Thank You Hashem – Week 25

– Thank you Hashem for The Special Childrens Center! This week our “Special Child” was off of school for winter vacation (?) Being home for over 10 days is difficult for him and us since he needs constant care. The center took him on overnights and really helped us get through it. May Hashem help them to continue their great work (until it’s no longer needed by anyone)


-Was driving with someone from Lakewood and were talking in the car as we were driving,

The driver mentioned something and I told him in response – LO ZOO HADERCH, this is not our way,

I don’t know why I said those words but just popped into my mind, meanwhile the driver was about to make a wrong turn and as the words were said he answered OH, sorry your right it’s the wrong turn – LO ZOO HADERCH,

Baruch Hashem.


-UPDATE TO STORY FROM WEEK 19, (“- Bh was learning the Daf, the gemera was speaking about a mezuzah on the door of the special chamber in the Beit Hamikdash that housed the Cohen Gadol for seven days before Yom Kippur, Hasdei Hashem someone was in the office at the time and we were discussing the gemara, and as a joke we remarked about our office, they have just recently done construction and have moved people around their offices, but they didn’t put up the mezuzah, my friend said, wait, get someone to put it up for you – Amazing, learning the gemara and Hasdei Hashem we are able to put into action… getting a mezuzah right away BH – Gadol Halimud shemavia leda maaseh, – greater is learning torah for it brings to action, Baruch Hashem. – a person does one mitzvah and it leads to another.”) –



-Hasdei Hashem – was in Israel with family for my father a”h 30 days, and while there, noticed my wallet was missing, we looked everywhere! I didn’t even remember which credit cards were in my wallet, imagine internationally and wallet missing!!! Concierge on credit card couldn’t do anything for me, after breakfast we all packed into my brothers rent a car, and my mother insisted to sit in the back. I was in front, she mentioned why don’t you say the pasuk lost objects, started saying it, and when said the very last word, my mother yelled out “Got it” thought she was joking, she said “No seriously here it is” the wallet must have fell out of your pocket in the back seat, and when I was saying the pasuk she felt the seat and found it . – Amazing. BH


-Hashem sent me a reward for a misvah I did a few years back, another misva! Was walking to my car to go and pray mincha and I saw a person standing outside a house, looked like he was looking for a minyan so I walk towards him and he says, remember me? (which I did instantly) you and your friend once were so nice and came to visit me when I was sitting shivah in this same house for my baby son, are you able to come in now and help with a minyan? My mother inlaw is sitting now and we are trying to get it together. Thank you Hashem for doubling my misvah and b’h may I join these fine people in celebrating simachot and very happy times as well!

(Also got to witness a kidush Hashem as there was a not yet frum older man there that was convinced to stay and pray with us and he heard divrei Torah and I saw first hand the light of Torah and emet take effect on him,he was so happy and he felt as if he accomplished something meaningful! And was so nice to see fellow Jews helping him to read the tefillot from the siddur and guide him how to say shema and all. Who is like the Jewish Nation! Mi kiamcha Yisrael!


-Thank you Hashem for our meaningful holidays and for Rosh Hashana-our new year in which we are given the opportunity to stand before you and speak of your greatness and be judged with everything good b’ezrat Hashem and not use our new year like the nations of the world to drink themselves into oblivion and endanger peoples lives.


– I did my hishtadlut and tried to get a certain job and Baruch Hashem I didn’t get it thank you Hashem!!


-I would like to Thank Hashem for giving Raymond the idea to start this beautiful weekly email. When it first started, we started reading the emails at the Shabbat table and then we would go around the table asking everyone to say something they thank Hashem for. My children are little, but BH they would give the most beautiful Thank yous that would make us SO proud! My 4 year old, Hashem bless her, loved it, and took it upon herself that every night at dinner time, all on her own she says “OK EVERYONE, IT IS TIME FOR US TO THANK HASHEM! DADDY YOU START” and she goes around the table asking each one of us to say something. When we get up to the baby, she says something for him – “He thanks Hashem for his pacifier!”He thanks Hashem for his toys” “He thanks Hashem for his bottle”…etc etc. Thank you for bringing this wonderful way to teach our children (& us) about Thanking Hashem & having Hakarat HaTov!


-Thank you Hashem that. I’m healthy in every way!! It’s the biggest beracha!


-My friend had a healthy baby boy this past week- Baruch Hashem


-Thank You Hashem that we run and they run… we run to Olam Habah and they run to?
Thank You that on jan 1st we get to run to learn Your EMET, Your TORAH that You gave to US…TRUE SIMHA (happiness)…while they run searching for some kind of happiness without realizing how to find such a thing and what it may mean to be b’simha! (With happiness)
“Yismach lev mevakshey Hashem” -The heart rejoices (will be happy) of someone that asks/seeks out about the ways of Hashem


-2 beautiful families, 1 beautiful engagement! – Mazal tov


-Mi kiamcha Yisrael-Only the Jewish people- On Wednesday  I heard Moshes supermarket was a pre snowstorm madhouse, at the end of the day I was driving by and said I will run in for a French bread for rosh chodesh but if the lines are crazy I will just leave, I grabbed the bread and saw a couple of lines with very little action and went to the register, then to my right saw another line a little smaller so walked over, a lady had a wagon not far behind and said excuse me I  am on the line, I said oh sorry I didn’t realize, I move to step behind her and she motions to the long aisle behind me and says- that is the line (I didn’t realize because to stay out of the way they continue the line by the aisle)-there was an entire aisle filled to the back of the store of people with their wagons waiting on the line!!- I said oh wow- she laughingly says you didn’t think you were that lucky did you? She says don’t worry you only have 1 item go ahead- I said no no its ok-she said just go –I said no its not fair to the entire line I would be cutting all of them not just going ahead of you, I was about to go just put the bread back and she announces down the entire aisle- “Does anyone mind if he goes ahead of us?” they all said together no problem, go ahead, I guess I was “that lucky”- thank you Hashem.

Mi kiamcha Yisrael- Chodesh Tov.

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