Thank You Hashem – Week 55

-Had an extra great shabbos last week-Thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem for the beautiful weather we have been having ! I am especially VERY grateful to Hashem for this unexpected and unusually low temperature and humidity BH ! I moved a few months ago and for one reason or another we haven’t been able to install our air conditioners in our new apt except for the bedrooms. Had it been as hot as it usually is this time of the year, it would have been unbearably hot and uncomfortable for us. Thank you Hashem !!!!!!!!!!

-new baby girl,my friend has become a grandfather again!

-Was in shul this morning lugging heavy bulky packages that I needed to take on the bus to nyc. As I was leaving and shlepping these bulky packages down the steps my good friend runs over and tells me that he happens to be going to nyc later today and if I like he can bring them for me. He unlocked the door and I put the packages inside. Hashem took care of me and carried my heavy load for me like he does for all of us everyday,Thank you to my friend and Thank you to Hashem.

-The following story was sent to me. It is representative of the outpouring of support for our soldiers in Gaza that is uniting Israel as seldom before:July 25 This is what it means to be part of such a special family…A friend just shared with me: The father of a Chayal who is now in Gaza told how his son was informed on Friday that his unit will not be going home for Shabbat, which was a problem because they did not have any provisions for Shabbat with them. The father ran to the supermarket to buy some things, as much dips and salads as he could, then he stopped at the Schwarma place in Petach Tikva. He asked for a portion to be put into an aluminum tray and explained that it was for his son who is in Gaza without food for Shabbat. The owner said to him “What do you mean for your son? How many soldiers are in his group?” The father answered “70” The Schwarma place owner called all of his workers. They prepared all the Schwarma they had, brought out all of their meat, fried schnitzels, prepared Moroccan salads and chips and within an hour he and all of his workers had emptied the entire restaurant and given it over to the father. The father just stood there crying and simply said: “Mi Kimacha Yisroel..Who is like your people Israel”…

-pidyon haben this week- mabruk

-went in a rush to staples to pick up a needed item in a pinch for my office, ran in and there was a goy worker there that I was about to ask which aisle I can find the item but he conveniently turned his back and dashed off, I didn’t get upset and instead said Hashem please help me find it quickly without having to search 20 aisles, the first aisle I went to, presto-there was the item waiting for me-Thank you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for your great people who think of everything including the website and text service to sign up and receive the name of an actual Israeli soldier who is fighting for us and to pray and do acts of chesed and misvot in his zechut. Assigned to me was, Dor ben Sarit Mizra Yarchi – He should be safe and protected!

-At a recent convention Rabbanit Mizrachi was told the following personal story:  “I work as a resource room teacher with children with disabilities. A few years ago a young boy began taking lessons with me. I could not understand what had brought him to seek my help. He clearly had no difficulty with his lessons and did well on all his tests. Yet he consistently came to the resource room for his lessons. I was determined to find his area of weakness, but as hard as I tried, I could not pinpoint any learning disability or difficulty. Finally, I took him aside and told him he no longer needs to attend my classes. The boy turned to me and said, ‘ I will tell you why I am here. I have a friend who has a learning disability. Our teacher told him that he needed special lessons in the resource room. He was very embarrassed to be singled out and having to attend your classes, so I told him that it was no big deal and that I too take remedial classes. Please let me continue coming’.” “The boy who came to my class merely to prevent the embarrassment of his friend was Gilad Shaar äé”ã.” let us be inspired by Gilad. We must step out of our comfort zone and feel the pain of our brothers and sisters. May this T’sha B’av no longer be a day of sadness, but a day of celebration.

– Thank you Hashem for my wonderful family and friends

-we had a mover on the way to move our entire house and before he came I sorted thru all the boxes to find my Aleinu lishabeach Devarim book so I can take it back to NJ with me. Probably my most important Shabbat table book,I dug it out somehow and put it on the table,only problem was that I ran out for an errand and in that time the movers came and packed our stuff and I did not know where the book ended up. My nephew was kind enough to offer to go to my house the next day for me to do a chesed and secure a tarp on our sucah that is stored in the backyard, being we heard rain is on the way. I asked if while he is there if he would take a gamble and just open 1 or 2 boxes to see if he can find my book and bring it to nj for me. While there he went thru a few boxes and I felt bad and said ok-thank you, enough I appreciate it,how long can I make him sort thru boxes for the longshot of “maybe” finding the book,it could be anywhere-I thank him and we hang up.2 minutes later My phone rings,I see his number,I think can this be a thank you Hashem item? I say hello and he says-I have a Thank you Hashem item for you- he says he was at the door leaving and said you know what I will check 1 more box and he prayed to Hashem  “please let me be able to find the Aleinu Lishabeach so my uncle can use it for learning and speaking divrei Torah”-the next box he opened had the book 2nd one from the top of the largest box there! Thank you Hashem for such a wonderful nephew! And Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Zilbersteins Aleinu Lishabeach.

– Baruch Hashem – in the midst of suffering Hashem is there for us!

Sgt.-Major Kashun (Danny) Baynesin HY”D, 39, of Netivot was killed in Gaza fighting on 23 Tammuz when terrorists made their way near Kibbutz Nir. He is survived by a wife and three children. This morning, Thursday, 4 Menachem Av, his wife Glitu gave birth to a fourth child in Soroka Medical Center, a girl. Glitu arrived on Wednesday night and gave birth a few hours later. Baruch Hashem she and her daughter are healthy. “I was sad that Danny was not at my side. He was so waiting for the birth of a daughter. It is hard for me, not easy indeed. The delivery was easy but he is missing. Each day is another that he does not return. His voice is not heard in the home. He knew we were having a girl and he was extremely excited. It is very hard. I have no one to call and no one to send out notices. It makes it even more painful that he is no longer here” stated Glitu.

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