Thank You Hashem – Week 36

-My close friend calls me up and asks if I need wine for mishloach manot, I tell him I actually can use between 4 and 6 bottles. He excitedly tells me quick come meet me over here right now I have wine for you but I am not giving you 4 bottles you are either getting 24 or 48 bottles. I was like what is going on?- he says just come on over quick. When I get there I see his car stuffed from the floor to the ceiling with cases and cases of wine. I could not believe my eyes how many cases were able to fit into the back seat of his car and I couldn’t help but ask how did you get all these cases of wine in here and what is going on? He tells me like this, this morning I realized I needed a nice amount of wine for our mishloach manot but was a little tight and didn’t have funds for it, I didn’t say anything to my wife about it. I prayed to Hashem to help me get some wine for mishloach manlot. My phone rings and someone asks if I know anyone who can use 4 cases of wine, I jump and say yes me! I send my son over there and my son calls me and says it’s not 4 cases of wine its 24 cases of wine!! And now I have all this wine to give away (that is this sadiks nature, to think how to give it away,not to keep it for pesach or whatever)- and he tells me how he called a certain Rebbi that he knew needed wine and dropped several cases off by him and blurts out to me the following- “pshat is like this- This morning I didn’t have any wine what so ever and now look at my car, it is overflowing with wine! Hashem I don’t know what I’m doing, I have a wife and children, Hashem just take care of everything!” – (knew I would regret not snapping a picture of his car stuffed with the wine cases J)..Hashem Thank you for always taking care of your loving children and believe me I can attest that this fellow Loves you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for letting me enjoy such a spiritually uplifting meaningful Purim

-Beautiful siyum made by the Seniors class of Bnei Binyamin-their 4th masechet they have completed –Bezrat Hashem they should be zoche to finish many many more masechtot.

-At the Siyum Rabbi Seruya said over something he heard from someone from Lakewood. The person went to the bank a couple of weeks ago in Lakewood and the teller asks him do you want to place an order? He said what? She said do you need to place an order? He says an order for what? She answers an order for money,do you want to order? He says what are you talking about? She says every month each bank gets a certain amount of money sent in to the branch and we know this is the month that the jewish people have so much money taken out so we need to make a special order of how much money we will need for this month! Mi kiamcha Yisrael, the wonderful jewish nation giving out all that extra money to help one another!- what a great kidush Hashem!

-how beautiful it was PURIM to see our holy people running all around town to give each other mishloach manot and helping out with all sorts of sedaka for all walks of life. A goy once asked me about Purim and referred to it as our Haloween, I think NOT , could not be further from the opposite, Haloween is about, take take take, Purim is about give give give, viahavta lireacha kamocha! So proud and grateful to be a Jew.

-weddings 2 nights in a row this week-simachot for all klal yisrael bh


-Thank you Hashem for an unbelievable and uplifting purim!!!!

-great bris today-simchas by all

‎- Thank you Hashem – we have a shower in our homes, imagine we had to travel outside in the cold to take a shower in the town bath like Rome, after a nice relaxing shower we have to bundle up and trek out in the cold and rain back to our houses? Thank you Hashem

– Thank you Hashem – we have fresh clean clothing – Thank you Hashem we have our wives cleaning our laundry, and our washing machine and dryers we have In our homes, many people do not have any machines and have to shlep their laundry to the laundry mat and wait there…. – Thank you Hashem

– Thank You Hashem – we have warm comfortable bed to sleep in – Thank you Hashem

– thank you Hashem for soap – imagine trying to clean your dirty hands without soap how hard it will be to clean them?

-saw beautiful display of Hakarat hatov today given by a friend to his friends, was a nice reminder to be thankful to Hashem the one and only source of good and also to be thankful to the messengers he sends as well and have hakarat hatov to all.

-i was learning the gemara about “avanim mekurzalot” the stones people used to clean themselves in the times of the gemara and i said “Thank You Hashem” for creating me in a generation that has toilet paper.

-my windshield had a lot of dirt on it and needed to be cleaned but had no more washer fluid in my car, woke up this morning and got in my car and the filmy dirt I was looking thru on my windshield the past few days was taken away by Hashems beautiful rainfall last night! Thank you Hashem for the Rain!

-thank you Hashem for letting me be part of klal yisrael and partake in the kidush Hashem this past Sunday in the New York gathering for tefillot all together, the achdut was incredible and the behavior of thousands of jewish people all together was a kidush Hashem in itself.

-thank you Hashem for protecting me from a possible electrical fire in my house


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