Thank You Hashem – Week 51

-Thank you Hashem for sending me a misvah di-oraita- I was walking in a supermarket parking lot and saw a check on the floor, I picked it up and saw it made out to cash. On the top of the check it had the person whos account it is and also included their telephone number on the check (obviously Jewish). I was able to contact them and they had the person who they wrote the check out to get in touch with me and I was able to return it to them. They were very happy to recover their check. Thank you Hashem for this misvah.
-THANK YOU HASHEM FOR MAKING ME A JEW AND NOT AN ARAB ANIMAL-Actually the animals are also lucky that Hashem made them animals and not arabs.
 -took an order from a customer and when placing the order for the products with my vendor was able to get a much better price than anticipated for the goods and made an extra profit I never thought was coming- Thank you Hashem
-new baby boy born to one of my Rabbanims children-mazel tov!
-Thank YOU HASHEM for everything!  Whether we know the reasons or whether we don’t…if it comes from You, it’s great!  i love You Hashem!  Thank You!
-Thank you Hashem for letting me be on this side of the great kidush Hashem regarding the prayers and achdut for our 3 jewish brothers in Israel.It is amazing to be a JEW! – Please make the Kidush Hashem larger to the world and bring Mashiach.
-I was on the phone with someone and b’n committed to help out for a families Shabbat needs about $130 and moments later I was on the phone placing an order for something for work and I simply asked if possible to get a better price on it-                              The answer was…… yes- the saving was……you guessed it- $130!!!- Thank you Hashem
– I recently read the awesome book “Reb Leizer” about the life of Rabbi Eliezer Geldzahler from Lakewood (tragically passed away in bus crash in Israel at age 44 but what he accomplished was unbelievable-great book by R.Srulli Besser) and was very moved by this book and got a lot of Musar from it. I go to Lakewood in the summer and felt the urge to go and pay a visit to The late Ravs wife and orphaned children to sort of pay a belated shiva call and give kavod to the Rav and bring some Shabbat treats for the kids. Lakewood is very spread out and for some reason I had in mind that they lived in one of the further out locations but wasn’t sure. Last night I saw at mincha one of our Rabbis in Lakewood, whos great shiurim we attend, and after mincha he was talking to someone, I motioned I just need to ask you a quick question. He comes over and I say , I don’t know why I am asking you this out of left field but for some reason I feel like you have the answer for me- I told him how I read the book and wanted to pay a visit and asked if he had any connection to the Geldzahlers and if he might know where they live? He said-you are asking the right person, I am very close with them and my father was very close with their father!-he then says: and do you want to know where they live? They live right behind your house! Just go thru the backyard and they are behind the shul!…What were the odds of this? Asking this particular Rabbi this info and what are the odds that  Rabbi Geldzahlers family “happen” to live right behind the house I am in that by the way I wasn’t planning on renting this summer? Hashem set this up perfectly. Thank you Hashem!
!-I’ve been looking for a job and about 4 good opportunities all that seemed to be good and seemed like I had the job all of them didn’t work out each reason the job didn’t work out was for the most random confusing reasons that no one could of dreamt of only hashem somehow made it not work out for such random reasons but obviously its hashem guiding me and helping me grow in my emuna and I have no doubt that when I find something it will be the perfect job for me better then any of the other jobs  thank you hashem for guiding me in your path and thank you for the other jobs not working out obviously it wasn’t for the best.
– Combat soldiers from the Kfir Brigade’s Lavi Battalion, which specializes in counter-terror operations in Judea and Samaria, have taken upon themselves to fulfill the Jewish commandment to wrap tefillin daily for the merit of the three abducted and murdered teens’ souls. Lately we hear how Israel is going away from the Torah ( conversions, brit milah, yeshiva students being drafted) but see how Hashem combats this with his commandments and beautiful way of life. Thank You Hashem! Mashiach is very very close.                               -friends child got married last night- mabruk!- -Beautiful brit milah today- mazal tov to my great friend!
-Thank you Hashem for our Rabbi’s who are always there for us. They are always there to listen to us and guide us and give us the advice we need, and help us out with whatever we need.                                                                                       -Thank you Hashem- I needed to urgently give someone something but they had already left for the Summer. I kept thinking about what I was going to do and how I was going to be able to get in touch with them as it was pretty urgent. I knew that I could probably get it to the person but it could take at least 1-2 days. I prayed to Hashem to help and went out to do an errand and there was the person I needed standing right in front of their house and I was able to give it to them. Thank you Hashem !!!!!
-In Eretz Yisrael on Thursday 28 Sivan 5774June 26, 2014 at around 2PM Israel time, we went to see the Holy Rosh Yeshiva of Porat Yosef Geulah Rabbi Moshe Tzadka (son of the revered Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yehuda Tzadka). Rabbi Moshe Tzadka fasts every Monday and Thursday as well as Yom Kippur Katan. That Thursday also happened to be Yom Kippur Katan. It was 105 degrees. Due to the fasting and extreme heat the Rabbi was resting. We waited for a little while for the Rabbi to get up from his rest. We went with all our wives and children to get Berachot from the Gadol. All together we were more than 25 people. As we were waiting, the Rabbi in charge of the Yeshiva office, told us that Rabbi Moshe Tzadka is very strict against iPhones, so everyone should hide them. The Rabbi does not even like to see them. Of course we all listened immediately and took our iPhones with our belt clips and hid them in our pockets. When the Rabbi entered I took pictures and videos with my Sony Camera. Gabi Yacobov my good friend, who joined us and drove us there, took out his iPhone to take pictures. As he turned on his phone it froze and would not respond. He continued trying several times, but the iPhone simply did not work. Someone else from our group was on his way to the front to kiss the Rabbis hand and get a personal Beracha so he handed his iPhone to Gabi to take pictures. The same thing happened. His iPhone also did not work. After our meeting with the Rabbi, when we got back to the car, both iPhones worked perfectly. The entire time (have video of this as proof), Rabbi Moshe Tzadka did not lift his Holy eyes and even glance for a second at any of the woman present. He even barely looked at the men. When we got back to the car and I mentioned this point, my friend Gabi Yacobov said he also observed the same thing. Thank you Hashem for our Holy and Pure Gedolim

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