Thank You Hashem – Week 45

-Thank you Hashem for my Israeli granddaughter’s Ayala’s engagement and upcoming  wedding in Israel.

-Thank you Hashem for all the beautiful upcoming simachot this week, Chasdei Hashem there are so many that I can’t keep track to even list them here-Multiple Bar misvot, Weddings, Brisses, engagements, pidyon haben..Simachot by all!

-My friend has gotten engaged at age 44 Baruch Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for allowing me to live amongst a great sadik like Rabbi Murry Maselton a’h. It was a zechut to see him in action living his life to honor you Hashem and our holy Torah, we will miss him dearly.

– A woman in Israel asked me to be her connection in Linkedin, and as I was going through her connections, seeing who I wanted to connect to, I came across someone called Thank You Hashem and discovered this blog, which I am so happy to see. It’s purpose aligns very much with my outlook, and I feel it is definitely Hashgacha Protis that led me here, and is the beginning of good things to come. Thank you for initiating this project and all the work that went into creating the blog.

-Thank YOU HASHEM for protecting us and guiding us even if we’re not worthy of it, however bc we’re YOUR children, like we say banim atem laHashem Elokechem…and I love You too Hashem!  Thank YOU HASHEM!

– My Brother-in-law just moved his furniture workshop into a new building. it “happened to be” next door to a Yeshiva where a friend of his is teaches.One morning his friend walked outside in the morning and saw a sketch of some furniture- piece being blown across the grass. He picked it up and went into the building next door to ask my Brother-in-law if it was his.My Brother-in-law was just getting ready to start a job, and was looking for the sketch he made of the custom furniture to build.Yes, that was the paper he was missing, and couldn’t do the job without.If he hadn’t been next door, hadn’t just walked out then, noticed the paper, picked it up to look at it, known that he was next door………..Thank you Hashem!

– Rabbi Murray emulated Hashem in all his ways, I would like to point  out a few that he amplified.
·         He never wavered from the Torah one bit. If people gave him a hard time ( which many did), he followed everything in Torah but with a beautiful sensitivity and practacality.   He was a true Eved Hahem.
·         He reminded me of Giants of past generations where he dedicated his life to all his talmidim , the Syrian Jewish Community, and Jews all over the world.
·         As he beautifully said at his brother’s Arayot, He and his family were “Satisfied” with all that Hashem gave them lacking nothing.
Not even one week since his passing , everyone feels a tremendous void in the World. Thank you Hashem for giving us Rabbi Murray for 75 years.

-Thank you Hashem for the tests and challenges you are giving me.  I know they are for the best even though they may be very painful.

– celebrated my nephews wedding , was a great simcha Hashem has sent to our family- Thank you Hashem

-Had 2 weddings and a Bar Misva to attend on the same night- mabrook to all

-Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Maselton , I will miss how when he would run into me he would always ask me what daf in gemara I was holding on and on the spot be able to dissect the gemara and rashi as if he had just finished reviewing it that moment.

-my cousin got bar misva’d last night-hurray!

-a relative of mine was in a pinch regarding a simcha he needed to make and without ever being asked, all on his own Rabbi Murray Maselton stepped up and took care of the entire simcha from a to z-we do not even know how he found out about the situation in the first place-Hashem should reward Rabbi Murray for all of his kind and great actions.

– Thank You Hashem for letting me get the bus drivers phone number and letting me know my brothers got on the bus safely!!! I Love You Hashem!!

– Today I went to go post on Linkedin – “I believe that something wonderful is going to happen today!” When I signed in, there was a message from a contact looking for exactly the thing I am offering! Hashem is sending me everything I need. B”H!

– Tragically Rabbi Murray Maslaton had a niece that passed away at a young age from a brain tumor, leaving behind teenage children. One of the single teenage son’s was not able to cope with such a devastating and difficult crisis (no Jew should ever have to deal with the loss of a parent at a young age) so he ran away from home. For an extended period of time, no one knew where he was. Great Uncle Murray got on the case and finally tracked down this young man. Rabbi Murray found him at an abandoned train station where he fit in with local homeless bums. His hair was long and wild, his clothes were ripped and tattered, and he smelled like he didn’t take a shower for months. Great Uncle Murray nurtured his great nephew as he did with thousands of others. From that day till today, some twenty years, this wonderful Jew has been living and learning Torah in Lakewood. He has a family of his own, who all follow in the path of Torah and Mitzvot, as Uncle Murray guided him. Incidentally, I saw him with his beautiful Frum sons at the funeral of Uncle Murray, which was a terribly sad day for all.

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