Thank You Hashem – Week 33

-THANK YOU HASHEM for EVERYTHING we may not see reason for now or ever that all are from YOU HASHEM, AVINU MALKNU (Our Father, our King), and give with YOUR GREAT KINDNESS AND LOVING WAYS!!  Bc whether sweet and “seemingly bitter”, Rebbi Akiba teaches us Kol man d’abid Rachmana letab abid! All that the Merciful One does, He does for good!!  May we remember this in many many many situations! LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING HASHEM!! 

-Last Wednesday afternoon I got in my car I tried pulling out of my spot but I was completely stuck for 20 min I was trying to maneuver out but to no avail it was pouring rain I tried getting out and pushing my car nothing doing I got drenched no one was out to help me because of the rain I gave up went back into my car and just waited for something to happen I kept on praying to Hashem to help me get out it was around 1215 I remembered Rabbi Wallerstein gives a speech on the radio that time I turned it on and listened for almost an hour (unbelievable speech btw!) As the speech ended the rain stopped I got out of my car to try to get help again. A complete stranger realized I was stuck and parked his car to come out and help me he tried maneuvering my car out again nothing doing he called two of his friends to come help push out my car two of my own friends happened to pass by and offered their help and between all 6 of us we still couldn’t get the car out! Another two strangers came to help finally all 8 of us were able to get the car out. I had such an amazing feeling of achdut amongst klal yisrael that a whole bunch of strangers stopped what they were doing to help a fellow Jew mi all kamcha yisrael THANK YOU HASHEM!

-I was in Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia with my son, and saw so much to be thankful for. Thank you Hashem for not giving me or my children major health issues.

-Thank you Hashem

for letting me have a delicious cookie and coffee, it really hit the spot.


-almost had hard situation to deal with but Hashem made it that it was nothing bad at all- thank you Hashem

-great wedding-mazel tov

-was very fascinated and inspired by that story with Hashem sending lungs replacement and saving the life of a fellow jew and really would love to thank Hashem for my lungs and everything great that he does for all


-Was in Las Vegas for a show last week. On Shabbat ( Friday night) after praying and having dinner myself and my co workers needed to go to our room on the 22 floor.  So as we usually do, we asked the security guard to take us up to the room and use the electric key to let us in.  He could not leave his post so he said he would call someone.  After waiting almost 20 minutes no one was coming.. We said lets try to get to room our selves.  So we did as halachikley permitted and got to the room. Now we could not open the door.  So we looked for a goy but no one was around at 11PM at night ( no maid service on the floor that late).  After about 45 minutes standing outside of our room we did not know what to do.  One of us had heard from a credibal Rabbi that if 2 people hold an electric key it may only be a Rabbanan sin. ( something like that , no one was very clear about it).  No one really wanted to do it but we needed to sleep.  So one of us started praying” Hashem please forgive me if this is a sin, I need to get into my room.”  I said to him instead of praying for forgiveness pray that someone comes to open the room. So with real sincerity, he said “ Hashem please send someone to …., and before he even finished a worker  from the hotel came out of now where and asked if we needed help.  Thank you Hashem for answering his prayer and protecting all of us from sinning. AND  we all got a restful night of sleep.

-heard on a Rabbi Asher cd how Hashem lets you see result and reward of your Kiddush Hashem in this world- this week I saw the result of a Kiddush Hashem I did about 8 years ago, wonderful seeing how everything goes full circle mida kineged mida- thank you Hashem.

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