Thank You Hashem – Week 26

-Thank You Hashem for Rosh Hodesh, our opportunity every month to: Thank Hashem for Last month’s blessings received.

Ask Hashem for more berachot for this month.

Improve on something good that you are doing & do it a little better

–Thank you Hashem for clean running water.

-Thank you Hashem for heat in our homes and Thank you for the kind people that all stepped up trying to help out in many ways when we lost our heat on Shabbat-Fri Night in the frigid snowy cold-its great to be a jew.

-2 weddings this week of friends of mine-simachot by everyone bezrat Hashem

-went out of town on a business trip to see a client and got a call from left field from a different customer giving me an emergency order on the spot, Hashem made it that I was able to handle the order remotely without having to be there and was even able to get paid for the order with a credit card without having to wait. Sometimes we work in1 area and Hashem sends the parnassa from a different area-Thank you Hashem

-Today (the 5 degree day) when I came into my cozy classroom, I wrote on the board in big bold letters “THANK YOU HASHEM FOR STEAM”. One 8 year old Talmid responded “we should also not forget to thank the Rabbi D. who makes sure the steam is working every day!

-This past Shabbat after the snowstorm a thought came to me while walking to shul.   The sun was out and I said to myself, now it will start to melt the snow. Than I said to Hashem, wow the sun is so far and just its light can melt snow in 10 degrees! Amazing.  So when I came home from Shul I picked up the dictionary for some facts. As we all know the sun is the closest star to earth. The distance to the sun is 93, 000,000 miles!!  Yes 93 million miles.  The hottest point of the sun (its core) can reach 27,000, 000 degrees. Yes 27 million degrees! Now from New York to California is approximately 3000 miles.  So take a flashlight or better yet take a very strong light and shine it to California, can it be seen? Don’t think so. Take the hottest flame and blow it towards California, will you get heat? Don’t think so.  Hashem is amazing. The Sun warms us, gives light, melts snow, nutures trees &  plants , is beautiful to view, people need a certain amount of sunlight for health.  I can name many more benefits of the Sun. Hashem thank you for all your kindness.

-Thank you Hashem that we have nice warm bathrooms. In 1800s your restroom would be outside, not to mention Tuesday’s high temperature of 10 degrees! Now think about that and say Asher Yatzar with deep concertration and thanks.

-3 years ago- my wife was almost 2 weeks overdue and forced to be induced with our first son. We checked into the Hospital around 530 pm Monday evening. They finally broke her water around 5 AM and things finally started to move along. Around 10 AM she started to push. 3 HOURS LATER still pushing, the Dr. said the baby isn’t coming out naturally; we will need to do a C-section. 2 PM the baby was delivered BH –9 LBS. Around 7 pm while is leaving the Hospital to go home for an hour to wash up, my wife called my father and myself back up to the room with the Dr.’s waiting to delivery some scary news….”your son is bleeding in his head and we do not know or think he will make it –it could be 24 hours” I fainted to the floor. After a few minutes we all gathered ourselves – got the entire community aware of the situation, Israel was notified right away and BH, Hashem should bless this community, we were all praying within minutes of the news. I was reading once that one of the reasons why the Bris is on the 8th day is because it takes that long for a baby to clot. BH our sons head clotted within 24 hours. The Indian Dr.’s words were to me “ALL WE DID IS WATCH HIM BUT IT WAS G-D” Within 1 week he was home.  BH Today 6th of Shevat is his 3 year Birthday. The Nahat we get from him is indescribable BH.

About 7 months ago we had another boy – throughout the pregnancy the Dr. told my wife somehow the baby needs to be less then 8 lbs if she wants to deliver natural. A few days into her 9th month her water breaks and within hours the baby was out easy and healthy.

The baby was 7.5 lbs. if she went full term baby could’ve been 10 lbs. HASHEM IS TELLING US, I AM HERE FOR YOU JUST TRUST IN ME! THANK YOU HASHEM FOR SHOWING MY FAMILY YOUR HAND!

-It was very cold today (Tuesday) and i decided i was not going to go to shul. An alert on my phone had woken me up early. After i got dressed i said it’s really cold outside but i will attempt to go so i got in my car as i drove down the block of the shul someone was getting out right in front of the shul .When i got to work i also found a parking spot right in front Thank you hashem for not having me to walk so far in the cold and keeping me warm.

-My friend called me very upset about her daughter in law. I tried to calm her down, but she felt that the girl just didn’t like her and that she never came over. We started talking about how to give the benefit of the doubt and committed too learning from a sefer each day. No sooner did we read one story and her doorbell unexpectedly rang. There at her doorstep was her son the daughter in law and the baby.

We don’t always get to see our efforts rewarded so quickly but we can be sure that hashem appreciates all we do



-was Zocheh to fulfill the misvah of returning a lost object-I found an expensive piece of jewelry and was able to find its owner and make the  owner extremely happy-thank you Hashem for our misvot

-Thank you Hashem that I live in a neighborhood that has many minyanim available-was out of town today and went to shul in the morning and they did not have a minyan-bh I drove 20 minutes away and found one.

-Was in a hotel and at 130am while sleeping the alarm inside the room starts blaring extremely LOUD!! With announcement of an emergency has been reported in the building do not use the elevator or steps-the strobe lights going and the piercing sound of the screeching alarm was very scary in the middle of the night in a strange place,many things went thru our minds,terrorists,robbers,fire-hostages? But Baruch Hashem all is well and was a glitch in the alarm system-was very scared and Hashem kept us safe.

-was pulled over to get a ticket in an area that speed limit changes from 65 to 55 and didn’t realize, I am always very careful with speed limits,when the officer took my info I did not have my insurance card and in nj they are very tough and that is major no no, he went to his car and I prayed to Hashem-I said Hashem I am always careful to be safe and not speed and I don’t want to have shalom bayit issue with my husband ,this was a mistake on my part please take care of it- the officer comes back and says, go ahead don’t worry about it.

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