Thank You Hashem – Week 56

  • I just experienced a true nes that only Hashem can do!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!!!! On my  way home from work I usually get a ride with a co-worker of mine.It happens to be my brother was off bein hazmanim and came to work with us, so  I’ve been getting rides with him these past few days.Today On our way to the car from work we see  lots of  ambulances and police and as we continue we see an accident. And I see  all these coworkers of mine, they  were in an accident.We go see if everything is ok and Baruch Hashem everything was fine! The car was damaged but Baruch Hashem noone was hurt!!!Thank You Hashem for Protecting me and Watching over me!!Baruch Hashem I wasn’t in the car!!I keep Thanking Hakodosh Baruch Hu that I wasn’t in the car.I LOVE YOU HASHEM!!!
  • I went Shopping with my baby in the stroller, for the first time. I Went to the next Aisle forgetting that he was(n’t) with me. It wasn’t until someone announced that “A baby was left unattended…..” that I realized that it was me.I thank Hashem from the bottom of my heart that nothing bad happened to him. He wasn’t even crying!BH nobody called the Police.BH nothing bad happened to him.May Hashem give him, and all of us, a long, healthy, life.
  • Had a financial dispute with regards to someone overcharging me a lot of money after seeing I wasn’t getting anywhere with this un reasonable person I remembered about Hashems shalom fund and said I will pay him the larger amount and wait and see how Hashem returns it to me. Baruch Hashem it has been returned!!! Thank you Hashem for clearly showing me the power of shalom, your name!
  • Thank You Hashem for the letting us know that Tisha b’Ab will be a day of Simha!
  • Thank you Hashem for our Rabbis who give of themselves tirelessly, especially on a fast day like tisha b’av when it is more difficult for them, they come thru like never before giving us great chizuk and meaning for this special day that will be a yom tov b’ezrat Hashem next year.
  • bar misvah today mazel tov.
  • Before I stepped into the shul on Shabbat I was in the mood for a tea.. I went into the coffee room and then said to myself “ Kle shani, Kle shlishi,”  then thought to myself , ah too much of a bother not in the mood to pour and pour.  So I went to my class and approx 10 minutes later a gentleman from our Shul walks in with a hot cup of tea for the Rabbi. He puts it down in front of the Rabbi and the Rabbi says”  Thanks so much but I just had one, does anyone else want?”  Sitting next to the Rabbi I took the cup of tea. Hashem brought the tea to me without even lifting my finger. Amazing. FYI, it  was really really good. Gan Eden on Earth. Thank you Hashem for always taking care of us.
  • Thank you Hashem ! I had been praying to Hashem to send me another way to make some additional money to help pay for expenses we have.There was one particular thing I had wanted to do for awhile but wasn’t sure if it would be good for me or not. I prayed to Hashem that morning that if that was the right thing for me then please help me. That afternoon I was in the supermarket, saw two people I knew ,we were talking, they both were looking for something that I told them I can make some phone calls and find out about it for them. I made a phone call for them and while talking to the woman she offered me a job BH ! She told me that just this morning she decided she was going to put an ad that she was looking for someone ! Thank you Hashem !!!!!!!
  • A year and a half ago in the Santa Casa of São Paulo (public hospital) an individual by the name Samuel Fishman passed away. The hospital searched for the next of kin and family. They announced his death in a newspaper for six months, and sadly, no one came to claim the body. The hospital then requested legal permission to do studies with the body in the Santa Casa, and were granted permission. The body was placed into a freezer, where it remained for more than a year. One day around three months ago, a Jewish woman went to the local market to purchase bananas. When she arrived home, she happened to glance at the newspaper which the bananas were wrapped in and came across the old ads from the hospital looking for family of “Samuel Fishman”. Without even knowing who Samuel Fishman was, she went to the hospital and began asking questions, and seeking information. She was told that the body was frozen and would be used for “studies”. The woman then went to the local Chevra Kadisha to get involved. The Chevra Kadisha appealed to the courts to have the body released, and after 3 months of tireless efforts, succeeded in releasing the body for burial in the Jewish cemetery in Embu. Volunteers from the Chevrah Kadisha lead by Rav Shie Pasternak participated in the Tahara for Mr. Samuel Fishman on Erev Tisha B’av, and confirmed that incredibly no study was done, and the Niftar was not even touched for a year and half! This story is nothing less than Hashgacha Pratis that this woman who happened to purchase some bananas, in that hour, that day, with that vendor, wrapped in that old newspaper, that Samuel Fishman Z”L could be brought to Kever Yisroel. (Chaim Stein)
  • Was traveling out of town on a business trip and got to the airport and happily saw a friend of mine that learns with me during the winter, I asked him if he wants to learn on the plane and he says yes where are you sitting? I say row 15b he says I am 1a all the way on the opposite side of this small craft plane. Before boarding I pray to Hashem and say please Hashem 2 things,1 I hate to sit by the window I have a fear of it so please give me an aisle seat and 2nd I really want to learn with my friend on the plane so please figure it out for me somehow so we can learn torah together. I board the plane and see my seat is a window!! Right next to me is a lady with a baby who asks if she can have the window instead of the aisle with her baby-Thank you Hashem! Now the guy sitting next to me calls the stewardess and says I am claustrophobic and can’t sit back here, is there a seat up front? Right away I jump up and say yes, my friend is up front and before anything I just start calling him from the back of the plane and say get your stuff and come here right away and I tell the stewardess and the man, enjoy your front seat. Thank you Hashem for taking care of these 2 things I prayed for, thank you for always taking care of me!
  • My baby is now wondering around the house in a walker. He was in the kitchen and my wife heard a gigantic crash,she ran into the kitchen and saw shattered glass everywhere! And he was smack in the middle of it. She ran over and saw that he opened a cabinet and grabbed a glass vase and the vase shattered all over and baruch Hashem there was zero harm to our little baby- a miracle glass breaking all over and his feet on top of it and nothing not even a scratch-thank you Hashem

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