Thank You Hashem – Week 32

– Saw a picture of Derek Jeter walking thru tunnel that leads to the Yankee dugout and in the tunnel there is a sign that hangs from the ceiling as every player walks to the field they see this sign that reads, “I want to Thank the good lord for making me a Yankee”……….. Shtuyot, non-sense THANK YOU HASHEM FOR MAKING ME A JEW!!!!!
– On motsaei Shabbat I had to run to the city to take care of something and took my wife along. When we were done at around 10:30 I quickly went to get gas before we went home. While filling up the car my wife went to the back of the car to get something. Suddenly the car automatically locked [still not sure why that happened]. There we were in Manhattan on Saturday night and locked out of our car. I started asking all the cabbies around me if they knew how to pick locks. No one knew how to. [At least that’s what they claimed]The manager of the gas station gave me the number of a tow truck and said if you don’t call now he will have to call to have our car towed. I called and the guy wanted $125 and can’t guarantee when he could come. I saw a plow truck across the street plowing a parking lot. I thought this is Hashem’s messenger. I asked him and after looking for tools and fiddling with my car for ten minutes he got it open. Thank you Hashem for letting us see your hand in the weirdest situation
– Walking out of my house Friday afternoon to go to shul, my hat blew off and I chased it into the street. After putting it back on I decided to just walk on the street since there was tons of snow all over the place. On my way home I realized the only path from the street to the sidewalk that wasn’t flooded with water was the path that I ran to get my hat. If my hat didn’t fly off there, I would have walked an entire block only to soak my shoes and pants to cross the street. As the Pasuk says ruach searah osah debaro. Even His wind is a faithful messenger. I love you Hashem!!!
– Thank You Hashem for the special children center!!! They remembered that our schools give off Presidents’ Day weekend. They made a great shabbaton and our child was there through Monday. They are a shining example of unbelievable chesed.
– THANK YOU HASHEM for the good news regarding the Gross children being released from the hospital-may the family only know of wonderful beautiful simachot!
-Thank you Hashem for the situation I am dealing with right now, please take care of it for me and let it be that there is no situation that it is solved like only Hashem can do- Thank you Hashem
-I was on my way home from work on Friday afternoon and asked my wife if she needed anything. With the snow and the cold and kids home sick, she hadn’t been able to get out doing her last minute errands. She gave me a list of things she needed, and now here I was with all these packages in the snow and cold and not so close to home…I looked up and said “Hashem, please send someone to give me a lift home”. Within seconds not 1 but 2 people I knew came up to me and said “Need a lift home with all those packages?” I smiled and said yes! Thank you Hashem. The person giving me a lift said “First I’m going into the florist to buy my wife flowers for Shabbat”? I said “Ok, great, I will come in with you too and buy flowers”. I told him “You know, since are doing me a mitzvah and now you get another mitzvah. I wasn’t going to be able to buy wife flowers this week, as you can see I can’t hold anything else and walk home, but since you are giving me a lift, now I can buy her flowers too !. Thank you Hashem!
-attended great brit milah today, mabruk
-This week I fell down, sprained my ankle and tore a tendon. Baruch Hashem. When it happened I first screamed and then said thank you to Hakadosh Baruch Hu a happy day.
-Last week my son called from Israel and told us that his good Friend got injured playing football and might need to stay ‎in the hospital for a few weeks. B’H the boy will be fine. What was very touching was that my son was very concerned about his friend ‎and was worried he might feel lonely being in a hospital alone in a foreign country and offered to stay with him at night in the hospital to keep him company. When my Mother was sick and was in the Hospital I spent many nights sleeping in the Hospital to keep her company and make sure she was comfortable. I guess this had an impression on my SON
-Thank you Hashem!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Hashem for giving me this opportunity to thank You and appreciate all that you do!!! There was a story that happened to me that really showed me Hashgachat Hashem in my everyday life. My family went away for a few days to Baltimore while we were staying at the hotel me and my siblings decided to go swimming. I always bring goggles with me so that I can wear my lenses in the pool. I took off my goggles for a second and that second my brother splashed right in my eyes and there went my 1 of my contact lenses. that whole night I was upset since I didn’t have an extra pair of lenses or glasses so the whole night I saw blurry…With Chasdei Hashem our hotel happened to be near a shopping area, though there weren’t many stores I decided to try in the morning to find an eyeglasses store. I had to go myself since everyone was busy. so I went out and went walking and walking and kept asking everyone do you know of any eyeglasses store everyone kept telling me no…but I decided to continue walking anyways…all of a sudden Hashem made it appear for me I saw a store called Vision Works, I felt as if Hashem Made it Appear just for me…I went in telling the lady that I lost my contact lens and I need new ones I asked her the price but she told me I can’t give it to you until I speak with tour eye Doctor. She asked me for the number I looked at my phone and gave her the Doctors office Number, no pick up. This was another Chasdei Hashem the week before I went away I ordered lenses online, when you order online they also call up the Dr to ask him if it’s the correct prescription that I’m ordering. when the company called the Dr gave me a call from his cell phone to ask me if I am fine with the current prescription, and I saved the Dr’s number. So when his office didn’t pick up I had his cell phone number so I gave it to her to call B”H he picked up the phone and gave the lady my prescription. she wrote the prescription down and gave me exactly the lenses the Dr. said when I asked her how much they were she told me they are trials so it’s Free!!!! I came out of the store thanking Hashem for the wonderful miracle!!!!!!

I Love You Hashem!!!!
-follow up to message when the sandwich man showed up at my office during snow storm, normally no Hashgacha and had a great kashrut Hashgacha recently added to his sandwiches, and I was able to get a sandwich from him that day – today he showed up again and he was selling sandwiches and told me that he no longer has a Hashgacha, I politely explained that I trust him (and I do) but as a personal rule I want to make sure only to eat where there is a reliable Hashgacha- I saw from this how Hashem clearly designed and planned it so that I would be able to have something to eat that day of the snowstorm when I was unable to get from anywhere else. Thank you Hashem for running every minute detail perfectly for us, even if it is only for a little ol sandwich.
-“Almost” It is a word we use all the time without thought. Would like to Thank Hashem for the “almosts” in our lives.
I was walking the other day and slipped on the ice and caught myself before falling- I ALMOST had a really bad fall, BH I didn’t. Was late to work and running to the train station. The train was about to leave and I caught it right before the doors closed- I ALMOST missed the train, BH I didn’t.
Was crossing the street of a busy intersection in the city. Was very distracted and for some reason I walked right into the street without looking. A car made a short stop and ALMOST hit me, BH it didn’t. Was forwarding an email with very sensitive pricing information to someone in the office. This person has the same first name as the main buyer of our biggest account and I accidentally put his name as the recipient. ALMOST hit send and Hashem saved me from this costly mistake. Yesterday was very cold and as I was walking by someone’s house they walked out and offered me a ride to where I was going. Didn’t know he was leaving and Hashem made it that I walked by at the right second- ALMOST missed him and would end up walking the entire way in the cold. There are thousands of examples; we just need to look out for them.
Hashem put this simple mundane word into existence just so for us to get a little bit of an idea of how much He really loves us and how endless is His kindness.

-Thank you Hashem – that we are zoche – Fortunate, and how lucky we are to be able to keep Hashem’s special Torah
-Thank you that my husband, children, and grandchildren are in good health, Baruch Hashem. I’m grateful for my good friends. I’m grateful to be able to enjoy the beautiful world around me.
-Thank you Hashem for Shabbat Kodesh the precious jewel from your treasure chest that arrives every week guaranteed, no matter what is going on in my life that week, all stops and I become a King on Shabbat-Thank you Hashem

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