Thank You Hashem – Week 18

-Last Friday Night we celebrated my in-laws 50th Wedding anniversary B’H, may Hashem give them both many more happy and healthy years together.  Thank you Hashem for giving me the World’s Best in-Laws. They are both very special to me.

-Our dining room chairs are very uncomfortable. We’ve been looking for reasonably priced new ones but haven’t found anything we like. We were even willing to buy only two for now. This week on Wednesday we saw an ad for furniture on sale in our neighborhood. My husband and I went to the store and found a nice set of comfortable leather chairs. When we went to pay with our credit card, the man said cash only. I figured I would cash my paycheck tomorrow and come back to buy them.  I don’t know what came over me but when I cashed my check I didn’t feel like spending the whole thing on those chairs. I told my husband that I changed my mind and we should forget the chairs for now.  It wasn’t a rush. Later that day I got a text from my friend asking me if I was interested in taking her dining room chairs since they bought a new set! They are in perfect condition and look almost like the ones we were about to buy! Thank you Hashem for sending us new chairs.

*** Oh btw the chair donor also had a story. His wife was bothering him about their chairs and he really didn’t want to spend now. Finally gave in and wife tried to get appt with chair lady every day this week. They were back and forth with plan yesterday when suddenly the mother in-law calls and says her friend is giving away brand new chairs. They jumped on it. Took them and called us to take their old ones! How great is Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for Heat….and Hot water

-Went for a late night Shabbat stroll last Shabbat enjoying the menucha and tranquility in the air of Shabbat. As I passed by the home of a gentile I heard the loud roar of a vacuum cleaner rolling up and down their floor and said out loud- Thank You Hashem for Shabbat and for making me a Jew who has the privilege and honor to have, keep and enjoy Shabbat!!!!! For them was just another ordinary day-not for me- Thank you Hashem!

-Monday night my son came home from night Seder at school and told me that his Bike had been stolen. (Was expensive bike that I got him for his birthday)-we naturally felt a little bad but of course realize better the bike then him! The bike can be replaced. The next morning, Tuesday- was that special day for tefilla, the 9th month-9th day-9th hour and I was praying that morning and for some reason the words came out of my mouth asking Hashem to let it be that my son gets his bike back today, this was at about 6:45am, about 9am my wife comes home and tells me she just saw our son by school and he excitedly told her that he has found his bike! A bike getting stolen in Brooklyn and being found? Who ever heard of such a thing? Not sure how Hashem made those words come out of my mouth but glad they did! Hashem can do anything-Thank you Hashem.

-Had 2 brisses to attend Sunday-mabruk

-Thank you Hashem for Hot Soup on a cold night! And a warm blanket as well!

-thank you so much Hashem for my phlegmy cold, my painful hernia, my infected tooth, and all the other blessings of the day. I am so happy to have my husband and beautiful kids and I appreciate everything in my life that I have – the rest is all fine with me too!

Things are always just as they should be 🙂

-Thank You Hashem for guiding and helping me through anything and everything!  Especially in those times trusting in You and Your yeshuot (salvations) may seem not as simple, never need to have any doubt bz’H because You can and do bring Your yeshuot at the blink of an eye even when we least expect it!  Yeshuat Hashem kiheref ayin!   Nothing else, but you!  Ein Od Milevado…I HOPE TO TRUST IN YOU ALWAYS!  THANK YOU HASHEM!

-Thank you Hashem for Mr. Pinky Schwartz and his tireless nonstop work and effort he does for our kahal (Bnei Binyamin) Hashem should bless him and his family with health, strength and great Simha…Thank you Pinky, your hard work is appreciated.

-Chazak U’baruch on this email! We’re all busy BH all week working, learning etc… it’s hard to think about all day the beautiful things Hashem does for us, and the reminder for the Simha Email comes…we really have to stop whatever we are doing and look and see the kindness of Hashem 365 days, 24 hours a day! that we are able to breathe, see, hear, walk, talk, blink and the list just goes on and on………. how many different things need to go on in our body in order for us to function- it is really unbelievable. We have to stop every day for a minute or 2, even if it is putting a reminder in our phones everyday to STOP and just look at ourselves and what’s around us and thank Hashem that he gave us life and let us serve him –BH everyone should live 120 years full of health happiness and success in all that we do –AMEN! Shabbat Shalom.

-Thank you Hashem for Maran Chacham Ovadia Yosef zs’l and all the wonderful stories that we can all learn so much from

-A close friend gave birth to their first baby, a beautiful baby girl-mazel tov

-This past Shabbat I heard an awesome speech at a sebet I was attending… The gentleman stood up and told story that happened to him in 1993:

“I was called to do some work at an exclusive Westchester country club…  The country club was magnificent and very elegant… Upon finishing my work I asked the person in charge the cost of becoming a member… Our conversation went something like this:

“I am really impressed by this country club… What is the cost to become a member?”

He asked” What is your name?”

I said “Jack Schwartz.”

You are Jewish, right?

Yes, I answered.

I am sorry no Jews are allowed to join…

I said “This is America, 1993, you cannot discriminate!!”

He said” this is a Private club and we can let in whoever we want “

I left very surprised… While driving home a powerful thought came to me…. We as Jews are all in a “Private Club.”!!!!The most prestigious club! And we’re handpicked by Hashem himself to be part of this club.  Hashem loves us the most and will always take care of us… Also we don’t discriminate, anyone one can join… Thank You Hashem that I am a Proud Jew!!!

– Last night I came home and was taking off my tzizit and checked them as I always do( I am very strict with checking my tzizit every night before I put them away)and noticed one of the corners was missing one string.. I was very upset and thought wow I went the whole day without the mitzvah and protection of tzizit

( by the way it is one of the easiest mitzvahs to do, put it on , walk , and every step all day is a mitzvah—besides the extra  protection you get from wearing them… It is brought down that the time of Mashiach whoever wears tzizit will get 700 hundred slaves per corner… 4 corners x 700= 2800 slaves!! Wow!! Imagine Rabbi Sheinberg wore 100 pairs so he will get 28,000 slaves….)… So I went to my Rabbi this morning and told him what happened… He told me that if one string is missing the tzizit still work and I get the mitzvah & protection… (He said that I should still get it fixed or get a new one)… Hashem is awesome!!!!

-Thank you Hashem for my house and for all the furniture and all the clothing we have … Just think for a second how much clothes we have and all the furniture that we have and our health and all Hashem blessed us with we should recognize all that we do have and not what we don’t have !!

– Thank You Hashem for the miraculous gift you delivered to us this week, my wife and I got a beautiful healthy baby girl! Baruch Hashem my wife had a very easy delivery and both are doing great.

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