Thank You Hashem – Week 60

-Didn’t appreciate the ability to walk easily all of a sudden one night both of my knees were killing It took half an hour for me to get to my bed Baruch Hashem the next morning the pain went away ​Thank You Hashem for my feet!

-Thank you Hashem for saving me from a speeding ticket. I was driving on the highway the other night & it was a very dark rainy night & all of a sudden I saw a cop hiding out.  I said Baruch Hashem I am driving 60 mph.  My wife said, no problem, the speed limit is 65 mph, so you are fine.

-Thank you Hashem for my wonderful family it is an honor and zechut to be the head of such a special family-Thank you.

-It had been a few days since I had gone over my register close outs and dealt with the money from the store. I had done the books and found there was  a days cash and credit card receipts missing. My wife began to get nervous and scream of irresponsibility but I held onto by emunah and bitachon. We will find it. We called every employee and asked exactly what they did that night but to no ends it was gone. There was one employee who didn’t get back to is but she was to new to know what happened. So I said the prayer for lost objects of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness and while my wife was still frantic I was calm.  Either it will show up or kaparat ha avonot. It was about 35 min or so and what do you know the new employee did have it she took it home and put it in her fathers safe but forgot about it because nobody was sure what to do with it that night or where to put it because the regular manager was out for a few days because of major dental work.  Anyway Hashem returned over two thousand dollars untouched matching the registers “Z” out.
Thank you Hashem for all you do. Not just what we think is important at the moment. My Hakarat Ha Tov.

-Was in downtown Manhattan for an appointment and at the same time was waiting for something important to be available for me to pick up. They called and said it is ready and it is uptown, I said no problem I will just go in the opposite direction uptown and then head back to Brooklyn, the secretary gives me the address and then I asked her to check what floor it is on and she puts me on hold to call over to the office. She comes back and says, I have bad news, I was thinking ok it probably is not ready for pick up as told but kept smiling, she continues and says it is available but it is not in the city it is in Brooklyn, I was like that is great I am actually on my way to Brooklyn and was going out of my way to get this, now it is right on my way back. Thank you Hashem.

-I can’t thank Hashem enough for:

  1. Allowing me to be a Jew whose responsibility is to bring kedusha to the world — AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Having a whole system of teshuva set up for each and every Jew – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Even if things don’t work out the way we want them to, we still can use it as a wonderful opportunity to show our emunah and bitachon and come out with flying colors – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

-my baby daughter got a burn on her knee and she was in agony my wife suddenly remembered something she’s heard in the winter in a speech from Mrs. Abramson of the CM Burn foundation, who said: When one sustains a burn, put either a grated potato or raw egg on the burn immediately and wrap it in saran wrap to draw out the heat.Thinking there was nothing to lose. Within an hour, the burn was a quarter of the size. My wife replaced it and after another hour it was was such Hashgacha Pratis that my wife had gone to a shiur she hadn’t been planning to attend, heard this idea and was able to use it.BH

-Had an alarming voice mail left for me from a credit card co. regarding my business, I could not imagine what was up they made it sound very urgent and I rushed to call them back and BH it was just to see about giving me free supplies and ways to promote my business.Thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for the greatest way to start off a day, with selichot and learning Torah- Thank you Hashem for the miracle of Teshuvah

-Just returned from doing a chesed and came back to my office to email a customer an invoice, after I emailed him I checked the amount due and it seems I made much more profit than I had thought. This is a clear gift from Hashem-Thank you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for making me a jew and part of your great loving and caring nation. I know of some situations going on with many different indivisuals and seeing how so many people are coming together in these cases to help out people in need is something that you only see by am yisrael , the goyim can not fathom such selfless chesed and doing so much for others like our nation! Proud to be a jew!

-was on my way to purchase an air conditioner and a friend telephones me and inquires if I have any idea who may need an air conditioner that he has an extra one that is not being used and he needs the space for storage. My response was, can you repeat that? He did, I said I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I quickly made a u turn and said Thank you so much and told him where my car was headed and what I was planning to “purchase” Hashem had other plans. Thank you kind friend and they you to our creator!

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