Thank You Hashem – Week 27

– Rabbi Miller often said “if you thank Hashem for the things he gives you, he’ll let you keep it.

-I had bought a new sweater this week on sale and was planning on wearing it the next day. The next morning I was ready to put the sweater on before going to shul but then realized I would have to take it off in order to put on tefilin. So I left the sweater at home on the table with the intention to put on when I get back from shul. After shaharit I came home, picked up my attaché and left for work -forgetting all about the sweater. It was Monday this week when the weather was in single digits. As I was walking to the train in the cold I was thinking how could I forget my sweater on a day like this?
Came home that night and the sweater was on the table where I had left it in the morning. As I picked it up to put away, something made me look at the label.
80% wool
20% linen
I had to read the label 3x for the chesed of Hashem to really sink in.
Hashem saved me from a pure issur deorayta!! (from torah) Of wearing shaatnez
I love you Hashem.

-I once heard that for every car accident, there are 300 misses. So Hashem really protects us every time we step in and out of a car. To show my gratitude for this I tried the following for a month. Every time I drove in a car and got to my destination safely I pledged .50 cents. So for example, if I drove to shul in the morning and drove home afterwards I pledged $1.00 ( .50 cents going and .50 cents coming). Longer trips ( like to deal or Manhattan $1.00 each way). Now I really do not drive much but at the end of the month I had $52!! I found a very worthy cause and committed to donating the monthly money to it every month. Thank you Hashem for keeping us safe.

-Danced at beautiful wedding last night- great simcha for all

-follow up to last weeks hotel emergency alarm- took a shot in the dark and called the front desk and asked if they can do anything for us due to the inconvenience of being woken in the middle of the night and scared by the reported emergency-they said the manager will call me back- he called me back he was very nice and said he was sorry and all and said he would credit us for the parking and taxes of about $30 and will give me his information in case we ever need a room upgrade or any help at all with discounts on rooms in the hotel anytime, that I now have a connection at the hotel. Paying with priceline I knew I had no way of getting refunded because you pay priceline directly but I thanked him very much and laughingly uttered I wish there was a way to somehow credit something from the room rate and he jumps in and says I know but you paid with Priceline and the payment goes thru them,for me to contact them for a refund it may take a couple of days for you to get the refund, would you want me to put it in for you? Hmmmmmm? I said ok that would be fine-refund has been completed, Thank you Hashem!

-thank you Hashem, for letting me fly safe back and forth to Las Vegas for a trade show,
Thank you, that our flight on Saturday night was only delayed 3hrs, getting into the hotel room 4am and still able to make and have a minyan in the morning with all friends that came on the flight
Thank you that I was able to do the Daf the whole week and keep me on my toes in Vegas.
Thank you Hashem.

-thank you Hashem that I burnt my mouth on hot coffee, I was pressured moving houses and lost my cool BH I can have a kappara..
Thank you Hashem

-BH a box with delicate glass and dishes fell and cracked whole moving,
Bh, gam Zu letova
Thank you Hashem, this Is the best outcome to have…

-came home to 4 invitations to happy occasions-simcha and beracha for all of our beautiful nation

-these Thank you Hashems are very inspiring, here is one to add (I think?). My wife took my car for an errand and was coming to pick me up, I was waiting on the corner and as the car pulled up to the corner across the street before turning towards me I saw the front corner of the car by the headlight was all dented in, I guess she had some sort of mishap or someone backed into the car or something, as she turned the car in front of me to pick me up I saw that there was NOTHING wrong with the car, it must have been the reflection from the sunny day shining on the metal of the car that made it look dented- one second I thought I had a situation on my hands to deal with, the next second it was gone! Thank you Hashem.

-Walking to moishas to get food for shabbat last friday I slipped wildly on wet ice on the sidewalk. I grabbed bushes next to sidewalk and BH I didn’t hit the ground. Thank you hashem for having the bush in a spot that saved me from possible broken bones

-THANK YOU HASHEM for every little thing and every moment! Through which YOU teach us Your ways at that of the TRUTH of the TORAH YOU gave to us…The TRUTH of all that goes on with us and in the world YOU created and run! THANK YOU HASHEM!!

-had Jroot radio on in car- Rav was in middle of speaking and he stops and says I have to put some music on now, I have a call coming in from Israel that I want to answer (sounded odd,but ok) -puts on a song (he put on kama tov Hashem-how good is Hashem) he breaks back into the program and announces emotionally that he just got a call from his son in Israel and Baruch Hashem he has become a grandfather-they just had a baby boy- Mazal tov to the parents Ovadia and Sarah,he went on to thank Hashem tremendously on the radio for this simcha and was getting choked up with simcha- I immediately thought of this simcha thank you Hashem email and said I will send it in and spread his Thank you to Hashem here as well- was great to hear a wonderful simcha live on the radio- Thank you Hashem and keep em coming for all klal yisrael

-Thank you Hashem for the opening of this door before the other one closed! The timing was amazing!

-was driving on highway- too fast- and thought I saw a frum guy at side of the road in trouble so I slowed down, and then realized I was wrong, was nothing there. I started to drive again and passed a speed trap- and BH was going slow and drove right by cop at right speed. don’t worry, I got the message and stayed within limit after that 🙂

-My car battery died and as I stood there wondering what to do, an AAA truck passed and even though I’m not a member he said if I gave him twenty bucks cash he would give me a boost, I had exactly twenty dollars in my pocket!

-my wife went to pediatrician with one child, while she was there, the nurse brought in some faxes that had just come- one of them was regarding another of my children who needed important medical procedure done- but the child my wife had brought in was fine, nothing wrong BH. but because of that child, my wife happened to be there and got an update hours earlier than normal, which ended up being a big help. thank You Hashem! and thanks for this opportunity to spread it here.

-Thank you Hashem for our delicious fruits and vegetables- for their gorgeous looks inside and out for the beautiful peels and colorful wrappers they are delivered to us in makes it even more tasty to enjoy! How about that ,think what putting a few woodlike pebbles in the ground can turn into? Please alert me when a scientist can place something in the earth and have a pineapple appear,with its crown and all!- Thank you Hashem

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