Thank You Hashem – Week 34

-My neighbors in my office walked in and asked to borrow something and then mentioned they are going to Staples to buy a $100 item , on my desk I had an expiring $10 and $15 coupon to give them- Thank you Hashem for this easy Misva and for saving some money for this jewish couple

-a friend of ours did a thoughtful chesed and let us know to check our late evening flight home as they were in the airport for an earlier flight and saw a lot of delays- we checked, and it was delayed and we managed to get switched to a better, earlier landing flight home, otherwise we would have landed in the middle of the night – there was going to be $100 change fee and the agent put me on hold and spoke to the supervisor and came back and said she would not have to charge me the $100 , got to the airport and the security was jammed with hundreds and hundreds of people, no way was making the flight-quickly had to do the $10 per ticket upgrade to go to express security line , the agent helped us do it at the kiosk but it wouldn’t work cause it was too close to flight time-she told us go to that lady in black security jacket and tell her I said to put you in the express line that your flight is leaving – another $20 savings- and PS ,While on the plane our screens were not functioning properly (even thought would not have used it anyway) and they gave us $30 future credit…Thank you Hashem for controlling everything all the time.

-Thank you hashem for life and that we know the emet And that we are able to serve you!!                Mishanichnas Adar marbim besimcha!! Thank you hashem for giving us this special month and the awesome holiday of Purim a day to get so so close to you !!

-always wanted a megilat esther of my own, went to shul and very quickly everything came together and fell into place and now have a megilat esther that I took home with me from shul at a very affordable price- Thank you Hashem


-Thank you Hashem for letting me celebrate my sons bar misvah with him, biezrat Hashem he should grow to make you and all klal yisrael very proud.

-great Bar misva this week thank you Hashem

-My friends daughter has gotten engaged to my other friends son-mabruuuuk..

-Baruch Hashem –BABY BOY!! Thank you HASHEM,  Shabbat baby

-After I got home from a wedding I attended, I proceeded to hang up my suit. As I was hanging the pants in my closet another pair of pants from a different suit that I have not worn in a while fell to the floor. I got annoyed, “ aagh”. As I picked up the dropped pair I felt something in the pocket. Money!! Yeh! It was only 2 dollars but it was 2 more than I had. Hashem was giving me a gift and I got annoyed. It just shows you that we think we are in control and don’t see the whole picture. We only see it with the end result. Sometimes this is shortly after, or months, or years later. Hashem only wants good for us.

– Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to learn WITH and learn FROM Mr. Alan Tobias

-won a very nice prize at a Chinese auction-thank you HASHEM


– A friend of mine told me about the Yaakov Shwekey concert this week…only just a few days before, how many good seats, if any seats even available…….I called up and the guy said,  “I just hung up on another person that had to give up their seats because they needed a 3rd ticket and they only had 2 seats… it’s your lucky day” I got the seats I wanted for my wife and I…thank you Hashem !

-Thank you Hashem for a great trip with my husband

– Thank you Hashem for never letting me slack off.  You always provide new challenges for me.  Just when I feel I have gotten over one hurdle, you provide me with another.  Thank you, Hashem.

-new baby boy! Thank you Hashem

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