Thank You Hashem – Week 21


I wasn’t going to say this story over but Ray somehow knew about it and pushed me to tell it so it’s in his Zechut that I’m writing it. So this is a good opportunity to thank Ray for running this amazing Simcha-Thank You e-mail that brings a smile to our faces every week, Chazak U’baruch!

About 6 years ago our Shul was having financial issues, what Shul doesn’t, and was looking for ways to raise money. There is no committee and we had never done any major communal fund raising activities before so I suggested that we start a Raffle, being that I suggested it I was “volunteered” to run it. I had never done anything like this before but I decided to step up the plate, ask Hashem for the Ko’ach (strength) and do my best. Anyone who has ever had any experience with fund raising will attest that it is no easy task, the logistics, the speeches, the phone calls, e-mails, collections and of course motivating everyone in the Shul to buy into the idea of selling raffles. We decided to raffle a Menorah for Chanukah. B’H as time went on and we got closer to the drawing date it was very successful and we were able to raise a large amount of Money for the Shul. During this period of time my wife and I were trying to have another child for about 3 years, B”H, Bli Ayin Hara we already had a beautiful daughter. On the night of the drawing after I tallied up the total dollar amount we brought in for the Shul I went over to our beloved Rabbi’s house, Chacham Avraham Harari- Raful ZS”L to give him the good news, advise the Rabbi of the final figure and handed over the money that we had collected.  The Rabbi was very happy and gave me a Beracha to have a Ben Zachar (a son).

Some time passed and we got pregnant, B”H our beautiful son was born 3 days before Chanukah the following year almost to the exact Hebrew date the Rav gave me that very Beracha, his Brit Mila was on Rosh Chodesh Chanukah! Truly a Chanukah Miracle!


Sometimes Hashem pushes us in directions that we wouldn’t normally take or think that we are capable of but wants us to go down that path to be able to bless us with our needs, wants and desires, know that everything we do is for a purpose and everything Hashem does for us is the very best, even if it’s difficult or we can’t see it yet.

May the Rabbi’s memory be blessed always and may our son grow to be a Talmid Chacham in his Zechut!

P.S. We have been running the raffle every year since and Bli Ayin Hara it has gotten more and more successful each and every year! May it only continue to grow and may our Shul, Kahal Kadosh Keter Torah, continue to thrive in Torah and Achdut! Amen.


-Had great misva of having special guests for Shabbat-we are very grateful.


-Traveled out of town this week and although it is beautiful to see that there are wonderful shuls to pray in and all, I must stop and thank Hashem for allowing me and my family to live where we live-being part of our special community and having so much abundance of everything important around us helping us to live a torah observant life, we sometimes take it for granted and must appreciate that Hashem put us where we are.


-I visited my son’s school last Thursday for a Hanuka party. The Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi David Cohen was sitting at the table looking rather thirsty. I quickly went over to him and asked if he wanted a drink.  I poured him a soda with ice and he was very happy as he was extremely thirsty. Later that night after we lit the menorah I received the following text “Hi Alex forgot to thank you for the soda. Thanks goodnight”. At that moment I was filled with appreciation for having my boys in such an amazing place


-My kids were playing with my sons fisher price basketball set and they called me, Da look quick, look quick, I see my 5 year old son standing in the corner facing the wall , I asked what did you do, punish him? They said no-he is praying to Hashem to let him get the ball in the basket!!!! Thank you Hashem for letting me see this beautiful site!


-Thank you Hashem that I live in a country that allows me to light my Chanukah menorah and place it proudly in my window


-Thank you Hashem for allowing me to go to Florida and enjoy your beautiful weather. And thank you for everything working out perfectly for us.


-Thank you Hashem for giving me a great family and letting me spend pleasurable time with them this Chanukah.


-Someone was in Boro Park and was trying to get a lift back into Lakewood; he didn’t have his car,

He had to drop off car to his sister; he asked his sister after dropping off the car would you be able to give me a lift to Shomer Shabbos?

Will try to find a ride there, hopefully someone is going back to NJ, she said no problem just give me a few minutes, as he was waiting in the car outside,

a car with Jersey plates pull up to a red light, he figured I have nothing to lose let me see if he is going to jersey, he looked into the car – it was his friend,

His friend just asked him, need a lift – I’m going to Lakewood right now. Perfect timing, Baruch Hashem.


-Thank You Hashem – last minute on Sunday, Chanukah took the kids to Dave and Busters in NYC 42 Street,

Looking for parking, BH couldn’t believe it found parking mid day 42nd, looked up and Dave and Buster was right in front, to find parking in NYC is not that easy especially 42nd street thanksgiving weekend – the small things is constantly showing us Hashem is looking out for us. B”H


-Thank You Hashem, in our bedroom we have 2 beds, my wife and mine, in the middle we put the baby small crib, one day the baby was in the jumper cradle and we fell asleep, waking, my thick winter covers had fell off the bed, even though I should have been more careful, the cover could have landed Chas Ve’shalom on the Baby’s Face, instead the covers landed on the baby’s chest – B”H


-I am in Florida on vacation and my cell phone suddenly stopped working, I went to the t-mobile store and they said there is nothing that can be done to fix the phone that I need to buy a new one. I called my son in Brooklyn and asked him to buy one for me so I will have it when I get home. He went online to buy it but for some reason didn’t hit the buy it button and then called me and said why don’t I just go to Best buy over there and get a phone and put my chip in it so I can use it while I am away. That night we drove into Best buy but didn’t get out of the car and said we will go tomorrow, well tomorrow came along and I turned on my phone and Baruch Hashem it is suddenly working! Thank you Hashem for taking care of this for me!


-opened my email and found an email from Staples alerting me to a bunch of rewards money I have available that I never knew I had-Thank you Hashem


-Thank you Hashem for a very special trip to Israel


– My friends daughter has gotten engaged-simachot by everyone b’ezrat Hashem


-went to the Dr. for a specific test, he could have came out with the results and said anything. As he was standing there about to announce the results with his mouth still closed I was thinking the words that come out of his mouth in the next few seconds can be life changing and prayed very hard to Hashem and said it is not me and it is not the Dr. it is all in your hands Hashem and I trust and rely on you completely and suddenly I was very relaxed and suddenly the Dr. gave me the very good news and great report from the test- Thank you Hashem and thank you for the shaliach Dr.


-Thank You Hashem for the amazing miracles you did for us in those days (Hanukah time), and constant, everyday ones these days!  They are around us everyday to be seen, just look!

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