Thank You Hashem – Week 20

–          THANK YOU HASHEM for directing me, many years ago, to the best shul in
We started off in a small basement, and barely made a minyan .A large
piece of property was purchased a few years
later, and a magnificent shul was built there.Thank you HASHEM
for the two strong pillars that hold up this shul, the right pillar is
Rabbi David Seruya, the left pillar is Eli Seruya.Without
them, BNEI BINYAMIN, would not be standing there us the
highest level of Torah learning and prayers.
Thank you for all of the shining stars that attend and contribute to
learning and elevating this great shul.I consider my self lucky
to be a member of BNEI BINYAMIN

–          I always have a dilemma every year regarding our “Holiday work party. “  My bosses are very sensitive (but good people) and they want the company to be at the party to show support and be unified, which I can understand…But the party is mixed with food and drink and non modest dress (they take this party thing to heart and change into party dresses etc….) and not a good atmosphere for Torah observant people…. So every year the few of us that are Torah observant talk about the situation, “What can we do? “  , the boss’s feelings will be hurt (and as mentioned they are sensitive) ““we shouldn’t go, we will go and leave early”, “it’s harmless”, etc… So this year I prayed to Hashem and prayed …” Hashem please let me not have to go to the party without insulting the bosses.”  ……  Got an email yesterday ….ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Holiday party this year will be Tuesday December 10…. Yahoo!!! I am away traveling for business that day….THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

–          Absolutely amazing story. (The special edition that was emailed)

Thank you Hashem for making me & entire family in good-health.

May Hashem help us all to always be healthy.

Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful Chesed your people do. I spent some time in a few Hospitals over the past few years to visit others BH, including Shabbos, Sukkos & Pesach, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Deal, and Philadelphia, and have been amazed each time again by all the chessed these organizations do. I try to call Bikur CHolim & Chai Lifeline before going to any Hospital, and a number of times I was Zocheh to take part in the chessed taking passengers to or from, as well as bringing packages to patients and their families.

Hashem Mi Kamocha & Mi K’amecha Yisroel!!

– I walked to shul this morning realizing that it is supposed to rain, and I did not dress properly…. As I was walking to class in the morning it did not rain yet and I was dry…before tefillah I peeked out the door and it was raining pretty hard… I said “Hashem, please let it not be raining when I finish praying… Let it stay dry till I get home. “    Got home dry as can be… Thank you Hashem


–          Nice event today. After shopping at shalom’s a lady came up to me and asked me if she could help me put my groceries in the car and she wished me a good Shabbat before she left!

–          Needed a new winter jacket for some time now but never have time to get the right one, got one last year but wasn’t good and never had a chance to return it. I said I will put it on ebay and then use that money for a new jacket, I put it with a buy it now amount but received a bid so the buy it now no longer applies and gets taken away from the auction, I said to myself maybe I should have put a lower buy it now and it would have sold and then caught myself and said-Hashem can make it sell for MORE than the buy it now price if he wants!, and that is what happened, the bidding went even higher than the price I was asking for it!- Thank you Hashem- and PS Got an awesome new winter jacket-Thank you Hashem for a warm winter jacket!!!


–           I just read an article about Michael Weiner (I had no idea of who he was before I read the article) who was Major League baseballs union executive director… He died from a sickness (no one should ever know) at 51 yrs old… After I read the article I said to myself “Hey I am 51 yrs old, wow.”  I found some mussar in the below excerpt from the article… We all can learn a lesson from it to live every day doing Mitzvot and connecting to Hashem…

MLB players’ union executive director Michael Weiner dies at 51

At Weiner’s last public speaking engagement, a 25-minute meeting with baseball writers on the day of the All-Star Game in July, he was confined to a wheelchair and unable to move his right side. Yet, he wanted to respond to questions about his illness and issues in the game, and did so with the grace and humor he was known for throughout his life.

”I don’t know if I look at things differently. Maybe they just became more important to me and more conscious to me going forward,” he said. ”As corny as this sounds, I get up in the morning and I feel I’m going to live each day as it comes. I don’t take any day for granted. I don’t take the next morning for granted. What I look for each day is beauty, meaning and joy, and if I can find beauty, meaning and joy, that’s a good day.”

–          A Jew is unique in many ways especially the middah of honesty… I got a letter in the mail last week that went like this:

“I am writing to you concerning the minor car crash we had about a year ago… After we estimate the cost of the repair, you kindly sent us a check of $75… We didn’t end up sending our car to be fixed… Recently we sent our car to the mechanic for a different repair and he fixed the dent from the crash free of charge…  Therefore I am retuning to you a check with the amount of $75. “Thank your Hashem!!

–          I was taught and try very hard to keep the custom of saying “likvod Shabbat kodesh” and holding the item in my right hand when buying free goodies for Shabbat. This Friday was in a bakery and ran into a friend I have not seen in a long time and we were talking about how great Shabbat is and what a gift it is to be able to sit down together with our wives and children on Shabbat. I paid for my order and when I was outside the door I raised my hand to say likvod Shabbat kodesh and realized my bag with our extra gorgeous delicious cake and other items was not with me and went back into the store and picked it up from the counter- Thank you Hashem for letting me remember our desert and Thank you for letting us enjoy it: Likvod Shabbat Kodesh”!

–          Attended wonderful wedding last night Mazal tov.

–           Thank You Hashem for the simcha (happiness) You give us through ALL of Your Torah and ALL of Your Halachot with which You guide us every day while B’H we GET to learn and follow!

Ashre haam shekacha lo, ashre haam she’Hashem Elokav!

–          As said by Rabbi Miller -To believe in Hashem doesn’t mean to believe like you sign on a dotted line. To actually feel that you see Hashem is the greatest thing in life. We try for that all our lives by learning Torah and by looking in nature and by seeing the things that happened in our lives. 

A miracle is something that gives it to you in one flash. It’s served on a platter, and you’re so impressed you’ll never forget it. A miracle is a gift of true knowledge.

–          Thank you Hashem for the simcha you give us allowing us to relive the miracles of Chanukah and basically live a life of miracles that we can notice, if we pay just a little bit of attention to the big picture and who it is- that is controlling our everyday lives. And thank you for the pleasure we take while we enjoy our gorgeous menorahs-can’t wait to do it in the Bet Hamikdash bimhera biyamenu!

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