Thank You Hashem – Week 38

-Was stepping out of my office to pick something up a block away and as I stepped out I realized wow its freezing out! I thought to myself I wish someone I know would drive by right now and drive me down the block. All of a sudden my sister pulls up and says, need a ride? Thank you Hashem

-My 3 yr old son hasn’t been feeling well the entire weekend. My wife took him to the Dr. Sunday morning, didn’t get home till 10ish, so I went to 1015 minyan in the Sitt Shul. After shul I decided to go get a haircut, as I was walking home, got onto my block I saw someone I knew from shul getting of his car and starting to push it as he ran out of gas. Cars were starting to back up behind him. I stopped right away to ask him if he needs any help. There are usually no parking spots on my block and BH there was right next to where he got stuck. We were able to push the car to the spot in seconds. A few weeks back my sister in law came to baby sit for us and as she was pulling out of our driveway she stalled as she ran out of gas, I called my neighbor to see if he can help and sure enough he had the container from hurricane sandy in his garage with 5 gallons filled, so we filled up the car and went to refill in case anything like this happens again, which it did this past Sunday when “happens to be” I was walking by the same time this man got stuck, and I knew my neighbor had the 5 gallons filled in his garage just a few houses away from the car. Even better, for some reason the gas wasn’t funneling into the tank, I asked him if he had a hard piece of paper like an invitation or something and sure enough he had a wedding invitation from his nieces wedding in his back seat and were able to fill up the tank. Rabbi David Mansour was saying last week by Seuda Shelishit,  we don’t understand why these “seemingly bad” things are happening to us sometimes, but we need to know this world is a much bigger picture and Hashem knows exactly what he is doing. This story is one big puzzle that Hashem put together so nicely. BH!

(note- other party involved in this story also is a reader of these messages and syata dishmaya he has also sent in his Thank you so we have the opportunity to see it from the eyes of both bh)

– The story goes that I did a couple of small acts of kindness, gave two people nearby a ride home in the rain after Shabbat, listened to someone for a few minutes who had a small physical issue. But when I needed a hand, and ran out of gas in the middle of the road on Sunday, Hashem, that second, sent someone with a helping hand. Amazingly, when I knew I was out of gas and the car stopped, I heard a voice say “what’s the problem”; and, he immediately had a cure– another friend down the block had a gas can (from the hurricane Sandy times) and as it turned out, filled already with gas!. (I forgot to say, he helped me push my car to the side of the road and park it in a safe spot). When we didn’t know how to get the funnel on the can to work, he fashioned a makeshift one from an old invitation in my car. All I had to do was drive the car to the station and re-fill his tank.(Of course, I really didn’t know how to seal the tank and keep the fumes from blowing up my car and me, things I am not used to doing, but Hashem handled that too and showed me how to do that as well).
Look at the wonders of Hashem. You do little and when you need it, He’s right there to send the right help, tailor-made, without a second of stress or anxiety. Really amazing!
Thx, for inspiring me to re-live what could have been a really horrific time. what are the odds running out of gas in front of someones house whom you happen to know and he happens to have a gas can filled with gas? Thank you Hashem

-Mabruk to my sadik nephew on his engagement-enjoy the simcha!

-Triplets Bar Misva last night-mazal tov to all

-I am sending this Thank you Hashem in advance- I am about to buy a new suit for Shabbat and Yom tov knowing it is on a separate account Hashem has set up for all of us– Thank you Hashem for this chesed

-Thank you Hashem for Hatzalah

-Thank you Hashem for putting the right words in my mouth at the right time, I was on the phone with a customer that I didn’t speak to in a while and he was excited to tell me that he has started to put on tefilin again for the last 2 months. I am not a Rabbi and not sure the response I should give and had to react instantly and just had in mind Hashem please just put the words in my mouth that this person needs to hear (I can’t even properly type it here because it was set up perfect for that specific moment but think was something like this), somehow I just started speaking and the words were flowing out of how wonderful that is and how of all things he chose this is one of the ots- signs of a jew, that when a jew shows he wants to wear tefilin he is showing Hashem I want to come back and be closer to you (and chas vishalom if he does not wear tefilin could be he is Showing Hashem I forgot about you) so by putting them back on you are telling Hashem I want to be one with you again and I did not forget about you, I am a jew. I told him take his steps slowly and he will happily grow closer to Hashem, I also reminded him to take the steps, some people have yeser hara tell them you are supposed to go slowly and not too fast but do not do any step at all.  I told him that when he puts the tefilin on his head he should feel as if he is putting on a special crown better than a king! He was very moved and got a lot of encouragement –Thank you Hashem for letting me see a jew who wants to grow closer to you, I hope to continue to take steps closer to you as well- I love you Hashem!!!

-my great friends son has gotten engaged-mabroooooook

-Baruch Hashem I had the zechut to be in the car today with 2 Gedolai Yisrael- Thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem for giving us the beautiful chag of pesach ,even with all the cleaning

-WOW-Didn’t think I would have such a quick follow up on the message I sent you regarding my new suit for Shabbat (didn’t think it would be in same weeks email J)- Hashem has already sent me back that money for the suit with an additional bonus as well! Thank you Hashem I really really appreciate it

-Thank You Hashem – was in a meeting and my friend knew it, he quickly sent an email to me in middle that says – STOP for a second and Thank Hashem right now that you are in a meeting – Thank you Hashem for sending me the reminder

-Thank you Hashem for this website ( so we can encourage other people to thank you and praise you for everything THAT YOU DO FOR US during the day AND EVERYDAY !!!!!!!

Thank YOU HASHEM for making us YOUR nation and giving us Truth AND True Simha (happiness) through the Truth of YOUR TORAH!  Thank YOU HASHEM!!


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