Thank You Hashem – Week 59

-Thank You Hashem for providing this avenue to express the fullness of my heart’s gratitude for the wonderful summer You gave me with my children and grandchildren. Thank You for returning us home safely. Thank You for the wonderful stories I just read from last week’s Thank You Hashem newsletter. They warmed my heart and made me so happy to be part of Your wonderful people.

-Thank you Hashem for placing me in a place where there are amazing Talmide Hachamim to teach Torah and also wonderful Chaverim to learn and sharpen ourselves in Torah. Your Torah is truly the light that lights up the darkness in this world.

-Thank You Hashem even when we don’t feel well 🙂 It’s all for the best.

-Thank you Hashem for showing me your hand of providence so clearly. Got into a fender bender, (the sunday of Ateret’s Taanit Dibbur; should have been there praying Tehillim) and estimated damage was $1200. That night I gave $100 to a Kollel to “sweeten the judgement.” Amazingly, price from Body shop was $1000.
I gave $100 to tzedakah and Hashem gave me back double money plus reward for the tzedakah too!

-went to a Lowes to buy certain patio chairs I had seen there and BH got much better ones that were double the price but were on sale half price!-so I paid the same amount and got much better chairs. Leaving the store I never imagined the chairs would not fit into my car door and was in the parking lot in Howell Nj fiddling with the chairs and a wonderful man, Chaim Tesser came to give me a shalom aleichem as he always does, and saw my struggle and we quickly noticed a jewish man with a minivan getting out of his car and Chaim had no problem on his own walking over to this man and asking if he can do a chesed for me and bring the chairs back for me. Of course he grabbed the misvah and I made plans to pick it up from his house but he went the extra mile and delivered it right to my house- Thank you Hashem for working everything out so perfectly

-had to purchase a mattress and wanted to spend 250 dollars, the place started showing me what he had and I wasn’t crazy about them. He looked at me and saw what I had in mind and said, basically you want a luxury mattress but only want to spend 250, and while he is saying this I am thinking ok here we go he is throwing me out saying I am nuts. He continues and says if you wouldn’t mind a floor model still packed in plastic I may be able to look downstairs and see if we get lucky,it is same as new- I say why not- we go down and find a $700 great mattress for 250, Thank you Hashem!

-Thank You Hashem – we have our Rabbi’s to guide us, even though sometimes we don’t understand, we can use our emunat chachamim to do the right thing even if it’s hard to swallow sometimes.

-My wife and I both cleaned the floor in our kitchen after glass broke. The next day my 16 month old daughter handed a shard of glass to my wife. Thank you Hashem she did not get hurt at all.-Thank Hashem for Your constant guidance, care and love!

-My friend had a new healthy baby granddaughter born in his car, yes in his car!

-Thank you hashem for the new job that I have .

-Thank you for Elul a time to come back and get closer to hashem

-everything you do for us is for the best hashem is only Good now that its Elul we should try to see that in every situation even the ones that seem bad we should know that it is for our best

-A Customer called and had to reduce a previous order that was given to me, and when I went over to him to go over what we were going to cancel out he added a surprise order to me for a different store. The profit amount of the new order was about a perfect match to the cancelled amount. Thank you Hashem for working things out so perfectly as always!

– From Mitzvah Man-“A chesed I thought we couldn’t do”We received a call from a women named GOLDY.” name is Goldy” I’ve been volunteering to help a women in a wheel chair and her blind husband with
different needs at night”You see” they have a care taker daily till 2 pm” then she leaves and NO ONE their to take care of them” so I go a couple of times a week after 5 pm when I finish work” I help with their mail,dressing
them,chores around the house ” groceries anything else they may need” I’m going away to Israel for the year and can’t see leaving them Alone” I need a volunteer to go once a week to help them with different needs ” do you have someone in 5 towns to help?…My reply to her” we don’t have any volunteers in 5 towns” we are Brooklyn based ,Deal ,Ny, Manhattan” but if I get a response ill have them call you”. I thought for sure this is a HESED we can’t do.But I thought let me at least try.We sent a message out ” we have blind man and handicapped wife” needs help  at night with different needs steady weekly” A women responds ” I live in 5 towns” I just. Lost my job and I need to keep busy as I’m not going to work for a while” ill do it”.I told her ok,great call the volunteer GOLDIE COHEN for details”.She replied ” GOLDIE COHEN???? ” that was my moms name” .
 Hours later she got back to me and said ” the couple you gave me in 5 towns lives down my block” I will go to visit and help twice a week” .After that,4 other 5 towns people said ” we heard you need help” please give us the info” A HESED I thought we couldn’t do!!!! .Well done everyone! If we make the effort even when we think something is not possible Hashem sends the results!

-Thank You HaShem for just always being there!!!! You are my Father and I love You!!!

– Rav Noah Weinberg ztz”l used to ask a simple yet fascinating question: If you put an envelope full of a million dollars in a homeless person’s cart, but he doesn’t  realize that it’s there: Is he rich or poor? If you have thousands of gifts in your life  that you are too distracted or depressed to see, do you really have those gifts  at all? Technically, the homeless person with the million dollar envelope
is rich. And you do still have thousands of gifts in your life even if you don’t  notice them. But if you don’t look inside the envelope, you can’t use what you have. And this may be where we can begin. It is perhaps the greatest secret to change: gratitude.

– I feel Hash-m always, but mostly when I am down and out, I inadvertently will meet someone that will remind me of all the blessings that I have. I feel like it is Hash-ms hand on my shoulder telling me , don’t worry. There is a certain place that it seems to always happen, and that is when I pray minchah. It has happened so many times I can not count that I stopped to go into Landaus for Minchah and I will meet someone that I haven’t seen in ages who will tell me something that will lift my spirits. I like to think that it is just because when I come to G-d he is waiting there for me sort of like telling me, that ,my tefila is not a random anonymous act but that G-d (as if possible) takes it personally that I stopped my day to check in.

– 2 weddings this week-Mazel Tov

-even though the maaseh of the missing boy Aaron Sofer z’l a’h did not have a happy ending, the world got to see how Jews come together for one another throughout the entire world. Was a great Kidush Hashem that I wish didn’t have to come out thru such a sad story but I pray that the achdut displayed by klal yisrael will bring Mashiach now! Thank you Hashem for making me a part of your nation.

-Thank You Hashem in guiding us with love like our father 🙂

– Had a minor fender bender and the car I hit (was a goy) had several hundred dollars damage. We were going to make a report but he was in a rush so I told him to just have it fixed and I will pay. I gave him my number and info and Baruch Hashem a few months have passed and he has not called. Thank you Hashem.

-Emailed a customer a proposal and didn’t mention I needed a deposit, as I was typing a 2nd email trying to figure out the proper way to ask for the deposit that should’ve been mentioned on the first email my phone rings and it is the customer asking how much deposit do I want. Thank you Hashem

-Thank you to all the people that send in these great recognitions of Hashem-it really opens my eyes to how wonderful Hashem and his children are-keep up the great work.

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