Thank You Hashem – Week 61

-Thank You Hashem, 4 YR old Son broke his arm, This is the Best that can be – Kol Ma De’avid Rachmana Le’tav Avid.Called sister in law – she called a very good Dr to come to hospital when her son broke his arm,

She gave me his number and said try to call – this was at night needed to call in morning. It sounded like he was a specialist.Chasde Hashem – he came in to the hospital to do a surgery on a kid. – he came by and put on the cast BH, we were the first one!He did 5 others that night BH we didn’t have to wait longer! – Thank You Hashem.

-Attended a wonderful Bar misvah Last night- mazal tov

-Thank You Hashem for helping me in so many ways this week. I needed a standing lamp for my living room because I host a shiur and needed more light for people to read the text. Someone donated one and when I went to get it, I saw a bookcase had put out by the curb. It was also just what I needed. I started walking home with it, and just when it was getting too heavy, a big guy walked from behind and asked if I needed help. He carried it all the rest of the way for me. The next day, I was going to the bank to get my new credit card. Nearly there, I remembered I’d forgotten to bring photo ID. I went in anyway. Sure enough I was asked for ID. When I said I’d forgotten it, the woman said she’d go check if it had come in yet anyway. While I was waiting, my phone rang. It was the bank telling me they have my credit card. I said I’m at the bank now. The guy said, oh are you standing at the desk, I see you. So he came over just as the woman came back saying she couldn’t find it. The man said here it is, and because I’d answered my phone right there, it was accepted as proof of my identity along with my signature, so I got the card and didn’t have to come back. Such Hashgacha Protis! Then, I live in rented accommodation, and needed a step ladder to change the bulb in the ceiling lamp. I thought I’d have to buy one. But when I was done in the basement doing my laundry, Hashem had me look behind a door in the basement i’d not looked behind in a while, and there was a step ladder I could use! Todah raba Hashem!

– I was at the dentist on Sunday for a routine cleaning. The dentist was reviewing my X-rays and he sees a cavity. He explained that this is actually a substantial cavity and we need to schedule another appointment to take care of it right away. I asked him some questions about the timing and the process and he says let’s do another x-ray at a better angle just to be sure. They do another x-ray and he says- look at that there is nothing there. It was just a bad angle, there is no cavity! Hashem is so great, he can change any situation. Was reading Rabbi Ashear’s book on Emunah and he discusses this point. If it was not going to happen, why did Hashem make it that we go through the process of thinking it was going to happen? If I really didn’t have a cavity why was it that Hashem made it seem like it was there in the first place? He answers that sometimes Hashem shows us His open kindness so that we see clearly that it is all from Hashem and that He is always watching over us. He wants us to get close to Him and feel how much he loves us so he creates a “problem” and makes it go away just so we realize this and continue to praise him and rely on Him.

-Was in a hot office with no a/c on heat wave day- Thank you Hashem for air conditioning

– Ran into 3 cousins this week that I have not seen in an extremely long time- Thank you Hashem for my family

-Brit milah today- mabruk to all the Celebrating families

-Thank you Hashem not only for our misvot but for the special feeling we get after we do a misvah.

-My cousin got married last night –MAZAL TOV!

-The washing machine broke down and I had nowhere to turn to about it. I live here with three disabled persons who due to their condition change clothes often. It was Sunday and the Mitzva man was our only hope helping repair the machine. By Monday the Mitzva man office called and asked to measure both the washing machine and dryer. Instead of helping repair the old machine the Mitzva man sent new strong high capacity state of the art washing machine together with new state of the art dryer with the ability to accommodate the heavy loads we have every day. The machines look so beautiful it’s the best looking furniture in the appartment.And it all happened within days. By Friday the Mitzva man people installed the new machines took away the old ones and we were ready for Shabbat like never before. Thanks to the mitzva man that week had an upside turn with Chesed that was done in a kind way while resolving a problem for the long term.May Hashem bless the MItzva man his family etc, with success health and wealth and the ability to continue his unique Chesed way. Mi kiAmcha Yisrael- Thank you Hashem for your great wonderful nation.

-my friends kid got married last night- mabrook

– I was shopping around for a household item for a while and suddenly one click lead to another and mistakenly walked into a super great discount on what I was shopping for. Thank you Hashem

– I work with so many people who work 7 days a week and I can not imagine how they do it. Imagine 30 days straight of work? Thank you Hashem for Shabbat and a beautiful family to enjoy it with.

-Was in a store shopping for household needs and was very tight on funds that month and wasn’t sure how I can pay for what I needed. At that exact moment my cel phone rings and the person on the other end who knew this month was tight for me, says I have an account set up at so and so’s store if you need to buy anything please go and use it. I answer; I am actually standing in that exact store this very second as we speak trying to figure out how to pay for what I need! What were the odds of the timing of this call. Thank you Hashem and Thank you to this kind person.

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