Thank You Hashem – Week 42

-Bumped into a friend and he was talking to me about how great his Shabbat table is, then another friend chimed in how his house has the best Shabbat. All the while I am thinking to myself, they should only know that I really have the best Shabbat table, and then I realized the tremendous chesed that I want to thank Hashem for. I want to thank Hashem for the chesed of letting everyone feel as if they have the very best Shabbat table going on in their house. If you stop and think about that concept for 30 seconds, it is really an unbelievable phenomenon and major chesed Hashem does for all of us.

-Was thinking about rosh chodesh this week and I remembered that we had 2 adars this year- we are in a leap year. Then I realized that Hashem gave us a gift of a full extra month in the year! That means 4 extra shabbatot, how many extra tefilot, how many more hours of Torah! How much extra time with our family.. the list goes on.  A full 30 days more packed with Hashem’s endless chased!!

-was walking up to my office and there is a printer repair guy that works in the building, I told him I have a couple of old printers I was going to get rid of and asked if he would want them to refurbish for his business. He said yes thank you so much and then tells me by the way he has a customer for me to go see, he is calling him for me and setting up an appointment. Thank you Hashem

-I Saw this thank you Hashem email and got very inspired.I wanted to send one in Thanking Hashem for the fantastic people who send in these items helping us to get inspired,it is an honor to be part of this community. Thank you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for the humble and anav Gedolim that we have amongst us / and had amongst us like Rabbi Netanel zs’l. Someone showed me a headline from the news about a ballplayer returning to play his old team and in big bold letters it says so and so (don’t want to mention the baal gaavas name) HOPES FOR STANDING OVATION at his return. Pure Gaava!-Thank you Hashem for our Rabbis and leaders.There is so much to learn from them.


– Baruch Hashem, was listing to a cd from Rav Gifter z”l while driving on the Garden state parkway on the way to work, was in the left lane and suddenly a construction truck pulls into the left lane slowly, everyone in front of me broke shortly, wasn’t able to brake quickly and the driver in the back looked like he wasn’t either, as approaching fast quickly swerved to the next lane Baruch Hashem there was no cars in the other lane and bh was able to maneuver safely without getting into an accident

-(told over anonymously) Baruch Hashem had a dream about Rav Elyashiv zs”l, went over to him for a beracha, he started speaking and told him that I was working during the day, He said (to the best of what remember)
“You work, a person should be k’ovea itim la’torah and work in order to see the Hashgacha of Hashem”
 Baruch Hashem, the lesson is a powerful lesson, we work in the world we interact – for what,  – TO SEE THE HASHAGACHA OF HASHEM IN EVERYTHING WE DO in our EVERYDAY, simple actions, nothing is simple, HASHEM is always behind the scenes taking care of us even the parking spot we get pulling into 711 for a coffee… Thank You Hashem for being our Father, and Thank You for letting us be your special Children.
-I was so excited that everything after Passover is yashon, I went on a rampage! Buying all flour/wheat pretzels, cookies, etc.. I bought an expensive brand of cookies and was so excited to eat them. I got back to my office ( located in Manhattan ) and thought, I bought these from a small private 3 chain store selling all products in general( not a kosher store but Ou stuff) , maybe the owner is Jewish? Not religious and did not sell his Hametz? I don’t recall seeing a mezuzah on the door. For the next 2 days the cookies sat at my desk. I started rationalizing, well the store probably isnt Jewish, no mezuzah , workers Chinese, Indian, etc… Eat the cookies not a big deal..Thats the Yetzer, trying to make the wrong thing convincing.  So I tried looking up the name of the owner on the computer and there was an article about one of the stores but the article said that the owner did not reveal his name. So I tried another search and found out the owners name Boris so and so.. Sounded Jewish but no trace of Jewish.. than I put the name in google and wrote Jewish and a Jewish Shul pamphlet came up ( you know like a journal) .. All Jewish advertisements and what do you know this owner and one of his stores was in the pamphlet.  But you could clearly see he was not orthodox definitely reform. . I went right to the cookies and threw them in the garbage. Hashem saved me from eating Hametz. Thank you Hashem. The best $5 I ever wasted.

-Thank you Hashem for my allergies it makes me realize and appreciate the whole year when I feel fine

-was raining when I left my office, asked Hashem to please send me a ride again like last time. 2 steps
later there was Richard Bobo offering me a ride along with all the school kids he was nice enough to drive as well. Thank you Hashem and Thank you Richard.

-Thank you Hashem for sending me 1 little test and it opened up my eyes and made me put my emuna in you and through it (which everything seems that its gonna work out) I found that my teffila had kavana in praying got much better … Sometimes Hashem sends us a test and his intent is that through that test we ultimately get closer to him

-Thank YOU HASHEM for EVERYTHING! All YOU do! Whether we see it now or not! Thank YOU HASHEM!

-Thank you Hashem for Alan Tobias, an example for all of us to learn from

-6 months ago I wrote in about my parking experience when I went to the dentist for my last  check up. Well I had a repeat experience last night in the pouring rain.  My dentist appt. was at 7:45PM  Ocean Ave & R. I was running late. I hit Ocean Ave at approx. 7:43PM , please Hashem give me a parking spot in front of the office its pouring rain! I pulled up in front of the office at 7:45PM a car just pulled out of a spot right in front of the Dentist office , pulled into it, was 1 minute late. Finished quickly and than needed to pray mincah at Benei Yoseph. Hashem its pouring please let me find a spot without getting soaked, pulled into a spot across the street , made the minyan. Went to my night class after.  Again prayed. Got a spot right across the street.  Thank you Hashem!

-noticed $84 in late fees on a bill of mine and I called them to question it and they said it was from 8 months ago, I asked them to relook at it that I think it was waived and they looked and said wow the notes say the supervisor said absolutely do not waive any late charges after speaking with me last May. I asked to speak to the supervisor and while on hold asked Hashem to please remove these charges and I will send in a public Thank you here- she comes back without supervisor and says she spoke for me and they will override that supervisor and waive the entire $84 late fee- Thank you Hashem.

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