Thank You Hashem – Week 8

–          Thank you Hashem for giving me the zechut to sit and learn torah in yeshiva all day


–          My neighbors son got engaged


–          One Friday earlier in the summer on our way to NJ for Shabbat, we found ourselves in the thick of summer weekend traffic. The kids were getting restless and nothing was moving, we were inching on the highway.

My 5 year old daughter asks,
“Mommy, what’s that thing we say? Od? Something?”
My wife reminded her and then my 8 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old starting chanting in unison-
It was the sweetest sound in the world, and almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Hashem for my beautiful children and for giving us the zechut to know that we can turn to you for anything.
By the way, traffic opened up instantly!




–          thank you Hashem for teshuvah and forgiveness


–          Just came from the most beautiful Siyum- a siyum of elders learning every day in Bnei Binyamin have completed  another masechet! As Rabbi Seruya put it, it is worth it to build the entire Bnei Binyamin just for this senior daily class and that he pictures this group of seniors being in the front, the leaders in greeting mashiach!. I had zechut to be at this siyum and see both my father and my father in-law celebrate the completion of masechet Taanit, and ps- this was not this groups 1st siyum-it is their 3rd! – was just corrected not 3rdit is their 4Th! siyum-keep in mind these are not former yeshiva students, these are older men that have stopped working and are beginners. Keep up the great work!


–          Thank you Hashem that I have been so busy at work this week, I did not have a chance to email anything until Thursday morning 9:45 am… Thank you Hashem


–          Charity has the power to make the donor realize that he is the fortunate one, which in turn makes him a thankful person…He recognizes the many reasons he has to be thankful, thus coming closer to Hashem, which in itself is a delight, and he becomes a person who can rejoice for this opportunity.. Thank you Hashem



–          Our neighborhood celebrated weddings this week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!!! Read this again and Think how great Hashem is!


–          This week- I got a bill for over $6,000 from when I was in the hospital. I called up the hospital and said sorry this is your plan and you’re insurance company already paid their responsibility – I called the insurance company to ask about it – they put me on hold – while I was on hold I told Hashem that he runs this world and that he can change the words around in their computers and change their minds in a split second. The lady came back on the phone and said your responsibility has been changed to $0!! Thank you Hashem!!!

I got on the subway the other night and I was really tired and there were no seats, so at first I was a little frustrated – I wanted to close my eyes. But then I realized I needed to thank Hashem that I have legs and able to stand up for 45 minutes without a problem!


–          Look at this story carefully and see the Chesed of Hashem to so many different people within one event.  On August 11 my Wife and I travelled to Mexico with merchandise to do a sale together with some local women from the Syrian Community over there. The Friday before we left we decided to ask one of our workers to travel to Mexico to help us and we gave her some merchandise to take into the country. We have done this many times before and an Invoice is always prepared and we enter the country, declare our merchandise for Customs and we pay the 16% tax and we enter. This particular time, when we arrived at the airport and declared our merchandise, for some unknown reason the customs decided to go by the letter of their law and they said we were transporting too much value and so they confiscated our merchandise and said that we needed a special customs broker to clear the goods which usually takes a week. We only planned to be in Mexico for 3 days and so this was a setback but since Hashem put in our minds to send other merchandise with our worker, she arrived the next morning and her baggage was allowed to be declared, paid for and enter and so we had our Sale after all except with much less merchandise than we planned. With the Chasdei Hashem, we sold a lot of our goods at the sale and the local family that helps us made money that they needed and we made a profit and yet we did not understand why most of our goods were still being held in Customs. That Thursday, August 15 we had to return home without our merchandise. We had another Sale planned in Brooklyn on Aug 25th and we could not do the Sale without the merchandise. We hired a local Broker to clear the goods but Customs was making it very difficult, to the point where the news came back to us on Aug 20 that they can not enter Mexico and they would be shipped back to NY after another week which meant we can not do our Brooklyn Sale.

All along we were relying ONLY on Hashem and we did not give up hope and then out of nowhere, on Thursday Night Aug 22 the Mexico customs changed their minds and released the goods to our friends who were helping us in Mexico. Now the challenge was to get them into Brooklyn by Sunday morning for our sale. If we had them shipped it would be too late. We asked our worker who has relatives in Mexico to see if anyone would be willing to fly to NY on Motzaei Shabbat to arrive Sunday morning with our merchandise, and we would pay the roundtrip fare.


After many calls it finally became clear to us why the timing had to be exactly the way it was.


It seems that in Lakewood the week of August 25 there was a program in BMG for Mexican Avrechim and Business Men to come learn Torah for a few days. Our worker called a relative, a young married Kolel man. He was having medical issues with his stomach that the Mexican doctors were suggesting surgery to correct. He heard of a Doctor in NY that might be able to help him with medicine alone. He also wanted to join the program in Lakewood but he did not have the money available to purchase a ticket to NY. When he heard our offer, he jumped at the opportunity and he arrived Sunday morning with our merchandise, in time for our sale and with an appointment to see the doctor that he needed in NY. He also got to learn in Lakewood with the rest of the group. It is hard to see the infinite Kindness of Hashem up front some times, but when we sit down and look back on how things turn out we can only look up and say Thank You Hashem!!



–          As heard from Rabbi Miller,

The Gemara states, “L’olam yivakesh adam rachamim she’lo yechele–Always a man should be praying to Hashem that he should not become sick.” In the best of health, one should pray to Hashem to remain well. I really should                charge you, because if I ever told you anything that was worthwhile, this is it: pray to Hashem for good health while you have it Thank you Hashem for answering mine and my wife’s tefillot and giving our children the greatest Rebbis this year! B’h all the children in our great nation will be Masliach and bring much joy to Hashem!



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