Thank You Hashem – Week 43

-Thank YOU HASHEM for EVERY moment of EVERY day of EVERY week of EVERY
month and of EVERY year!!  Thank YOU HASHEM!!

-G-d says to all of the seven billion gentiles on earth: I have given you the entire earth, please stop bothering my Jewish children living in Israel, and leave them alone!  Stop bothering the smallest place in the world, don’t bother the state of Israel and the Jews in it, it is the center of the world! G-d has chosen the Jewish people, the Jewish people feed off of G-d directly!  Through Torah, prayer, good deeds, and correcting wrongs, the light comes down and gives Jews living in Israel life!  Stop bothering my children and the holy land!

-family simcha this week-a brit milah- baruch hashem

-mi kiamcha yisrael-who is like the Jewish people? – I picked up my friend from Israel at jfk. He was coming in for a bris of a family friend. He told me that he has been in bed for 1 month in Israel that he had a problem with his leg but really wanted to make it to this bris. I asked why, he answered-because he came to the bris of the siblings baby and didn’t want to possibly hurt the feelings of this new parent by coming to the siblings bris but not making the trip for their bris!..only a special person can think like that. Travel across the world just not to “MAYBE” Hurt someone’s feelings. Thank you Hashem for this ultra special person you have let me come into contact with.

-Thank you borei olam for the engagement of my friends wonderful son to a great girl and family-simahot by all.

– I was standing in a certain area eating an ice cream and all of a sudden a car screeches around the turn of the corner out of control and I froze. but for some reason I fell forward and the car smashed right into the spot I was in before falling forward- Thank you Hashem for having what I think is a malach protect me and throw me out of harms way.


-last Shabbat I was called out of shul during learning by my children. My 5 year old was at home playing and went flying into the wall causing tremendous bleeding on his head. B’H I was learning with a member of Hatzalah (Ikie Kairy) and we both ran to my house. After assessing the situation we realized he needed immediate attention. Rushed to Methodist hospital an B’H NO WAIT!!! They immediately checked him and 6 staples later we were done in less than an hour. Thank you Hatzalah for always being there for us and THANK YOU HASHEM for putting us in such a wonderful community.

-My daughter just said the most beautiful thing to me and made me feel great! Thank you Hashem for letting me hear those words and thank you Hashem for my entire family!

-Thank you Hashem for loving me

-My friends son had a baby boy- mabruk to all

-was in my car driving and got a call from my parents, they were nice enough to stop and take me out to lunch for my birthday! Thank you Hashem for my wonderful parents Hashem should bless them with 120 happy healthy years of happiness!

-my daughter has become a Bat Misvah- I am so proud of her-Thank you Hashem for my daughter.
Got a call from a customer of mine that I have not heard from in many years. He very curtly said ok go ahead with the order, I said to myself,what order, what is he talking about? And he named the purchase order. I looked it up on my computer and it was for a proposal from 6 years ago! Thank you Hashem for this unexpected surprise, Hashem can send our parnasha in the most shocking and unlikely ways, showing us it is not us who is in control. Thank you Hashem!!!!

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