Thank You Hashem – Week 44

Please Send in Your Thank You Hashem’s – The Newsletters are written with Your Stories!

-I had to travel to Europe for Shabbos was very frustrated about leaving my family. Randomly, my in laws called and asked if they could spend Shabbos with us, was such Hashgacha my wife and kids had a ‘real’ Shabbos, my father in law took boys to shul, led meals etc.

-New baby boy-thank you Hashem

-Sunday May 4th I was in Shul cleaning up and I decided to move some sefarim to the wagon in the basement. Not sure why I felt the wagon location wasn’t good, I start moving it and suddenly I noticed an Iphone that was very dirty sitting under it, I cleaned it, tried to turn it on, dead battery. Went upstairs and I told the rabbi, that I found the phone, but it’s not charged. He said he will take care of it.
Tuesday morning the Rabbi told me that he was able to charge it and asked me if I recognize the picture on the phone. I told him I know who he is but not sure how to get a hold of him, I told the Rabbi I will work on it.
After a few phone calls I was able to locate the person pictured on the phone and he told me its not his, it belongs to his wife. She called me up to pick up the phone and this is what she said:
She lost the phone in Shul a few weeks ago and she knows she dropped it in the basement and she even pushed the wagon to the side, she couldn’t see it. Saturday May 3rd she got a phone call from her friend about a shiur on Monday night that she must attend, after hesitation, she agreed and both went to the shiur Monday night. The shiur was all about emunah, bitachon and always be optimistic, things always happens for the best.
She enjoyed the shiur a lot and decided to speak to the Rebbetzin for a few minutes afterwards, during the conversation, she told the Rebbetzin that she had lost her cell phone a few weeks ago and she is very upset about it. The Rebbetzin asked her if she had prayed to get back her phone?, she told her no. Why don’t you pray now?, she told her after 3 weeks, what are the chances?. The Rebbetzin said you have to do your hishtadlut and the rest is in the hand of Boreh Olam. She went back home Monday night and prayed to get back her iphone.
Tuesday morning her prayers were answered and she picked up the phone Wednesday night! Thank you Hashem for letting me be part of this Misvah

-Driving for a long time on a highway is a good time to think and reflect on many aspects of your life.  Unfortunately, this week while I was driving on a highway, I lost track of my speed and the next thing I saw was an unmarked car with lights flashing pulling me over. The officer came to my window. I asked what I did wrong. He said I was going 79 on a 65. Also to my surprise he said my brake light was broken. I explained politely that I was not paying attention and that I was wrong. I gave him my license and registration and he went back into his car. I proceeded to speak to Hashem. I explained that I knew that I was wrong and that without Hashem’s intervention I was about to get 2 violations and points on my record. I told Hashem that although I am undeserving, I am requesting that Hashem put in the mind of the officer not to ticket me for speeding. I said that I am relying totally on the Chesed of Hashem and that if I do get bailed out I will recognize that it was only due to Chasdei Hashem. A few seconds later the officer came back to my window and said “I only wrote a violation for the broken light, I didn’t give you a ticket for speeding”.
I looked up and said Thank You to Hashem first and them Thanks to the cop. The broken brake light turned out to be a great Beracha.
Even when we act irresponsibly, Hashem our Father is always there to bail us out.

-Heard strange noise and a bang and footsteps in my house in the middle of the night, I panicked and did not know what to do. I prayed to Hashem to protect me and my family and keep us safe then got the guts to get up and search the house. Baruch Hashem it was nothing, I know I definitely heard what I heard and was not imagining it. Thank you Hashem for making this situation magically disappear.


-great couple has gotten engaged-mazal tov


-I was at the DMV waiting with my son for him to take his drivers test. The line was extremely long. After waiting over an hour and a half we were next. The instructor ( A really nasty guy, probably enjoys failing people) skipped us and went to the middle of the line and took that person. Then 3 of the instructors went on break. Now if you are like me, I normally would say “Hey we are waiting for over an hour & half, next in line, how do you take someone first that is behind me in line?”  For some reason ( Hashem’s reason) , I kept my mouth quiet.  A few minutes later a really nice young lady with a big smile took my son for the test.  Happily he came to me and said I passed!!  Hashem saved us from the mean guy.  A lot of times we don’t see the way of Hashem. Fortunately this time I did. It’s a tremendous lesson for us all

-Bh – was looking all over the place for a pen i really liked, lost it by my desk and it was making me crazy, I looked in every draw, every folder picked the folder in front me shook it nothing, I looked in all the bathrooms, nothing,
Someone just showed me a pasuk to say, never heard about it before, said it 3 times and gave money to tzedaka, I’m sitting by my desk and all I’ve a sudden I look at the folder that I shook and there the pen is sticking out, unbelievable
Thank you Hashem

– Missing 50 dollars that had in my car – middle arm wrest looked everywhere – friend in the office told me about the pasuk to say, said it went back into my car opened the armrest – and there it was $50 just sitting there…
Thank you Hashem.

– BH was on the highway – driving off an exit, the exit was a large road that curved few times until you were off the highway at many times no visibility around the curve, there was traffic in front and as I got around the curves, was able to stop on time, while I’m waiting, called my wife about a chesed to do, at that moment a large dump truck was driving around the bend quickly with out seeing me (I have a small car ) I thought he was going In to me, Baruch Hashem the truck quickly broke and stopped on time, Baruch Hashem – maybe the reason was that I was on the phone about a chesed which saved me from an accident – Baruch Hashem

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