Thank You Hashem – Week 46

-B’H My son got married this week..The day of the Wedding I was being his Shomer and went to pray Mincha in Landaus.  The minute we walked into the building.. A Rabbi walks up to my son and said..  I see on your face you are Chasson…  and getting Married today..  My son turns to me and said..  Da, how did he know that?  I said to him, I guess some see that Malach walking around with you today!.  What a beautiful wedding… Thank you Hashem for giving my son such a beautiful and perfect Bride.

-my nephew had a beautiful Bar Misva last night!

-my sons Bar Misvah tonight- Thank you Hashem

If Hashem had a Refrigerator, your picture would be on it. -If He had a wallet, Your photo would be in It. -He sends you flowers Every spring. 

Baruch Hashem my daughter just had a baby boy this morning!

-my cousin became a grandfather!


Still mourning the loss of the Tzadik Rabbi Mordechi ( Murray) Maslaton I heard one of the many stories about his genious.  There was a boy who was in public school and the parents did not want him to go to a Jewish school.  I am not sure of the details why,  but when Rabbi Murray heard about this he tried numerous times to convince the parents that a Jewish school would be best for  the boy. After the parents would not give in Rabbi Murray decided to go to the public school during recess.  The kids were playing outside and he called over an  Itallian boy and said “ You want to make $20?”   The boy eyed the $20 and said “ Sure!”  Rabbi Murray pointed to the Jewish boy and said “ See that Jewish boy over there, I want you to go over to him, spit in his face, and call him a Dirty Jew!!”  The Itallian boy did his job and no sooner than a week later the Jewish parents pulled their son out of public school and enrolled him in a Jewish school. A Gadol like Rabbi Maslaton interpretted situations “ out of the box” , and he saw the positive outcome before it happened. 

– About 8 years ago I went to the eye doctor to have laser eye surgery. Just as I was about to do the surgery the doctor told me that I may have to come back on Shabbat to check how it’s healing. Of course I couldn’t, so I was forced to cancel for the day. I was very upset as I was looking forward to 20 20 vision. I ended up going to another doctor (my mom kept pushing to go) for a second opinion, and he told me that if I were his son he would NOT recommend the surgery, so I didn’t do it. Fast forward about 8 years- I have a condition called caratoconis that affects my vision in my left eye- I can see BH, but my vision is not great. I went today to the doctor today to see what my options are on how to fix it. While I was there I asked him the following question- had I had the laser surgery 8 years ago what do you would have happened to my eyes? He basically told me that I would have had major complications, and it would have been a disaster, and it would have damaged my right eye as well. Who knows what can have opened to my eyes? BH since then I got married and Beli ayin hara we have 4 children. Had I lost my vision or damaged my eyes severely who knows if I would’ve gotten married?? 8 years ago I was so upset about not having the surgery, but looking back on it now it now I see how Hashem was watching me, protecting me the whole time. Thank You Hashem!!!!

Rabbi Murray Maslaton once went to meet with a Rosh Yeshiva and told him, “Rosh Yeshiva, I heard your Yeshiva is just like a college.”The Rosh Yeshiva asked, “What do you mean?”Rabbi Murray said, “I heard you offer college courses in your Yeshiva.”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Chas VeShalom.”Rabbi Murray said, “Well I heard you have University professors teaching in your Yeshiva.”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Chas VeShalom.”Rabbi Murray said, “Well I heard you require each talmid to take at least a hand full of college classes.”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Chas VeShalom.”Rabbi Murray said, “Well I heard you have university text books in your Yeshiva.”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Chas VeShalom. Why are you saying all this?”Rabbi Murray said, “So college is no good?”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Of course college is no good.”Rabbi Murray said, “So college is terrible?”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Of course college is terrible.”Rabbi Murray said, “So no Jewish boy should go to college?”The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Of course no Jewish boy should go to college. College defames, destroys and ruins a Jewish Neshamah. Jewish boys and girls should never go near any college. College taints the soul.”Rabbi Murray said, “Ok Great, so you won’t have any problem letting into your Yeshiva, a boy which I just convinced to drop out of college.”

-I had the zechut of “accidentally” meeting the anonymous main sponsor for the new Simcha Thank you Hashem app , Hashem should bless that person with much happiness and health and B’ezrat Hashem should have zechut to build a great family and raise many happy children on the path of Torah!

-Had a brothers wedding a brothers bar Mitzva within 1 week and have a bris, cousins bar Mitzva, and a friends  wedding. All in 1 day thank you Hashem for all of these simachot

-Thank you Hashem for all the Torah you allowed me to learn this year!!! And the zechut to live my 1st year of marriage learning in yeshiva!!!!

-Thank You Hashem for giving me the opportunity to be in Eretz Yisrael and visit mekomot Hakedoshim!!!! Thank You Hashem for giving me the best Parents, Grandparents, siblings friends  and  coworkers!!!!Thank You Hashem for Constantly Watching over me and protecting me and my  family!Thank You  Hashem for  All You Do!!!

-Bar misvah on Monday and Tuesday, Wedding on Wednesday and another wedding and Bar misvah on Thursday-A Bar misvah this coming Sunday- and SHAVUOT TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!Thank you Hashem

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