Thank You Hashem – Week 52

-My son was jumping around, banged his face into the edge of the dresser
just millimeters away from his eye.BH – Thank you Hashem for showing us your great chessed.
Had it been Chas V’shalom just a drop higher……. lo aleilu, bar minan.

-Came back to my parked car and saw someone tried to break into it and broke off the handle on the back door. Showed it to 1 person he said it looks like about $300 damage. Called up someone I know and sent him a picture and he said he can probably do the job for about $80-$100. When I brought it to him to see it he said he can probably get the parts and put it in and will be about $30 or $40. Great! He got the parts and I brought it over for him to put it in. After it was done I asked how much do I owe you?. He said zero-nothing it is my pleasure to help you with this don’t worry about it (I tried to argue and pay him but he refused- I send him some customers so go I guess he appreciated it) – Thank you Hashem – and Ps Thank you Hashem for not letting the robbers get into the car and steal my gps, that same day was in a traffic jam and needed it to get around the highways and detour the traffic and was able to use it. And by the way Thank you Hahem for gps, can you imagine explaining such a thing to a person 50 years ago?

– Bar Misvah last week- mazel tov

-Commuting safely to and from work this summer- Thank you Hashem                                                              -Thank you Hashem for letting us escape the worries and situations of everyday life and escape to the wonderful world of shabbos

– Mistakenly sent an email to someone who had the same name as the person I was looking for, the accidental target responded by offering me a job that is extremely promising, misunderstanding my intention. Hashem understood it.

-my friend has become a grandfather to a new baby boy-mabruk to him and the families

-We needed bookshelves for our new apartment; a friend of mine randomly asked me if I needed bookshelves, his sister was getting rid of hers. I told him I yes he brought them over and put them in for me for free I hardly lifted a finger they r sitting beautify now in my new apt thank you to my friend and thank u Hashem!!

-My daughter was unplugging something from the electric outlet and got an electrical shock that sent that buzzing electric current feeling shooting thru her arm , Baruch Hashem she let go of the plug and moments later it wore off. Thank you Hashem, it could have been much worse.

-Thank you Hashem for 52 inspirational weeks of these emails , I hope it brings joy to you.                             -wedding last night-mazel tov to all the baalei simachot.

– I was in a terrible mood for whatever reason and while sitting in shul in the morning after praying I turned to my left and saw a smiling kind face saying good morning and have a great day to me. This changed my entire feeling and entire day. Thank you Hashem for letting me be the recipient of this seemingly simple gesture and Thank you to the person who did it, he has no idea of the mood I was in that he changed!

-Thank YOU HASHEM for being Avinu Malkenu, our Father our King, who loves us, guides us, protects us and for everything!  I love YOU TOO HASHEM!  Thank YOU HASHEM!!

-my friends son is getting married tonight mabrook.

-Wow! All week was upset that a worker sent me a bill that was about $600 more then expected,was dreading having to discuss it with him. Finally today was about to get on the phone and go over it with him and said you know what first open up the bill in front of you before calling. I had to do a double and triple take, the bill was $1000 less than I thought, all week was having in mind I have to deal with this and magically it is done and taken care of. I actually saved $400 From what I had in mind!. Thank you sooooo much Hashem!

-I would like to extend a Hazak U Baruch to the person that started the “thank you Hashem Email”  It is a GREAT accomplishment.  May you be blessed to continue to spread this message and may Hashem Bless you  and your entire Family with Health, Happiness, success and long life.   

-attended a brit milah yesterday-thank you Hashem for another holy neshama

-Was easily able to get paid on a very old bill from a customer. Thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem for ice cold water on a hot summer day.

-bris of my friends grandson!!!! Very excited and happy for him and all of his family-mabrook                                    —- –Thank you hashem for a full year of these thank you hashem emails it opens our eyes to see hashem in our every day lives how he’s running the show for our good!!!

-Bh was watching kids in park, turned around for a sec and one the kids ran into the street and baruch Hashem there were no cars.                                                                                                                                                                    —-Bh bought powerade and put into fridge in case someone walks in the heat on Shabbat, me’da keneged Me’da bh, last night drove back home late from a wedding in Brooklyn to deal, was late and came home thirtsy, BH there was a cold powerade waiting for me in the fridge, BH

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