Thank You Hashem – Week 24

– Every morning we say the Beracha- “HaMechin Mitzadei Gaver”- Hashem prepares the steps of Man. Rav Shimon Schwab explains that Hashem is in control of every step we take, meaning Hashem leads us to go where He knows is best for us to go. Last Sunday, I made a last minute decision to fly to China for business. Every factory that I needed to work with was in Northern China and almost always when I went in the past I travel through Seoul Korea and then transfer into China. This time, Hashem, through my travel agent, got me great seats and a great itinerary with a connecting flight in Hong Kong. I left Monday Night and arrived in Hong Kong Wednesday morning early with a connecting flight at 10:25 AM to a city in China. I boarded the plan at 10:00 AM and was sitting and waiting for take off. At 10:25, the pilot makes an announcement that there will be a delay for a very unusual reason. He explains that the Walkway Bridge that connects to the door of the airplane broke and it was not able to detach from the door and so they needed to repair it before we can take off. Another 20 minutes went by and then I saw an Immigration paper on the seat near me and I remembered that I forgot to get a Visa which is needed to enter Mainland China. The airline was not suppose to allow me onto the plane without it but they overlooked it and now I realized that had the plane taken off, I would have not been permitted to enter China and they would have sent me back to either Hong Kong (many hours later) or NY which would have ruined my whole trip. I called the Flight attendant and she made a call and an agent came on the plane and told me to gather my things as he escorted me off the plane. At that point I thought of the Beracha “HaMechin Mitzadei Gaver”- and I started to realize that Hashem was taking me by the hand into Hong Kong for a reason that I did not yet know about. Hong Kong does not require a Visa, and so I got my bags and took a taxi into downtown Hong Kong, to the Shul in Kowloon where a nice Jewish man helped me get information on where to get a Visa in the shortest amount of time. As it turned out, I went to the consulate and they were able to get me a Visa for the next afternoon. Although I was in Hong Kong unplanned, I remembered that I have a Factory contact that was headquartered in Hong Kong and so I contacted them and they were happy to meet with me the next morning. That morning’s meeting ended up making my entire trip productive and filled with new business opportunities. I then got my Visa and continued on to China for a successful trip. Throughout the entire Journey I could not stop saying Thank You Hashem for leading me to a better situation. This was an obvious Yad of Hashem experience but the Beracha we say each day is to instill in us that EVERY place we go, planned or unplanned is being controlled by Hashem for our best interest. Ashrechem Yisrael!!!!!

– I was feeling under the weather, left work early, was thinking “I feel so sick”. Then I said Thank You Hashem for making me almost never feel like this. Thank you for giving me a healthy family. My next thought was “There are so many real sick people who wish they could feel as good as I feel now. My Rebbi Reb Nissan Kaplan often quotes the Gemara that the Tanna Rebbi Akiva was very poor. One day Eliyahu Hanavi came to his house dressed as a poor man. He said his wife was about to give birth, (or just gave birth – I don’t remember) and didn’t even have straw to lie on. R’ Akiva then gave the “poor man” some of his own straw. After the “man” left, R Akiva told his wife Rachel “you see there are poorer people than us”. We need to always remember that whatever situation we may face, there are always people facing bigger difficulties.

– was at a wedding of a worker of mine and got there when he was just getting into the yichud room, I managed to get to him in there to give him a mazal tov and so he can see me and I can wish him well and now I can leave and make it home and then to my regular shiur. Otherwise he would be coming out for the dancing at 930pm and would be cutting it very close. After I saw him I was contemplating what to do and thought of the misva to make a chattan happy and decided to stay and then rush to my class at 10pm…When you do a misva or chesed it is really for yourself- when he came out and I got to dance with him alone in the giant circle they formed, he gave me the most warm and sweet beracha as we were dancing together, had I left I would not have been able to make him so happy that these words of beracha came out of his mouth and receive this great beracha…it was an incredible moment and the kedusha was felt sincerely

