Thank You Hashem – Week 47

– went to meet a customer and called him from outside his site, he answers and says I am coming out now. I am waiting and he calls me and says where are you? I say right outside the location, he says which one, I tell him the street and he says no I am sorry I need you at a different location that one is being handled by the other gentlemen that you met and they are taking care of it with you. I drive to the 2nd location and it is a site that we spoke about from 2012! He says so sorry I wasn’t clear . I told him no problem and he bh put the order in from 2012 min hashamayim. Thank you Hashem

– Baruch Hashem got to dance with my son at his Bar Misvah-Hashem should help us guide him to become a ben torah with yirat shamayim serving you with great simcha!

– Thank you Hashem for sending us the money we needed to buy a new washer/dryer ! After having just moved and having many expenses, many of them unexpected, we were also now faced with another unexpected expense of having to purchase a new washer/dryer. It turned out our new apt didn’t have a gas line and now we would need to buy a new electric dryer (the old washer/dryer also didn’t fit on our new apt).  Needless to say there was no room in the budget for this after the move and adding more onto credit cards was not something we wanted to do. We decided we would both pray to Hashem to send us the money we needed . Hashem can do anything, and He knows how much we need it. He will find a way somehow to send us what we need. BH, Hashem answered our prayers this week and sent us exactly the amount we needed to purchase the new machine !. Thank you Hashem !

– I went to a shul on Shavuot night to try and stay up all night learning, wasn’t going so well and decided to go out and get some air. For some reason Hashem made my feet start walking and I remember thinking to myself, why am I walking? And found myself making a turn here and a turn there just walking aimlessly and found myself in front of one of our community shuls. i saw someone I know outside walking in and he asked if I would like to come in and join them in their class? I said ok why not. I want to thank you Hashem, this decision was a life changing experience for me,we had such an energetic class and my eyes were opened to the life of torah and what life is all about. Thank you for directing my feet to this shul!

– Thank you Hashem for providing me with the opportunity to have a great wedding, something I thought I would not be able to afford . Also for helping  My daughter
find such a great guy from a great family.  I really do appreciate everything you do for me.

– Bar misva and a wedding Monday night- Mazal tov to all.

– I was driving up ave N a one way 2 lane street, and me and the car in front of me were driving just a notch too fast but nothing crazy. Suddenly the car in front of me quickly decides to make a left turn on to the side street. He notices that there is a person in the cross walk crossing the street and slams his breaks, now I am behind him and realize that I do not have enough time to stop with out hitting him. I have to make a decision in milliseconds , either to hit this car and push him into the person crossing the street or to swerve into the next lane without having a second to look and hope there is no one in the lane. In that quick moment a flash went thru my mind that if I stay and hit the car in front of me, I was visioning sirens and an accident scene. So basically in a millisecond I had to decide to definitely have an accident and deal with the consequences or change lanes blindly and maybe have an accident? all of a sudden I pull the wheel into the next lane and Baruch Hashem it was empty! Thank you Hashem for protecting all of us that were involved!

– Thank you hashem for friends, family, food (cheesecake) laughter, smiles and the simple blessings we overlook daily. And allowing us to be a part of his chosen people

– Thank you Hashem for the inspiring shiurim of Rabbi Wachsman


– Baruch Hashem – For a beautiful shavout – Hashem made the weather beautiful, why does Hashem make the weather so nice for us on shaovut?A possible answer is Hashem is telling us – you see – what beautiful berachot a person gets when he is learning and doing mitzvot in the torah!Thank You Hashem for your wonderful Torah – We are so lucky!!!!

– Was driving to work and was a bit late, as waiting for the light – a big construction truck was coming out of lot – with very large polls and was trying to enter into the lane – who knows how long this can take!!, BH the truck motioned to the cop – to let me go and stop the cars behind me – thank you Hashem!

– Mabruk to Rabbi Rabi on his new baby daughter, may the family see much nachat from her and Mabruk on the opening of his new Shul and Torah center.

– I was walking in the street once and ran into Rabbi Murray Maselton. He quickly shoots out at me, where are you holding in your gemara? I tell him we just started the top of page so and so and he instantly quotes me the entire discussion of the gemara as if he was part of our shiur. He then adds, wait til you get to the middle of the page the gemara says this, and then says something that sounded like it must be a joke and I laughed. Well a couple of days later we got to that part of the page and lo and behold it wasn’t a joke! Rabbi Murray was right on the money and his words were exactly what the gemara mentioned!

– went to take a check I was holding to go deposit and saw that it wasn’t where I thought I put it and it was missing. I prayed to Hashem to please help me find it and within seconds I found it! Thank you Hashem

– Thank you Hashem for letting me have such a great holiday of Shavuot and for letting us have the gift of Shabbat to follow so quickly!

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