Thank You Hashem – Week 39

-Sent you a message mentioning how Hashem had a customer cancel with me and was able to slot in another customer in his place, min hashamayim that it happened that way-Because I was able to do the new customer on that particular day, we discovered an important product that we used with his order. Now the old customer biChasdei Hashem resurfaced and did not disappear , when got to him we saw we would now need that same new product for him as well- Would have never known about this product if not doing it in the order Hashem had prepared for me-Thank you Hashem!!!!

-Put on my raincoat Sunday Night and got that uh oh feeling when I reached for the part that ties around your waist and it wasn’t there. Realized I took the wrong coat home from shul on Shabbat and now would become one of those people putting up one of those “I mistakenly took your coat-if you have mine” signs up in the coatroom – walked back to the shul thinking how long or if ever I would get my own coat back and prayed to Hashem that it should go easy and I should find my coat. Lo an behold it was there waiting for me on a hanger- Thank you Hashem, I really wasn’t in the mood to go thru the hassle and you took care of it for me instantly…

-This past Lel Shabbat after the family was all asleep my wife and I were awaken by our 4 year old son at about 1-2am, he had a cold but now he was having trouble breathing, he has had Crup before (a barky cough which can cause restrictive breathing) so we suspected what it might be and had an idea what we were in for but since it was Shabbat we waited a little bit to see if it got any better before we called Hatzalah but it was getting worse. By the time we called and got to the hospital it was about 3am. It is my fathers A”H yherzit week and I just started saying kaddish so I really didn’t want to miss shul in the morning. Thankfully the pediatric ER was almost empty and we were seen right away, they decided to give him some milder medicine as he seemed a little better due to a treatment by Hatzalah on the way and said we would be out in an hour, B”H I said, lost some sleep but our son is ok and I will be home in time for shul. I started talking to hashem and thanking him for making him feel better and letting it go so smoothly even though we had to go in the ambulance on Shabbat. An hour and a half later they check him again but he was worse than he was when he came in. They now said they were going give him an epi treatment to open his lungs, it was 4:40am and they said we would have to wait a minimum of 4 hours to check his condition before we could leave. We have been through this a few times already so we knew he would be ok but getting to shul was not looking good. I started talking to Hashem again. “Aba I know that everything you do is for the very best and if you want us to be here in this hospital miss shul on Shabbat, kaddish and an aliyah for my father while we take care of our son then I accept it with love, just please let our son be better and get us home asap in the most permissible way”.
Less than 2 hours later my wife was passed out, I had 1 eye open and our son B”H was doing fine and even singing Pesach songs making all the other sick kids stop crying. All of a sudden the attending physician who we hadn’t seen the whole time comes over and says to my son, do you want to go home? My wife and I both wake up and say YES PLEASE! She checks him and says ok, he is fine for now and you can go home. I say Thank Hashem! They discharge us and now we need to figure how to get home. It’s a little after 6am. I ask the goy if they can call a car service for us, they send us out to the security guard to call, I ask him and he says he can’t call for whatever reason and to look outside! I go outside trying everything permissible to get a ride home but no luck. It’s over 30 min’s later and I’m standing on the corner in the cold, “Hashem thank you for getting us through this night please let us get home immediately through the best way possible”. A few minutes later a cab pulls up and rolls his window down, can you give us a ride, yes! I get my wife and son and ask him to open the door for us to the car, he does it no problem and looks at me like he knows why. I tell him where to go and he gets there very quick, he opens both our doors for us and follows us to the porch to get paid. Thank you Hashem for showing us your hand in everything that we go through, letting our son feel better so quickly and for getting us out of there so quickly, for sending us a cab driver that seemed to know exactly what to do so we weren’t Mechalel Shabbat!
We got home by 7, I even had time to sleep for an hour, make it to shul on time for Kaddish and got the Maftir aliyah for my father. It turned out to be a very spiritually uplifting Shabbat for me.
Thank Hashem!I love you!
Hodu L’Hashem Ki Tov, Ki L’olam Chasdo!!!

-3 weddings an engagement and bar misva on same night-Hashem is great

– we were running around looking for a cab. Finally seeing a cab light one block away, I made a mad dash for it across 4th Avenue just as the light turned red. About three quarters across, one of my friends shrieked out my name from behind. It was the kind of scream that stops you dead in your tracks. And good things I did stop. A bus had blown the red light and I had been just steps from being in its path. Thank you Hashem for speaking through my friend. Even she said that she’s normally one of those people of freezes when they panic, but something made her scream out.

-heard the most wonderful thing a parent can hear come from their daughter, that she really wants to stay at home and have both seders at our house and not go out 2nd night because no one makes a seder like us!

– Thanks to Hashem for creating concept of Simcha!


-2 friends children got married last night-thank you Hashem

– BH my cousin – married just a year ago- had a baby boy yesterday. Her Husband is 50 years old, this is his first child He was married for 20 years before getting divorced on the advice on his Rabbi.(she was married and had children before.)

– the other day I was getting out of my car in my driveway when my uncle happened to be driving a very big Rabbi from Israel to the home he was staying in 2 doors away, he quickly came to get me and I was able to get a beracha from this big Rabbi. Thank you hashem for arranging that bracha for me

-Thank you Hashem for letting us find a new place to live in a beautiful environment, and still be next to our shul, school, etc etc.

-gave $5 to someone collecting sedaka , found $5 on the floor on my way out. Thank you Hashem

-A couple of days ago, our phones in the office were out…I realized any chance of new business was slim to none because much of our business comes from the internet and then on to a first call to the office…
I prayed to Hashem. I said, Hashem, maybe I shouldn’t rely on the internet for business, but Hashem you can make it come another way and any way you want. Please send me business I can handle and something good. I even sang it.
Strangely, at 6;30 pm, a call was still relayed to my cell phone (which is supposed to happen) from a dead phone system (which was not so certain). And it was a good call from a good client for work I really know how to do…and it showed what we already know that Hashem can send us Parnasah if he wants to whatever the odds and whatever the circumstance.
Certainly, I don’t deserve miracles. But still Hashem’s rachamim is great. Even on those of us who don’t deserve and even if the odds are not so great and even if it looks highly unlikely.

-Someone said one of the nicest things to me without even realizing it- Thank you Hashem for this shaliach and for letting me hear encouraging words of confidence in a somewhat troubling time- it was so helpful.

-I was having dinner on a business trip at a kosher restaurant that I frequent with a bunch of my friends from the area. They all are non- observant Jews that on a normal basis do not eat kosher but accommodate me when I am there. They were talking about a new seafood restaurant that opened in the area. So the person next to me turned and said to me “ The restaurant we are talking about you can’t eat in its not kosher.”  I answered back “ You can not eat there either you just choose to!”  He looked at me with an accepting smile and said “ you’re right!”  Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to follow your commandments. Not the first time I said it but they know it’s the truth when I do say it.. It’s their Neshamah, it knows 

-Thank you Hashem for the excitement leading up to the great Holiday of Pesach- feeling it in the air from now is a chesed that lets us enjoy it even more when we finally get to sit at our seder tables. G-d willing this year in Yerushalayim.

-Long story short because b’ezrat Hashem the person involved in the story will send it in another week (with the incredible miracles and hashgacha throughout the process) But just got great news, a boy from Israel we have been praying for and has been staying away from his home in Israel for almost 2 years (to deal with a rare illness he has for many many years) has gotten a good report from his Dr. in Boston and he does not need to be seen by him until July and is cleared to go home back to Israel today and be home with his family for Pesach! He is on the plane as I type this, His own personal Yesiat Misrayim!     Chag Sameach!

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