– My friend got engaged-thank you Hashem

– B4 we got married we were looking 4 an apartment in Deal. For like 2 months and we couldn’t find anything so we decided to look in Lakewood ( not our 1st choice) but I said well do our hishtadlut in both places and Hashem will put us where were suppose to live.
The next week we started looking in Lakewood and right away we found a nice cozy apartment that we both liked, and it was in pine river the area we really wanted to be in and it was cheaper then the other places that we looked at in deal and bh everything worked so smoothly and we ended up taking that place. So we said ok this must be where Hashem wants us 2 live.
Now that we found a place in Lakewood we had 2 find a job for my wife local because the year before she worked in deal and its a far commute for her to do everyday so now we were going to try 2 find a job a little closer.
So around a week after we got the place in pine river my wife made a few phone calls to ask if any1 knew any jobs like for a playgroup in Lakewood ( which btw isn’t easy to find a few of her friends have been looking 4 the same kind of job in Lakewood and couldn’t find anything) and right away some1 told her she knew of somebody looking for a assistant in her playgroup so my wife called to ask about the job and she told us she’s busy with camp now but shell get back to us.
A few weeks later she called us back and BH she gave my wife the job. And where was this playgroup located? In pine river down the block from our house!
That’s Hashem telling us don’t worry about anything I am watching over you and taking care of you!!! Thank you Hashem for taking care of us and of all your children!!!!! We always have to strengthen our emunah when we see Hashem literally taking care of us and should never worry about anything just pray and do out hishtadlut!!!


– I was running late and on my way to the train.  As I approached I could see the train at the station stopped. Ok I figured pick up the pace to try to catch it. Needed also to fill my metro card. Got to the platform, and both machines were being used and no attendant was behind the glass.   So I said to myself, I will just wait patiently, take my time going up the stairs, and walk onto the train like a melech.  If Hashem wants me to catch the train I will.  So I waited patiently, strolled up the stairs, and walked onto the train like a melech. Thank you Hashem.

– I had a very expensive old pair of Shabbat shoes that the sole had gotten worn and had a sort of crack going thru it. I took a chance and called the company for fun and they took the shoes back and sent them back to me with a brand new rubber sole and fixed them all up like new shined up and all, or actually BETTER than new-this sole is actually much better and more comfortable then the original. Thank you Hashem for the free shoes likvod Shabbat kodesh.

– THANK YOU HASHEM for putting YOUR WORDS IN MY MOUTH, THOUGHTS in my head and similar how R’ Diamond puts it, taking me by the hand bringing me along the way.  I LOVE YOU HASHEM, THANK YOU!

– I had a mammogram today for a suspected growth.  Baruch Hashem, all is well.

– Hesed and team work! Mitzvah man takes care of a 95 year old Blind women, who lives ALONE, on the 3 rd floor of a vacant yeshiva.8 volunteers visit her weekly to take care of all her needs, shopping, Drs. Appointments, rides, cleaning, paper work etc…. A while back, a volunteer suggested buying her a special Automatic phone, and then she’ll plug in all her numbers so she won’t have to wait for us to come to help her make her phone calls. Last week, while alone, she got chest pains, she shouted into her phone, Hatzalah Hatzalah!!!”
I’m getting chest pains!!!” Hatzalah immediately picked her up, brought her to Maimonides hospital while she was having a heart attack! Hashem set her up with this automatic telephone, a gift that eventually saved her life!, mitzvah man immediately called Ikey Sabagh from friends of Maimonides offices as Ikey works there to make sure community patients are taken care of . Ikey responded” I wasn’t sure that she’s blind” ok I’m on it” Ikey and friends of Maimonides immediately  got Her a room, doctors and they performed a successful operation. 2 days later ,Ikey called and said she has NO insurance or family ,so they can’t send ambulance, mitzvah man arranged for volunteers to pick her up,
2 women, now the problem is lifting her up 3 flights of steps, again, hatzalah to the rescue,2 men showed up as soon as she arrived. Mitzvah man volunteer brought food and stayed with her to tend to her needs “she’s alive and well BH. From Mitzvah man to friends of Maimonides to Hatzalah, a community organized TEAM EFFORT!!!!!! ACHDUT!!!  Hashem should bless all of these and all our organizations at large- it is a great Kiddush Hashem and awesome how they all worked in sync saving this woman. Each organization is a piece in the puzzle. But wow, Thank you Hashem for that telephone!
(To volunteer for chesed opportunities with mitzvah man call 1866 355 1825 or go to


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