Thank You Hashem – Week 57

Thank you Hashem for your selfless loyal soldiers like Rabbi Moishe Zucker who in all his pain after knee replacement surgery gave of himself to go to CAMP SPORTS NCSY in Baltimore, all to help give chizuk and mekarev the kids that need it-Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Moishe Zucker –I want to add that I witnessed Rabbi Zucker in the hospital bed by the surgery talking about how he plans on going to of all places “CAMP SPORTS” shortly after his knee surgery and I was thinking is he for real? How is he going to be able to do such a thing,what an imagination he has.You taught me a great lesson, when a person has the will and desire Hashem will guide and make it happen for him.

Thank you, Hashem, for running the world — you know what’s best, even if it looks very dark to us.

was parked on a narrow street in front of my house and got in the car early in the morning to go to shul, as I pulled out there was a car speeding down the street at  about 60 miles an hour, there was no time for me to react or maneuver the car out of the way, all that was left was for me to sit there and wait to be hit as I prayed to Hashem, by miracle some how he swerved out of the lane into this tiny area of street and avoided hitting me- Thank you Hashem, I am sure my going to learn torah and pray in the early morning is what protected me..

Was walking into the store to buy Shabbat flowers and thought to my self I am really in the mood for some nice gladiolas..walked in and first thing I see is some nice gladiolas- I stroll over and see the price-SALE 2.99 A BUNCH- Thank you Hashem for the great sale on exactly what I wanted for Shabbat!
Up in the Catskills, my family went to a creek. My older daughter was walking very carefully holding my 2-year-old’s hand, when they suddenly slipped and fell. The 2-year-old landed face-down in the water! BH the older one -despite being hurt- quickly picked her head up above the water and managed to get up with her.BH they are both OK. THANK YOU HASHEM for always taking such good care of us.(I hope I’ll thank you for it enough without these kind of happenings, so u won’t do it to us any more.)

Thank you Hashem for making such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. I went up with my family to the Catskills and saw such breath-taking views.Ma Rabu Ma’asecha Hashem!I know it’s barely a fraction of what we’ll get in the next world – for even 1 Mitzvah!!

Thank You Hashem for all the miracles You have been doing for us in Eretz Yisroel. Thank You for giving me such peace on Tisha B’Av. I am so grateful to be with my family. Thank You for making me a Jew. Thank You for teaching me Your Torah and mitzvahs. Thank You for helping me feel better, giving me a good hot summer to warm my bones.

Thank YOU HASHEM for EVERYTHING at EVERY moment, bc EVERYTHING YOU do is perfect and YOU are filled with loving kindness!


Bar misvah and wedding on the same night-mabruuuk

Attended 2 great siyums by 2 of my nephews-very proud of them-hazak ubaruch! Speeches were very inspiring.

Thank you Hashem for letting me witness this first hand. Was praying arbit and saw an elderly Rabbi that I have not seen for a long time, he is in his 90’s (?) , after praying I went over for a beracha for me and my son and I asked if I can give him a ride home that it is raining outside, he answered no thank you, that his grandson is coming and they learn together every night until 11 o clock! Here I am thinking hazeet he is an older man let me try and get him home in the rain and this great Rabbi in his 90’s is staying up until 11pm  every night learning, not at home but in a bet midrash- Hashem should bless him with many happy healthy years.
children returned home safely from camp-Thank you Hashem
Wonderful wedding and an engagement party last night-mazal tov

Thank you Hashem – my phone fell in a park as I was trying to grab it from the carriage and BH screen cracked – my only cell phone and not usable since it was a business phone, went to work the next day and spoke to IT, they said – if we need to order phone it can take couple days – w/o a cell phone few days AH OH… went to the back found a brand new phone – they had gotten it for someone and they didn’t like it so they kept it for backup. – BH Hashem arranged the other guy not to like the phone so it can be waiting just for me! – BH

Baruch Hashem – We have been living in a very unusual time – on one hand we had may fallen soldiers HY”D our brothers!! – gave up their lives for US! We have also seen Major Nissim Ve’niflaot – thousands of rockets raining down on us and Hashem protects us!!!


Thank you Hashem for these Thank you Hashem emails!!

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