Thank You Hashem – Week 28

– Thank you Hashem-
That You made the Orange a golden color on the outside to show me You love me.
And with no color on the inside of the peel to show me You made it!

-Was sitting at my desk thinking I didn’t pray so great for a nice etrog being tu bishvat today, I only prayed in my own words I wonder if there is a special tefilla to say? And a minute later or less I get an email from Solomon with the Ben ish Chai tefilla! Thank you Hashem

-Rabbi Miller told about his Rebbes in Slobodka that taught him to that we must be grateful and thank Hashem for button holes and zippers, because other wise how would we fasten and keep our clothes closed.Also be grateful and thank Hashem for shoelaces. Ever try to walk without shoelaces? The shoes would simply just fall off.

– This may seem like a small thing, but it was so important at the time. I was making a recipe that called for mushroom soup. I looked in my cupboard where I usually don’t keep cans and said, “If Hashem wants there will be mushroom soup there. If he doesn’t want, there won’t be.” What did I find but a single can of mushroom soup. I see that as a sign that Hashem is with me. THANK YOU HASHEM!!!!!

-brit milah today-mazal tov

-Thank you Hashem that I live in walking distance to one of the greatest shuls

-Ran into an old student of mine and he asked if I remember him, I quickly replied with his entire name (middle and all) and I can see he is now a frum jew-he tells me He is now a Rebbi teaching Torah and spreading Torah-he says you know why? Because I remember many years back on Shabbat of my Bar Misvah you walked in the extremely hot weather all the way to my house on Ave Z, you walked that long long walk in the heat just for me!-Had tremendous effect on him and made him want to go on the path of Torah-don’t under estimate even a small act!

– Recently, I was having a few guests for Shabbos lunch. I felt that I had time to go work out on Friday before preparing, since the cleaning ladies were coming that day. One thing after the next delayed me, and finally, as I was about to leave, my key to unlock the inside of my front door fell somewhere and I could not find it. I had an extra key, but I still kept looking for the one that fell. By that time, I realized that it just was not meant to be, and I decided not to work out. I gave up looking for the key, and then on the way out the door, I found it! As it turned out, I was not ready for Shabbos until the last moment. Thank you Hashem for giving me some big hints that I should forget the work-out that day!!

-Thank you Hashem for Mr. Harvey Levine- Chaim Ben Esther a’h- we will miss him.

-Thank you Hashem that I have a warm beautiful Shabbat with a full table.

-Thank you Hashem, for the socks that you provide me with, and the feet that I have to put them on Some people don’t have socks or g-d forbid feet. Thank you Hashem.

-The words Yimach shemo (erase his name) came to fruition sort of, I heard on the news that somehow by mistake google maps put the old names of streets on their site from the early 1900’s and in Germany many streets were named after h-tler (yimach shemo-his name should be erased) and then the story continued and a rep from Google gets on and apologizes and says it was a computer error and they don’t know how that happened but they have erased the name h-tler from their maps-he used the words-erased his name YIMACH SHEMO his name should be erased-that’s a start! And our beautiful nation will live and thrive for eternity-Thank you Hashem for making me a Jew

-I found some items that I really needed on big sale, including a small crock pot for $12.99! On top of that, I had some bonus points for the store, and ended up paying only $7.99 for a 3 quart crock pot! Thank you Hashem!!

-asked a friend of mine if he thought a certain person may be available to learn with me for the next couple of days and he answered that I just happen to be steps away from him, I will ask him now and call you back in 10 seconds- Baruch Hashem it worked out-perfect timing-Thank you Hashem –the learning was great!

-THANK YOU HASHEM for our great Rabbi’s that we can and should look to for guidance about so so many different things and subjects! …and THANK YOU HASHEM because I know YOU are the ONE who is really doing the guiding through our special Rabbi’s. How important to go ask those who are true Hachamim with true yirat shamayim, daat Torah, and love/care for people and especially Am Yisrael! THANK YOU HASHEM!

-Thank you Hashem for letting me know Mr. Harvey Levine alav hashalom

-wow during the snow storm today at work (Tuesday) was looking outside how rough the storm was and was thinking I am so hungry for some reason today- I wish that person that comes around with sandwiches stops by my office today, but at the same time was thinking wasn’t crazy about his hashgacha/kosher supervision that he had (I nicely mentioned to him couple of times) and that anyway was practically impossible for him to venture out today in the storm- and also haven’t seen him in our building for quite a while. All of a sudden he pops my office door open holding his box full of sandwiches and a smile and announces- I now have Rabbi Gornish as my kashrut supervision would you like a sandwich? Thank you Hashem

-It’s a girl! Mabrooooooooooook!

-Mi kiamcha yisrael-who is like the jewish people? Saw 2 religious boys shoveling out their car only to notice it wasn’t their car, it was a total strangers car and the owner of the car didn’t even ask them to do it, he walked out in the middle of their shoveling and was overwhelmed on how nice it was to do this for him without him even asking!Kidush Hashem
– Thank you hashem for these beautiful emails that give us so much chizuk
thank you for the snow its so beautiful ma rabu masecha hashem !

-Pidyon Haben,great misvah and simcha –mazal tov to all the families

– A friend of mine reminded me of this wonderful story that happened to him, I remember walking to shul one Shabbat and ran into my friend and we were talking as we walked, He was married for 8 years but not blessed with children yet, His friends daughter was also married for some time and did not have any children yet, that Yom kippur the friend bought the opening of the hechal of Neilah for him and told him he should go and pray for his daughter and they are going to pray for him that in zechut of praying for someone else in pain bh they will see a yeshuah. That year THEY BOTH had their first children! Today he now has b’ah- 7 Children- Thank you Hashem

-had to bring something and install it by a customer in Baltimore-was bouncing around ideas-drive dreaded 3.5 hrs each way on same day, sleep there and come back in morning and miss class and my family? Send someone from here and pay a large amount of money? None of which I was crazy about doing. I had started to try and give business to a supplier I found out was Jewish and for fun called him and asked if he knows someone I can pay to go to Baltimore and do this for me, he gives me the # of someone and says he is in NJ,I ask ,Lakewood? He says he thinks so, I start thinking of a person I used to have as a guest for dinner in Lakewood and say what are the odds? I call him up and start telling him what I need and I interrupt and ask if he knows Alon Deri (the person that used to bring him over to my home to eat) and he says Yes- I tell him my name and he says wow!-I say small world-(Rabbi Diamond says it’s a Big world but Hashem put us together) and he says of course I will do it for you and happens to be I am going to Baltimore next week and my co. will not have to charge you travel time! Thank you Hashem but doesn’t end there- need to get the item to Lakewood- happens to be my friend was going to Lakewood the next day and he did me the great chesed of bringing it there for me. Hashem sets up everything so perfectly all the time- I thought I was doing the favor by having a guest but in the end He did me the favor by being my guest.

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