Thank You Hashem – Week 22

-‎B’H. FOUND a metro card on the bus with $16.00 on it. Makes up for the one that got erased when I took my MRI before the summer


-Thank you Hashem and my wife too for chicken soup


-I thank you Hashem – very much- that I didn’t slip on the ice.


And I Thank you Hashem that when my son did slip on the ice and slid straight into the street, with a truck coming his way, you made sure the truck driver noticed the little 5 year old and managed to avoid running him over.


Like we say in the Amida V’al Nisecha Shebchol Yom Imanu, V’al Nifleosecha V’Tovoshecha sheb’chol es.

Thank You Hashem. 


AND THANK YOU RAYMOND KASSIN for spreading simcha & awareness of HAshems constant Chessed.


-attended a friends wedding this week was a great simcha


-Thank you Hashem that with all these advertisements for Passover vacations I am not even remotely tempted to leave the kedusha of my Seder table at home that you provide for me.


-Hearing stories of 2 different people in need of Lung transplants is a reminder for me to thank Hashem for my lungs and my health-may we all always be healthy and appreciate all that we have been given by Hashem in his great mercy.


-Thank You Hashem for Your CONSTANT, NEVER-ENDING, LOVING KINDNESS!  Including the many things I may take for granted and don’t properly apprecitae like the eyesight you gave me and the great wisdom that goes into the eye…the eye lids and eyelashes that protect them, allow them to close if something is coming towards them and when i want to go to sleep, the ability to see your beautiful world and what you put in your world, including my family, friends and Achenu Kol Bet Yisrael….and amazing acts and things people do (like these emails).  How can I ever truly thank You Hashem…


-Thank you Hashem, rented a truck for work and had taken my EZ PASS for the tolls after the work was done, the Truck was dropped off and form took my car and headed for the Garden state parkway near Mahwah to head back home, just before getting on the Garden State exit remembered the EZ PASS was left BH remembered before getting on the parkway otherwise it would have been a huge hassle to get off a different exit then turn around and get it later BH


-Thank you Hashem for the New Baby Girl, BH


-I Heard something very nice about the Topic of Hakarat Hatov, we say We recognize the Good Hashem has given us, BH, but Hakarah, recognizing and Thanking Hashem is when we realize we are Lacking something, and then Hashem – through His Chesed helps us and takes care of what is needed then we can have the gratitude and we are inspired, but if we have think that we are lacking nothing or its coming to us, we won’t come on to appreciating Hashem’s Hand and His Chesed.


That is what we say in Boreh Nefashot – Hashem You have created Beings with their deficiencies, and the Lehchayot bahem – and you liven them, Thank You Hashem


-Thank you HASHEM for the fingers that let me type this message


-BH this morning running late to pick up my boss for work, driving to his house as I was passing the railroad tracks in Deal the lights started to flash perfect timing to pass the tracks, if I was a few seconds later would have waited for the train and would have been even later – baruch Hashem


-One morning last week I was walking to the train and the weather was very cold. As I was bundled up in my winter coat I starting thinking about the heavy warm coat Hashem gave me.  How many people don’t even have a coat to wear in this frigid weather. The coat I have is lined with down so it is perfect for the winter. It has pockets in the right spot to protect my hands from the winds, the pocket bags are made of fleece so my hands stay warm! The coat has a hood that helps keep my head warm at all times. It also has a double zipper so I can open one if it gets too stuffy and still be comfortable. I didn’t design the jacket or sew it, Hashem made it especially for me! Then I was thinking about how it was bought, Hashem made it easy for me – on sale 50% off. Even further Hashem didn’t want me to feel that it was a handout so he gave me a parnassah so that I can feel that I “earned” the money to “buy” the jacket on my own. This is just one example if Hashem’s endless chesed.

On Tuesday of this week I got a package to my office from a factory overseas that we do business with. The factory owner decided to send me something as a gift and it is exactly my size… a winter jacket!! 

‎I love you Hashem. 


-Had weddings to attend Sunday and Monday night-mabruk to all the families.


-Thank you hashem for giving me the opportunity to go and spend Chanukah in Erets Yisrael it was an unbelievable experience


-Still getting the fabulous Chacham Ovadia Yoseph zs’l stories every day from Saul Kassin – we lost a true Gadol – thank you Hashem for letting us live in the same generation as Chacham Ovadia.

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