Thank You Hashem – Week 49

-Middat Hadin – Turned Rachamim (Thank You Hashem)  was in Monmouth Medical Center

going from bad to worse   Flu turned – Double Pnemonia – Respiratory Failure… Almost Checked Out!

It’s All in a name See Masechet Yoma Daf 83

ICU Doctors name was Yishmael

I said “What”

“ Yishmael”

“Can I Check your Lungs”?

“Can You Come Back Later”? Called My Rabbi

“Rabbi the Dr’s Name Is Yishmael”!

Ooooleeee, Dachilack – Get me out of here!

Nurse was doing a delicate transfusion, I went into a bad reaction, Dr Yishmael motioned to put me on the respirator, Nurse Vanessa got me stabilized Emet – “Vanessa” – “Ve Ness Haya”

Transferred to Columbia – under Dr Burkat

I went from “Yishmael” to “Birkat”

Hashem’s worthy Shaliach

The Male Nurse walked into my room and introduced himself

“My name is ERVING”

“Siman Tov that’s my son’s name”

The head nurse’s name “Shirley”

“Hey my Mom And daughter’s name is Shirley what a coincidence”

Three days before Pesach –  I was hoping to be released from the hospital the nurse walked in and said to me in her New York Slang

“Good Morning, my name is Telisha” I said “What”? She replied and wrote it on the white board TELISHA

I said – “I think I am leaving Today” (Telisha means to uproot)

Thank You Hashem

What a blessing to BREATH ROOM AIR

– was dealing with a worker that works for a customer of mine for many years, a lot of times he would do things out of the ordinary and act a little crazy, like sending about 40 texts in a row in the middle of the night and other strange things to annoy me. I used to have a very bad temper and bh try hard to work on it. Many times I wanted to explode on him and let him have it but I held it in. The other day I was by his office and he tells me that he may be looking for a new job and that if I may know some companies that could use him to keep him in mind. He then adds but there is something you need to know, I have 2 felonies on my record, so in case it comes up I want to be up front with you. I ask what happened? and he pauses and says, he had a fight with someone many years ago and…         the person didn’t end up living! I was standing there in shock and he tells me he went to jail for 6 years (why so short I have no clue) and all I could think about was Thank you Hashem that I didn’t blow up on this guy, a murderer! all those times I wanted to scream at him and shamble him, who knows what he was capable of doing chas vishalom! Thank you Hashem for watching over me and my actions-remember-anger is dangerous-beware!


– 2 weddings last night-keep em coming

-I don’t even know where to start in thanking Hakadosh Baruch Hu for all the kindnesses He does for me every second in my everyday life!!
I was curling a wig and getting all excited how it came out, I went downstairs to show everyone…they also liked it so I didn’t even bother to go back upstairs to fix it. More than an hour later I go back upstairs to get something and I see the iron still plugged. Expecting the worse, I come to the iron seeing it off!!!
Thank You Hashem for being ever so kind to me.  Who knows what could have happened if it was left on.

-Wedding on Tuesday night and also on Wednesday night –mabruk.

– Thank You Hashem for 53 years of constant sustenance and supplying my family and me with all our needs.


-Thank You Hashem for making me a part of Am Yisrael and not a goy!!!!!!!

-in shul Shabbat had bar misva,avi habat and chatan-thank you Hashem for happy occasions.

– Baruch Hashem our class finished a wonderful year learning and growing in torah misvot and yirat shamayim! Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to help all of my talmidim continue their journey in Avodat Hashem!

– I approached a business that was opening up to sell them my product and he wanted to put in an order. I asked for payment up front or on delivery and he said no he will only do it if he can pay me in a month or so. I was tempted to do it but something irked me about the midot of this person and I did not do it. Shortly after I see that he is gone, out of business and disappeared. I would have lost thousands of dollars. Thank you Hashem for saving me.

– I pulled into a municipal parking lot that only takes quarters and I had absolutely no change on me or in the car. They give tickets in here very quick and I would have to run to a store and get change and come back to the car, this would probably result in me getting a ticket. I prayed to Hashem to please take care of it and I open the car door to get out and bingo, there is a quarter right there on the floor waiting for me. Thank you Hashem

Simcha Thank you Hashem App coming soon BH…

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