Thank You Hashem – Week 58

While camping we spent some fruitless time fishing for salmon. However, there were some other people fishing and when they wanted to leave, their car wouldn’t start. After unsuccessfully trying to jump start it, my son drove one of them back to their camp cottage to get a spare battery and then drove him back. A few hours later as we sat around our campfire, two men approached us, asking if we were the ones who helped them with their car, and they presented us with 2 nice size freshly caught salmon! Thank You Hashem for showing me You have more than one way to provide us with food.
thank You Hashem for the beautiful weather this summer

Sent from From Mitzvah Man – Am Yisrael comes together in sad times and good times Michael! Amazing- I was watching all the texts on the system and couldn’t wait to hear the results…. What an amazing community! Received a call Sunday afternoon.” My brother is getting married in bklyn Monday night”The girl is from out of town” the boy from here as only 2 friends around to come”Both small families” We are looking for Volunteers to come dance with them at 930 pm” can you send people? I was told to call you” That same day I happen to go to a New basketball game with Kollel boys as they’re off from learning this week. I didn’t know Anyone there .I asked the 1st kid”Hey”are you interested in doing a Mitzvah??? And told him what was up,He replied ” of course” you have NO IDEA who you’re asking” I said Really? Why?He replied” I have hundreds of Kollel boys on my email list” and when something is needed I’m the one in charge if getting them via email to do it”I can guarantee you’ll have at least 50 Kollel boys Monday night”. I then sent a text to our Mitch are the responses. Victor dweck” I’m coming in from Deal special with 7 other guys”. Volunteer Kassab” I’m bringing 6 of my boys with me at 930 pm”. Vol shelia”can girls come? I’m coming with 6 friends” We had numerous responses just like this..I was told by volunteer Rami Mizrachi” it was packed”. Hundreds of men and women showed up!!. The volunteers told me the next day” it was probably the Nicest Mitzvah I’ve ever done” Alan Dayan vol said “I was in tears watching our boys dancing as I knew they were from mitzvah man,complete strangers” The brother called said”my brother was in AWE the whole night and had the BEST time” . The volunteers had the best time as they went Lasham Shamayim.

Am Yisrael comes together in prayer for our soldiers,Tehilim   for Israel and in this case We came together in JOY!!!


What a beautiful day….  My Wife’s Birthday..  Took the day off and spent the entire day with her..  capping it off with a delicious Dinner at a nice restaurant ..  Thank you Hashem for giving me such a wonderful wife..  I love her so much.

B’H – Over the last couple of week.  3 of my boys made 4 Syuimim –  3 of them were over my father’s Yahrzeit..  

Thank You Hashem for all the semachot there were this week… Beeazrat Hashem many more!

Thank you Hashem for showing me clearly that you are in control of the world.

Customer ordered 15 then upped to qty 20 of a certain product set up. He calls back a week later and says how many did I order 30? I say no 20-he then upped it another 15 setups. Thank you Hashem

was about to pull into expensive parking garage in Manhattan and missed the entrance, was frustrated cause I was late for meeting and it looked like I would have to circle the whole block again suddenly a regular street spot opened up !!! I saved a fortune and time.

Thank you Hashem for a fantastic Summer

Got to spend Shabbat with a person who tries to pretend he is a simple person but is truly  a real sadik, Rav Moishe Zucker. It was a big chizuk to see him in action and seeing how he loves and cares about every jewish neshama.Hashem also gave him zechut to pray in a certain shul on Shabbat and he heard the name of person making aufruf for his daughter and it turns out it was his rebbe from 1976 and he was able to surprise him and  attend.

Mabruk-great bris today simcha-My cousin has gotten engaged MAZAL TOV!

Thank You Hashem that I was fortunate to spend the day this past Monday In Camp Simcha, it was the most amazing event I have ever been to! Something indescribable 70 – 80 people go up to pump up these kids that are not well it actually gives them a will to live!, I thought that we were giving them encouragement I got much more encouragement, the feeling you can’t the You Hashem for Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha 🙂

Thank you Hashem for the  wonderful Summer you prepared for my family and I . We all enjoyed ourselves safely happy in a torah atmosphere.

Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Yossi Waddler and Rafi Miller of camp chaverim who gave my son the summer of a lifetime

Was able to spend time in Ohel Simcha-Park Ave shul this summer. Great experience with great leader Rabbi Shmuel Choueka

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