Thank You Hashem – Week 62

-Thank you Hashem for our beautiful baby girl that you blessed us with!!!!!!!thank you for making the whole pregnancy so easy and Baruch hashem no complications at all I love you hashem..

– Thank you Hashem that I got married this past Sunday night to the most wonderful wife! My story of meeting Audrey is purely from the cousin gave me Audrey’s phone number saying to call her up for a date. my response was that I know Audrey ,,,I’m not interested  ,,,, she’s not for me …. Something a regular guy would say about being set up. My friend Raymond’s mother in law approached me about Audrey around the same time (she and my cousin have no connection) and I gave her the same response. Soon after — I went out with another girl where our first and only date was a total disaster. It was really a bad night for me  ….When I get home, I say to myself  — what have I got to loose, its only a date. Let me call Audrey and be open minded. When I reach for her number to call ,,, we have a great conversation on the phone and I ask if she still lives in the city  … she tells me that she never lived in the city and that she’s lives in Brooklyn.We made plans for Thursday night…. I go ring the door bell and introduce myself to her father. All of a sudden….some girl who I never saw before in my life comes running out of the kitchen !!!!!!!It was a totally different girl who I thought I was picking up. A totally different girl than the one I said is not for me!This was all from Hashem!!I know everyone in this community and I never saw this girl before in my life…..It turned out I was pleasantly surprised that night and we continued dating until we got engaged in May. Hashem made two people approach me about Audrey, he sent me on a bad date so that I could learn to take more risks and he led me to my future wife. I am living proof of you never know give it a shot and let Hashem take care of everything else! Thank you Hashem for guiding me to my wife! Douglas Abade

-I saw this man on Nostrand ave today with No shoes or socks.I didn’t give him the shirt off my back but I gave him my shoes and socks.No human being should walk around bare foot. After speaking to him I found out that he’s one of us!Yes he’s Jewish. He told me himself and 19 other Jewish homeless men stay at a local shul to sleep when the congregants leave after 11pm. So I checked it out and sure enough at 11pm I met 20 homeless Jewish men right here in Flatbush. All were successful drs. lawyers millionaires as they told me their stories and fell on hard times. Right away I put the word out to help. Local stores dropping off food as that is their #1 issue. They’re sleeping on park benches with old blankets.  We got them new cots, new sheets, new blankets, pillows, jackets, socks, shoes within 24 hours. The men and volunteers were crying from this as the men said in tears”we never have new stuff” whatever we get is old used” the volunteers jaws dropping and also in tears from seeing our own brothers at the lowest poverty level.    The hesed just began here and BH we will continue sending food new clothing shavers etc, to give them HOPE and QUALITY of LIFE! Mitzvah man taking them to get haircuts and a shave, has gotten them 2 dozen new shavers! Look what happens from reacting to do 1 simple Mitzvah. When the opportunity in life comes up, don’t pass it up, go for it. Your One action may help hundreds of people. Shabbat shalom “mitzvah man

-Someone asked me if I had a can of Coke for him but if not don’t worry that he has something else, I knew I only had 1 can left in my office fridge and was put to the test. At first I thought ok he has something else I’ll keep it, but realized I am passing up an opportunity in Elul to add to my misvah scale and replied yes I have a can of coke for you. Later on I went out to get lunch to take out and after I ordered it and took the bag off the counter, as I was heading for the door the man says “don’t forget your can of Coke”, I stop and look at him thinking it was in my imagination and he repeats don’t forget, your lunch special includes a can of coke so grab one on the way out. Thank you Hashem.

-I needed to call someone all day each time I went too the phone I got distracted by something else. That night as my husband and I were sitting to dinner the phone rang and this person called me just to say hi. Bh.

-I got a parking ticket today $115. Baruch HaShem!

– thank You Hashem – had to take a flight today, traveling from deal to JFK, my mother calls me and alerts me to major traffic on exit of airport – quickly left, as got into airport, traffic was jammed, didn’t know where to go, got off the exit, as was trying to get back on the police had one of the exits blocked off, stopped to ask cop, hasdei Hashem a taxi pulled along side, asked him is there another way? He said follow me BH within 3 min was by terminal and parking.. BH was on a plane as was taking off, speeding down the runway, the plain was stopping short and then slowed,they had discovered the window wasn’t sealed all the way, BH they caught it before we took off – BH on the plane stewardess was coming by giving out drinks – bh said Thank You – she was very happy she said I was the first new yorker to tell her thank you today, and I was on row 16. BH can do Kiddush Hashem-BH was waiting online for coffee in store, a lady asked me if I’m waiting to pay, said just ordering coffee, turned around, BH it hit me she must be late to a flight, turned to her again, you want to go ahead of me your late? She said yes please! Bh was able to make Kiddush Hashem

– My friend has gotten married last night, may they build a bayit neeman biyisrael

-Pidyon Haben – mabruk

-Wasn’t sure if I had an outstanding bill to pay from the summer, I went online to check it and my account actually says they owe me 36 cents-hurray! Thank You Hashem

-I was down to my last pages in my notebook, needed to get a new one. I reached in my back seat of my car to clean out some junk and pulled out a brand new unused notebook. Than you Hashem

– I was walking around the mall the other day and Baruch Hashem I couldn’t find 1 thing that I needed … Thank you Hashem for giving me everything that I need!!!!

– Thank you Hashem for all the different things going on that seem confusing but are really for my own benefit. Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be

– Thank you Hashem for my wife, celebrated our anniversary this week and hope to celebrate many more iy”H.

– Thank You Hashem for answering tefilot, guiding and the closeness you allow us to feel to You especially in this month of Elul.

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