Thank You Hashem – Week 53

  • Was driving in NJ to the bank and got caught in monsoon of a storm, flash flooding everywhere. Pulled into the driveway at the bank and baruch Hashem they had a drive thru window that is covered. I didn’t have to get out of the car. Bishvil li bara elokim et haolam-for me Hashem created the world including this drive up window.
  • Bris Friday morning of my friends grandson, mabrook.
  • Thank YOU HASHEM for everything i may not understand!  If it comes from YOU, abinu malkenu, it’s for my best and from our loving Father.  I love YOU too HASHEM! Thank YOU!
  • Thank You Hashem and your chesed organizations for providing me food and a bed close to the hospital my wife was at over Shabbat
  • Thank You Hashem for Rabbi D.M. who went out of his way to get my kids to shul on Shabbat while I tended to my wife in the hospital
  • I came to my car not realizing that my meter expired and found a ticket on my windshield. I opened up the orange envelope and inside of it I found a muni meter receipt inside which had the same time as the time I got my ticket someone must have seen the cop giving me a ticket and put their muni meter receipt into my envelope (or purchased one)  to save me from the ticket. This is a really beautiful thing especially that it was done for a complete stranger the gemara says the greatest type of sedaka a person can possibly give is to not to know who your giving to and that the recipient doesn’t know who gave him.Thank you Hashem and this wonderful person
  • I am sorry but I don’t think it is by accident that Hashem is sending us these loud crashing blasts of THUNDER at the very same time eres Yisrael is hearing scary rocket explosions-Hashem wants us to do teshuvah and as the gemara says thunder is our reminder from Hashem to do teshuvah-Thank you Hashem for the reminder!
  • Thank You Hashem that it’s not as hot as usual this summer,  for all the rain and that almost every time it rained this week, it was at night!
  • today, the fast day seeing peoples faces without their coffee, how can we not stop and thank Hashem for coffee? How many different types of varieties of coffee as well,for each specific persons preference!
  • Baruch hashem! Just survived another surgery! Hashem is so good to me. Still in the hospital in pain but thank gd I am here not feeling anything!
  •  2 Bar misvahs this shabbos-thank you Hashem
  • I am often inspired by so many people and things. Here are my thoughts of inspiration to share with everyone.. The world has two parallel stories. The reality of war,hatred, suffering, chaos, and selfishness is only one. The other reality is peace, love and the positive outlook within yourself and that you inspire in those around you. It is there that we know we are not alone! You write your own amazing story every day when you realize that each challenge is to bring you closer to your divine potential.Each person is unique and has the potential to be great! We choose the story of our lives! Make it a FANTASTIC page turner! A story full of ups, downs, thrills,sobering moments, and tons of beauty where you can say, I’m a better person today….and I made a difference! Peace, Love & Blessings! Your distant friend… Tara
  • My kids were afraid to go to sleep because of the frequent thunder & lightening.
  • At first I was “not pleased”, then I thought to myself “Imagine what the parents and children are going through in Eretz Yisroel” then I started to thank Hashem that the fear that we have to deal with is BH only thunder and lightning. Thank you Hashem for keeping us safe here in America. May Hashem continue to keep us safe, as well as our brother in the Holy Land and in the rest of world too. May we merit the Geulah Shleimah speedily in our days.
  • Thank You Hashem for my new roller skates and my wonderful kindle fire I got last year. And last thank you Hashem for the safe trip to Illinois and I am also thankful for my wonderful mother who has done so much for me. I love you Hashem-Chailah
  • Thank you HaShem for everyday miraculous life! Thank You for my sweet daughter, my future adopted children, and the relatives You have given me who love You and love the paths of peace and gratitude. Thank You for my true friends. Thank You for all those people who have crossed my path who have inspired me, and those who challenged me and contributed to my self-improvement, and vice-versa. Thank you for the joy and peace You give me daily, despite my circumstances…I know that You are always with me and all Your people! Thank you for the days ahead that we cannot see where there is Shalom in Yisrael, where the Beis Hamikdash is here again, and where we are near You as You will us to be, and where everyday is Shabbas! Yaaay! We look forward to these days with a longing heart and soul! Todah for life and love! Todah our King, our Redeemer, our loving Father.
  • looking how the world is going berserk,wars,bombings,suicide bombs,rockets,planes disappearing,planes being shot down from out of the sky-we must stop and thank Hashem that we are obviously  living in the time of Mashiach and we can’t wait to see your glory in the world once again and bask in the greatest Kiddush Hashem imaginable- Thank you Hashem in advance for bringing us Mashiach!\
  • A man who lives in Miami told me that for the last two years he’s been learning at night with a neurologist, and last week this neurologist’s mentioned his daughter had suffered daughter suffered a brain aneurism, a few years Back, לא עלינו.   Baruch Hashem, she is now healthy, but the doctor was telling his study partner about the incident.  The man asked him to describe the symptoms of a brain aneurism, and the doctor began explaining the symptoms with complex medical terminology. “Just tell it to me in plain English,” the man said. The doctor said, “Basically, it feels like the worst headache you ever had in your life.” This man then flew to New Jersey for the weekend to attend a family bar mitzvah, and ate the Shabbat meal with his in-laws.  Toward the end of the meal, he noticed that his brother-in-law was not in the room.  He asked what happened, and he was told that his brother-in-law didn’t feel well and went to lie down.  Sometime later, when the brother-in-law didn’t return, he grew concerned and went to see what the problem was. “I’m having a terrible migraine,” the brother-in-law said. The man asked him to describe the pain, and the brother-in-law said, “It’s the worst headache I ever had in my life.” The man rushed to his other family members and told them to call Hatzalah. “What, Hatzalah?!” they said.  “On Shabbat?!  For a headache?!” “Trust me,” the man said.  “This is very serious.” They called Hatzalah, and as the patient was talking with the paramedics he suddenly became paralyzed in half his body.  The paramedics gave him oxygen and did whatever they could to help.  They then rushed him to the hospital, where he took a turn for the worse.  He had to be taken by helicopter to another hospital which was capable of treating his condition. The Hatzalah volunteer told him that if the paramedics weren’t there at the time this happened, he would not have survived. The “Guardian of Israel” was watching, and He sent a messenger from 1,000 miles away in Miami who was equipped with the knowledge of what to do at the right time. We need to thank Hashem at all times for guarding and protecting us, and especially for preserving our lives all day, every day
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