Thank You Hashem – Week 54

  • Thank you hashem for my new guitar !!
  •  Thank you Hashem for creating every living object with all that it needs to survive, was in backyard and saw a squirrel eating a nut and then take off and run straight up a tree,can you imagine a person being able to turn his body upwards and walk straight up a tree? Well a person is not able to because he has no need too, a squirrel does have such a need and Hashem has provided for him.
  • Thank you Hashem for this gorgeous and refreshing summer weather.
  • So very inspiring! Thank you to everyone! Praise HaShem always. His mercy and kindness endures forever!
  • Was driving in my car and started praying out loud for Hashem to help out my friend with his parnasah and all of a sudden a customer who I have not heard from for a very very long time calls my cel and starts to place a new order with me. Thank you Hashem
  • Our landlord put in a new kitchen for us, came out great but the cabinets for some reason didn’t have handles and were very hard to open. We didn’t want to open our mouths and make a stink and just figured we would buy our own and have someone put them in. I went to the house to check on some things and found beautiful handles on the cabinets, I quickly took a picture and texted it to my wife. She calls me up and says I can’t believe it, I just saw an add yesterday with those exact handles and said that is exactly what I want for our kitchen something nice and sleek like that! Well here they are, you got em, installed and all- Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you HaShem for my life, my daughter, our health (physically and spiritually), our successes and our struggles or challenges that help us reach our potential. Thank you for the natural talents you have given us. Thank you for every little and big thing that we see and those things that we do not see. Thank you for being a part…the greatest part of our lives everyday!
  • Was on a rowboat with my wife and kids on a gorgeous lake. There was a girls camp that had a few rowboats out on the water as well. 2 of the boats were near each other and one of the girls started standing up or something and the boat started leaning to one side. The owner of the boat rental gets on the loudspeaker and starts screaming the boat is gonna tip over sit down. A few moments later sure enough the boat tipped over. All the girls were in the water, they had life jackets on but was still a little scary site to see them in the water along side a flipped over rowboat. I was waiting to see the rental place jump on a jetski or something and get out there to help out with a rescue of some sort and when I saw this wasn’t happening we quickly rowed our boat to their area to try and help them out of this situation,all the while the goyah from the rental place keeps getting on the loudspeaker yelling to grab the boat!, to pull the boat in with the other boat!. That is all she could think of was the stupid boat while these girls were all in the water. We made our way there and most of the girls got on to their friends boat, one of them was still in the water panicking as she did not know how to swim, we helped them all out including getting their belongings and shoes from out of the water to them. All while being serenaded with a loudspeaker, pull the boat in!! ,get the boat!!. Thank you Hashem for making us Jews who have a heart and care for one another, instead of a selfish goy (not that all goyim are like this one) but was amazing to witness such a thing. They finally sent a rescue boat out, Oh but was not to rescue the girls,it was to drag the poor boat back in!. Baruch Hashem all the girls were fine and will end up with a funny summer camp memory to laugh about for years to come.
  • Bar misvah of my friends son and received an invitation to another Bar misvah as well- thank you Hashem
  • my wife’s toe was hurting she made appt with orthodpedist, in meantime baby was unwell she took her to family doctor on spur of moment my wife says I can barely walk, dr says let me see your toe, he found major infection and after prescribing medication for it, my wife said ‘such siyyatta dishmaya that I happen to be here and happened to ask you to look’, doctor said ‘you didn’t just save 400 bucks for the orthopedist its also likely that they wouldn’t have found the infection since they don’t look for that’
  • Thank You Hashem for letting me have an enjoyable and easy job!
  • Thank YOU HASHEM for the tests you give, even though we may ask for you not to give us tests, when you do it is for our best and can help us grow!! Thank YOU HASHEM!! i Love YOU TOO!
  • Thankful another Chabad is opening up near my house in NJ. Please Hashem bring the Jews! May we build a community that is tight and not judgmental. Jews of all backgrounds and observances need to band together; and grow together as a people and not apart bc one observes Shabbat and the other does not. This is the time, show a brotherhood Tolerance within the Jewish Communities At the same time; strengthen support for Israel, marrying within the faith, and show the Jewels of Judaism to your children so they keep them in their pocket. To take out and share with the world.
  • Thank You Hashem! We were out taking a walk and the whole time that we were out it  was lightning…when it started thundering we started walking to the car.  The second we got into the car it started pouring.Thank you Hashem for not letting us get stuck in the rain!!
  • Thank you Hashem for Mashiach, we are sooooo close to it we can feel it in the air, more planes shot down,another plane disappearing,anti Semitism stories throughout the news,wars and chaos all around us-we are so lucky having in our minds that this is all a prelude for the wonderful time of Mashiach that awaits us and makes these events easier to accept and live with knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel-Thank you Hashem for choosing us!
  • Our morning class went a little longer today and wasn’t able to see my daughter before she got on her camp bus.Walked out of the class and I see a varsity bus right there and sure enough it was my daughters bus and was able to see her after all! Never even knew the bus made a stop there-Thank you Hashem,can never go wrong learning torah
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful stories of achdut we keep hearing during this difficult war-AM YISRAEL CHAI!

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