Thank You Hashem – Week 41

-Thank you Hashem for letting us be zoche to have in our neighborhood the special sadik Rabbi Avraham Netanel zs’l , we learned so much from just observing his humble midot and everyday interactions with people, he was so special and we were so lucky to have known this special talmid chacham.

-Bris on yom tov pesach baruch Hashem

-my friend had a baby boy- mabrook

-Thank you to Hashem for Rabbi Efraim Wachsman, I went to his Shul yesterday for Ne’ilat hachag. We finished close to 10:00!! It was out-of-this world.

-Thank you Hashem for Matzah. Unlike Hametz, Matzah is what you see, doesn’t spoil, has spiritual holiness, and tastes good

-Thank you Hashem for so perfectly controlling the weather for us, you know what is best for us-if it is 75 degrees and using air condition at first nights seder or wintery cold and snow and hail falling from the shamayim on the 2nd night- we love it all! Thank you for being in control and not leaving it up to some mother nature…

-Last week while leaving my home at around 7 to go to shul, I saw my neighbor who started talking to me. He was getting into his car and said come I’ll give you a lift. Thanking him I got in the car and we went. Suddenly it started pouring and we could barely see out the window. By the time I got to shul it let up a little. I realized in all my years I never got a lift to shul (which is only a block a way) and if I didn’t I would of been soaked completely! That morning while praying for a good day and nervous that all would turn out good I thought how Hashem is way ahead of me and worrying about me more than I could ever know .Thank You Hashem for setting me up for a great day!

-Thank you H-Shem for a great Pesach with my family and friends here in good ole Brooklyn NY USA. Also very happy that I didn’t plunk down 50-100K for a trip to another locale.The holiday zipped through so quickly,I would have felt like a fool when I woke this morning!, I just did the math if 1000 people went away at a average cost of $5000 per person,that’s 5 million dollars that could have went to our community’s school tuition fund.

-thank you Hashem for the sidewalks for us to walk on, this winter as they were covered in ice we got a great reminder of the chesed of having a clear path to walk on.

– Thank you hashem for a beautiful pesach and the time that we were able 2 spend with our families

-Thank u hashem that I’m healthy !!!!!

– Thank you Hashem for letting us have a beautiful seder!
-Baruch Hashem – we had our daughter’s wedding coming up, and as you know the caterer can cost a lot of money, they worked a deal before the wedding we can pay them little by little,
A week before the wedding we had a balance of $8,500 left and didn’t know how we were going to come up with the money, turned to Hashem and prayed, Hashem can do anything, That day Hashem put an idea in my mind, we know someone who had odd size table cloths trying to get rid of, made a closeout deal $1 each one, Bh great deal, called up an upstate NY caterer to see if he’d like to buy table cloths and told him about the deal, he said don’t have those size tables, but let’s see, loaded them up, went down thought about it ok let’s do it, $8,300 deal, he said ok will pay you later, told him nope need the money now as have to pay the caterer – he said OK, how many people pay early! BH got the money perfect timing, the next week the caterer calls me I don’t know what possessed me to buy those table cloths I don’t even have those size tables – I know why – HASHEM,
Thank you Hashem

-Baruch Hashem – sold someone 23k worth of table cloths, he calls me the next day I’m not paying you, I washed the table cloths in bleach and they got ruined the ones we bought from Italy didn’t get ruined with bleach – told him these are not from Italy but from China, still to no avail, my wife saw an article about Kupat Hair that people’s lives get turn around and saved, told my wife lets call and give donation 23k is on the line, gave donation, called up the customer – coming down to meet you and bring you new table cloth wash it regular and you’ll see it doesn’t get ruined, he said come in a week, sent another donation to kupat hair, week later gave him table cloth he washed it, and told me it washed well but still….
Gave another donation, visited him, he told me ok, I’m going to pay you every dollar but I don’t know why, I know why HASHEM,
Thank you Hashem


-Thank you Hashem for my awesome Pesach trip , it truly was a paradise better than any advertisement can picture. Me and my family were whisked away to the most priceless destination imaginable, our own dining room table which we placed in our living room by our couches enjoying the great kedusha and great bonding experience all together at our super special seder table. I can not thank you Hashem enough for allowing us to have such a seder experience every year, and I definitely use the word experience because I see first hand how my children will never forget what takes place at our seder table and neither will I. Thank you Hashem and we hope and pray to have a Korban Pesach added to next years seder in Yerushalayim – the only other place I rather have my seder.

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