Thank You Hashem – Week 30

– Thank you Hashem it’s Friday
-Had a great safe trip with my family- Thank you Hashem
-Baruch Hashem I finally have a new job after a long time without one.
-Thank you Hashem, that I am alive and good health, me and my family – BH
-Thank you Hashem – 8yr old, thank you Hashem for me,
6yr old, thank you Hashem for Soda and delicious food
3yr old, thank you Hashem for firemen.

-Thank you Hashem for these fabulous emails, took advice and started reading them aloud at Shabbat table and made a rule whoever wants to jump in and add their own Thank you Hashem can do so on the spot-very enjoyable
-my son went ice skating in school and had to bring his skates to school, when he was finished and he started walking home he was tired and the bag was really heavy.I happened to be driving by to daven mincha and I parked next to his school,- not a minyan I usually daven at- just as he walked by the car. he was delighted to leave his heavy bag in my car and continue walking


– ‎Had a very long day at work and got home late. In the kitchen I opened the cabinet to get a plate for dinner and realized that I was so busy I had not eaten anything the entire day. “Wow I am starvi—”
Caught myself before finishing the sentence and thought to myself- BH, I am not starving I am just a little hungry because I didn’t eat today. There is full meal on the stove and a fridge full of food, I can “end” the hunger at any time. ‎Thank you Hashem for never letting me know what real hunger is.‎
– I just came back from Florida, and I am always amazed And awed by the sky there it’s so big and blue. Thank you hashem for letting me see it once again
-Thank you Hashem for my health, and my family, and their health.

-went into my kids room at bedtime while they were reading as I normally do and tell Rabbi stories and give some musar-
Started saying excitedly, I am alive and breathing! What can be better?!! My 5 year old quickly answers-Torah- Torah is better!!! We then discuss that that is what life and living is-Living a life of Torah and misvot,- he then says that a life without Torah is not life ( a life without Torah is not a life,living a Torah life we enjoy a better life here and also in olam haba) and we discuss that a life of Torah is a happy life and makes you feel good and makes life worth living- I then ask them –Living a Torah Life makes you happy- True or False?- they both answer TRUE!- My daughter then looks into her book that she was reading and sees the next words in her book she is reading and it says…”AND IT IS TRUE” She tells me Daddy Daddy look look- she says Hashem sent these words at this exact time!- she said please send it to the Thank you Hashem! Thank you Hashem for my children
-my friends son has gotten engaged-thank you Hashem
-was able to take my wife away on a vacation for some well deserved rest. As we were ready to leave to the airport to come home I was thinking I wish I can take her away again but not sure if my “funds” would allow it. We were on the line to check in at the airport and was thinking Hashem please let me be able to take my wife away again, it is now our turn and the lady asks me, would you like to take a flight a little later and we will give you 2 free airline tickets? THANK YOU HASHEM!!!!
-Thank you Hashem for wonderful caring friends
-Thank YOU HASHEM for giving me amazing hebrutot to learn with, as everything and them too of course come from YOU!!
-Hakadosh baruch hu et otanu ohev- Thank you Hashem for your Love!
-THANK YOU HASHEM for my waterproof snow shoes.
– was on the phone ordering a sandwich and they said they can not deliver today, as the phone is still in my hand someone walks in and says I have some sandwiches inside if you would like one- Thank you and Thank you Hashem
-Had in mind a price that some work that needed to be done for me was gonna run me, in the end was over $1000 less- Thank you Hashem (Gave some extra sedaka this week, wonder if that had something to do with it?)…actually as I type you this email I realize how childish that sounds…OF COURSE IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Thank you Hashem for opening my eyes to realize your greatness
– Hasdei Hashem –
BH have nieces
wedding tonight needed to borrow extra van from work,
To leave early otherwise there is no mass transit,
I planned the day before – no problem I can use the van.
245 today call to make sure – suddenly they told me nope, the boss needs the van to go to Brooklyn ‎as his brother has a wedding,
Great, what I’m I suppose to do?
Bh his son was also going to Brooklyn got a ride he said I can use his car as long as driver has ride, Bh got him a ride, now how can I get home from his house? Another friend at work lives on the same block asked me if I can pick up his mother’s car and drive it in the morning – perfect able to pick up his car tonight and get home.
tomorrow morning no pressure in getting in BH after wedding – thank you Hashem for arranging ‎
-Thank you Hashem – dated Dec. 1997 (11yr old) titled in journal Hodu L’Hashem ki tov –
Thank you Hashem for waking me up in the morning
Thank you Hashem for letting my mother land safe
Thank you Hashem for helping me keep my eyes open in class
Thank you Hashem for letting my 5 senses work
Thank you Hashem for helping me get to bed at least at 11:00
Thank you Hashem that its frost outside and not snow
Thank you Hashem for making it rain, bec then we wouldn’t have food
I’m thankful for my Mother for everything she does for me especially she’s there for me in the morning
Bec then I would never make the bus
Thank you Hashem for giving me such cute nieces and nephews
Thank you Hashem for Parents, Grandparents, siblings
Thank you Hashem that I didn’t burn myself with hot cocoa
Thank you Hashem that its pizza day
Our bikes didn’t get stolen while we hid them behind the garage
My mother didn’t get me into so much trouble
My brothers are home from Israel and now my house is booming.

-Thank you Hashem – from 8yr old BH
I Love Hashem because He made the world for us, He made all the stuff that we need
Hashem loves us.

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