Thank You Hashem – Week 35

-Thanking Hashem for- and wishing much success to our dear friend and Rabbi, Rabbi David Mansour on his new position as Rabbi at Kol Yaakov Congregation on Mcdonald  and Ave O – Haslacha!

-Great day at shul this Shabbat-Hashem has sent so many simachot for us to witness, 3 baby boys , 2 Bar misvas (twin boys) and a chatan- simachot by everyone beazrat Hashem

-we were driving back from Ny to Montréal this week all packed when my mother in law called that my son had left a pair of pants behind – we hadn’t left Monsey yet so we turned back and picked up the pants. The trunk was closed and we left them loose, inside the car and started our trip. a few hours later, my son spilled a cold drink all over his pants and was very uncomfortable- all his clothing was packed and he had nothing to change into- except that b’Hashgacha, there was a single dry pair of pants right next to him for him to use!

-3 brit milahs today!!!! Mazel tov!

-Thank you Hashem for setting up everything so perfectly for me!

-Thank you Hashem for getting the person that sent in last weeks message his Yaakov Shwekey tickets, he ended up driving my boys home J and of course thank you for driving them sadik…

-I have a buyer that usually comes in grumpy and complains about the line, I prayed to Hashem that I should have a good sweet successful meeting with her. She came in, I laid it all out and she loved everything… thank you Hashem for letting me have a good sweet successful meeting.

-after hearing that most outrageous and what we all would think impossible- story of that disappearing airplane, Thank you Hashem for all the times we were safe and protected while flying on airplanes.

-Thank You Hashem for Running Your World So Smoothly!

-I was taking a package for my son to a Rabbi’s house so that he can drop it off by the Yeshiva,which was upstate. I had to be by the Rabbi’s house before 8:30, or else he would leave.

 On my way there, I turn a corner and great,there I see a garbage truck. I started praying to Hashem,please Hashem I hope I will be able to make it there on time without the Rabbi leaving without the package….

Not even a minute later, an ambulance comes right behind me and makes the garbage truck move! And Baruch Hashem I was able to get to the Rebbe’s house on time!!!!

 I was so amazed, Hashem is able to do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!!

Thank you Hashem!!!




-Thank you Hashem for saving that gentleman Andy, who’s life was saved by deciding not to go on the Malaysian airlines plane on Shabbat- we hope he gets inspired and does teshuva to really turn this into a major kidush Hashem.


-shabbat brit milah-hodu lihashem kitov- thank you hashem


-Was driving on a side street and crossing over a big avenue and I had a green light, there was a large truck driving at very fast speed and was ignoring or didn’t see his red light, at that point seeing his speed I was sure it was too late to avoid the unthinkable, but Hashem somehow made this large heavy truck able to stop somehow before colliding into me! Thank you Hashem for your protection – this occurred in front of a big makom torah where much torah is learned and spread throughout our community, I am sure that all this Torah had major part of protecting me from harm.


-Chaim ben Shendel  who you sent an email 3/11/14 to pray for ( the man  who had a major seizure and other medical problems….)  Is doing GREAT !  I just spoke to him and told him that we had at least 800 to 1000 people praying for him to get better… He is not such a religious guy but when I told him about the praying he said “ Well tell them it worked!”  Now I told him he has to thank Hashem with a few prayers a day and he said ok…




-Thank you Hashem for placing me in such a remarkable special community that is stepping up to help a fire victim-family in need- was awesome to see the heartfelt care that is going into getting the family the necessities they need. Hazak ubaruch to all of you!!!


-Here is a nice likvod Shabbat kodesh Thank you Hashem, there is a store I shop in every week for Shabbat items, I do not spare any expense and buy best quality items for Shabbat knowing the gemara says that it is on a separate bill from Hashem and is free of charge, I saw that this store may have a need for something that I sell for a living and they gave me an order for it for the amount of about 4 years worth of what I spend there every week! Thank you Hashem for providing for our Shabbat needs.


-My dear close friend in Lakewood had a new baby boy! Mazal Tov Thank you Hashem!


-Thank you Hashem for my Bar Misvah and Thank you to my parents for making me such a nice Bar Misvah.

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