Thank You Hashem – Week 23

-Just came from heart doctor and after many test all is well. Even saw my heart on the cardiologist screen that my heart is beating BUT there are no batteries or Electric!!

-Thank you Hashem for having my Daughter get engaged to a wonderful boy from a good family just like mine. I also thank you for helping me to be able to make the wedding in the shul where I pray everyday at a price I can afford and a day that will make my wife and daughter happy.

-Thank you Hashem for the very special hidden sadik in our community, Dr. Fariwa

-THANK YOU HASHEM for the elastic that you make that holds up my socks and under garments. How inconvenient would it be if our socks had no elastic??? We’d spend half our day pulling up our socks!
Think about that tomorrow morning when you’re getting dressed… OLAM CHESSED YIBANE!!!

-Had a small fender bender , someone got in my car shortly after and while I was driving asked, is everything working in order, is the car making any fuzzy,screeching or shrieking noises? I said no and Baruch Hashem neither am I!!

-Thank you Hashem for providing me many opportunities to do Kiddushim Hashem at work, where I am surrounded by non-Jews and non-yet frum Jews.  Thank you Hashem for my wonderful family and friends, and for my job.  Thank you Hashem for always listening to my prayers and for providing me with all my needs! Thank you Hashem for helping me to find the light and truth of Torah.  Thank you, Hashem for showing mercy to all of Klal Yisrael and for forgiving us for our aveiros and accepting our teshuvah.  Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to Hashem for all of the chesed he has done me and for Klal Yisrael.

-Went to visit an extremely sick person in the hospital and as I was leaving the hospital room was walking to the elevator and feeling grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to walk out of the hospital on my own, but was also feeling very bad for the person I was visiting. As I was in the elevator with a sad feeling the doors open up on one of the floors on way down and who walks in? A religious couple with a baby seat and a newborn baby that they were getting ready to bring home from the hospital! A gift all wrapped up by Hashem! Hashem instantly sent me such an awesome message (many messages can be taken) and I was so grateful for this site. I was also able to give this couple a warm beracha and told them they should be zoche to dance with their new baby at her wedding BH. (Who knows? Maybe Hashem put me in that place at that time so they can all hear that beracha and answer amen-in which they did-hope it’s a great wedding to a great Chatan BH)

-ps on that same trip to the visit in the hospital was a big test for me to go, I was very very tied up with much to do with out enough time to do it but stopped everything and went- one of the things was to call a customer and ask if a check that I have been waiting for was sent out yet, and when I returned after business hours from the hospital stopped by my office and the check was in the mailbox- Thank you Hashem

-pss- on that same visit- during my visit overheard interaction with the patient behind the curtain sharing the room but never saw him, had no idea if it was goy or whatever? Then I hear him talking to the dr. and he respectfully tells him-you see that white board behind you, it says in Hebrew- ein od milvado, that means there is nothing else but g-d, that g-d is the one running the world and making all the decisions, no matter what you tell me you think is going on with me it is not you it is all in g-ds hands! Needless to say I paid this patient a visit and had a very nice visit with him and his family. I also repeated the words to the patient I was visiting and it gave him a big chizuk hearing these words! Ein od milvado!

-I was going to the city, about to board the train. I decided to beat my yetzer hara, I went back home for a second to get mini gemara to learn on train, when I got back to parking spot there was a rabbi who I took to the city on the train and helped him collect $ and showed him all offices and where to go.. If I didn’t stall to go home he wouldn’t of saw anyone to help him. It was about 1 pm middle of week.

-Lately I’ve been leaving my learning to pray early to avoid traffic to open my store on time. Today I woke up 730, went to shul, but stayed and spoke with someone about dibrei torah and I left at 820. I was scared ill be late. BH No traffic at all. Opened Store exactly at 930. Usually there’s traffic every day.

-On Passover one must burn hametz until its not even edible for a dog… As I’m burning and thinking if it’s burned enough, a dog passes by, goes up to the bread, sniffs it, and walks away. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

-Outside of mdy yeshiva, I saw a mercedes car on, unlocked and running, with of course the key inside. I went inside, and happened to ask my friend if he recognizes/knows the license plate? the car was his. The first person I asked.

-My friend told me he writes small letters to hashem before business meetings. As I was about to meet someone very important, I wrote a letter to HaShem asking that it goes well. The SECOND I finished writing and clicked my pen closed, he opened the door. A clear sign that HaShem waited for me to finish.

-In circa in Manhattan I was telling my friend how patience is key in business to ensure you make right decisions. As we’re talking Rabbi David Sutton walks in, says hello, and shares a divre Torah about how important it is to be patient

-I got pulled over by a very nasty cop. He told me I did 3 things wrong. I thought I was getting a ticket for sure. I then recited to myself, that HaShem controls everything, not cops. I was so calm and relaxed and knew the cop wasn’t in control. After 20 minutes in his car, he came out with a smile handed me my license and wished me a good night. Not one ticket

-MABRUUUUUKK!!! MAZAL TOV!!! OVER 200 HEALTHY BABIES BORN DURING SNOW STORM IN ISRAEL! Yes while they were totally shut down with 2 feet of beautiful snow!

– Thank you Hashem; My very old frying pan literally straight off the fire, cracked off the handle – The handle was in my hand, The pan on the table. BH fell onto the table and didn’t hit/hurt anyone.

It did melt through 3 plastic plates that were on the table.

It could’ve done very serious harm.

– Thank You Hashem for giving me a chavrutah to the emet of your ways!!

-was in Israel by snow and saw Hashgacha every moment, every icy step. The way ppl reacted and helped each other- Hashems ppl, charedi, chiloni, Chassidic, Zionist- was the greatest testimony to what a neshama is!

-(from my 5 year old son, the effect of reading this email out loud at the Shabbat table, was very happy to add this to the Thank you Hashem email) My 5 year old son runs to me holding his nose, I ask if he needs a tissue and he says yes,runs to bathroom to get one but door is locked-then looks at me and runs inside then runs back to me and says Daddy Hashem did a Nes (miracle) for me – before Hashem made me bring the tissue box to the couch and now when I needed a tissue and the door was locked it was all ready waiting for me on the couch. Hashem should bless all of us and our children to always see Hashems hand in everything.

– Hazal say that when a person is doing a mitzvah he is protected from harm going and coming from the mitzvah,

BH – Snowing this week, was driving to shul, the streets maybe had 2 – 3 inches and was snowing, going to minyan in the morning,

Was trying to make a right turn as was turning, the car lost control and slid sideways hard into the sidewalk and popped the curb,

There was a car parked a little further and BH missed the car, BH all was ok – had the car parked closer to the corner would have hit it,

BH all ok, wakeup call with no damage BH – Thank you Hashem.

-Went to 2 weddings this week-Mazel tov to all the wonderful families

-I asked someone in shul this morning if anyone won the 640 million dollar lottery and he answered that WE ARE THE LOTTERY WINNERS! WE ARE YEHUDIM! – congratulations to all you lucky mega jackpot lottery winners- Hashem has chosen us to be honored Jews and to have an olam haba, think of how many billions of people and creations there are in the world and now think of the odds of YOU being picked and chosen by Hashem to be crowned a Jew with much meaning in this world and the next! Thank you Hashem

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