in the morning, but when I called the hospital in the middle of Shachrit to find out, they say his birullin was still too high so they say Tachanum in shul but I had complete Emunah in H-shem that the Milah was going to be done that day so I said Yehi Shem. The Rabbi gave me the phone number of an Orthodox Doctor that would for sure release him if we contacted him. I kept calling him all the day and I couldn’t get thru to him.
I kept saying Tehillim all day. Baruch H-shem 2 hours before Shekiah they released him even though he had 15 of birulin and we made the Milah right before Shekiah. 1 hour after we came home the Orthodox Doctor called me and said that if he knew the baby had 15 of birulin he would do everything NOT to release him. Everything was planned by
H-shem for the Best. Hodu Lashem Ki Tov. Tov Lachasot BaHashem Mi Betoach Beadam, Tov Lachasot BaHashem Mi Betoach Bindivim. Thank you H-shem

• Bris today-Hashem sent another neshama to the world.

• Thank you Hashem for the gift of smell and the delicious wonderful smell of our wholly Shabbat challot!

• I was having a hard time at work and didn’t know how I would manage. Baruch Hashem, Hashem made things go smoothly and today I really enjoyed my job and was happy to be there.

• Thank you Hashem for LIFE! TRUE LIFE…Torat Hayim!

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